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StraightUp Spin May 31, 2015

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

“I do NOT feel like working out today.”  How many times have you had that feeling?  If you’re there, then this ride is exactly what you need!  You see, the single hardest part of any workout is the start. For motivation, Mike put together a fun playlist that’ll take your mind to a great place.  Before you know it, we’ll have completed some incredible intervals, really enjoyable climbs, and some great flat road riding. Honestly a nice ride.  

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Sweated more than I thought I would. Good class if you don’t want jumps or too much standing but still have a great workout

MM2019. Master Mike never disappoints! It was so great seeing our fantastic SSoD trainers taking this class. Great music and motivation by Mike!

loved this ride and the tunes !
I also think mikes charismatic and had a contagious smile, really enjoyed that one & was perfect as i really didn’t feel like doing one today but so glad i did 🙂

User Photo 37934

Awesome Class Mike! Incredible motivation. Love the cool down song. What is the name of that song? Thanks for the great ride!

“Hell Week!” – 3rd class – again with MIKE. I really didn’t feel like exercising today. It took me until mid class until I was happy I worked out.

User Photo 34860

I’m working my way through what I call ‘Biking with Mike’ in the mornings. I traveled to Asheville, NC that past weekend. Found out that biking with Mike got me up 600 ft. in 3 miles, 1000 ft. in 5 miles, 2400 ft over 20, saw 12% grade for a bit. I haven’t done that much climbing since Ride the Rockies 9 years ago at age 52 and this ride didn’t feel too hard at all! I’ve been riding for 31 years, lots of ups and downs (sorry, had to say it) on fitness levels. I’m back baby! Oh, and I turned 61 this past weekend. 🙂 One of my biking buddies is still riding strong at 87, a role model for everyone. Thanks for the fantastic classes. I go to my limits on each one.

MM2017 One of favorite Master Mike classes! Loved it the first time and it gets better each time more!

MM2017 – week 1, #1. I did NOT feel like working out, and this is my go to favorite for when I’m feeling that way. Mike wise,y says, “the hardest part of working out is starting. Just start.” Mmm hmm. Check it off.
Heather W

I’ve done most of the classes so I’m doing 2015. Really liked the music and the encouragement! Thx. Sue from Colorado

Hell Week Challenge Day 5 (1/2). I did this workout one year ago to the day and it is still a phenomenal ride.

Drive to 25- #31! This my go to ride when I don’t wanna ride. As Master Mike so wisely says, “just start”. Love the music and the tough, yet calm riding.
Heather W

Mike I find you so entertaining and when I read the class description this was so me. Particularly after too much wine and cheesecake the night before. Love this class going straight to favourites. Drive 12/25

Always good to the last drop… of sweat that is. the champagne of endorphins yessiree.. Thanks Doctor Mike. 🙂

Love your classes, the music is perfect for me. I think the same as you, I just want to zone out. I sure wish you would do a new class at least once a week. I always do my riding first thing in the morning, you sure get my day off to a marvelous start!

User Photo 120

Mike, your sweat shirts may be old; however, this workout never ages.

Just the pick me up I needed today.

Heather Loenen

Picked this out of my favorites after a long day of work training. I usually work out in the morning, but since I’d been sitting all day, I really wanted to ride and get sweaty. This was the perfect choice! Thanks, Mike, for reminding me that the hardest part is just starting. As usual, I am so glad I did!
Heather W.

My first class with you Mike, and it was great!! I never thought I would describe this about a spin class, but it was almost “zen-like.” I was very calm during the whole class, yet managed to burn 845 on my HRM and sweat like crazy! Loved the music, the stories, and the class! Thank-you very much!!

Always a comfortable ride with you. Hard work, time to reflect on personal skills, with encouragement without over the top cheerleading. Best hour I have spent all day. Thanks.

User Photo 120

Get on the bike, keep the wheel turning and surprise yourself.

Perfect ride for a day when I thought I had no gas. Turns out, I had some left in the tank.

Heather Loenen

Mike- Wow! Thanks so much for this class. I actually got up BEFORE work and did this class. I ran out of time to finish it all, and I was actually disappointed I had to stop a few minutes early. Disappointed to have to cut a workout short?! I can pretty much guarantee I have never felt that way before, so that really says something about the class. Despite having to end a bit early, I still managed to burn over 500 calories in 45 minutes and feel great having gotten my workout done early this morning. I have your motivation and honesty to thank. I will definitely keep this in my favorites for those days when it’s ok to not want to workout, but also to push me to do it anyway. Thank you! 🙂

Second time around and added to favorites. A great mix of riding, music and energy. Love your classes, Mike!

User Photo 1388

Loved this class even more the second time. My favorite part is when nearly the whole class is in a standing climb and swaying in sync with you and the music. It actually is an exhilarating moment for me. 🙂 Great class!

I didn’t feel like it tonight, Mike you do me wanders, great ride and great when you are talking one through the exercise. I have watched your exercise class three times, 1st time couldn’t do much, 2nd time half an hour and third time half an hour. See you soon

User Photo 1803

Love all of the comments! Interesting how many felt the same apathy about riding — but overcame it! What amazes me is, I get paid to workout and STILL struggle from time to time. All of you PAY to ride and yet you overcome your occasional struggles. You Sweaters are AMAZING!

OMG! Did not feel like working out and want to quit when I saw it was a 1hr class. But glad I hung in there. Love “Bullet proof” cool play list.

User Photo 198

Totally did not feel like spinning today. So glad I did. A nice calm, yet challenging workout. Totally got my sweat on!

User Photo 770

One of the best! About fifteen minutes into the workout, I was in such a great mood and didn’t want to stop. Thanks, Mike!

User Photo 1388

Loved the ride! Loved the music! I always love your music tho….even the instrumentals. In fact, especially the instrumentals. I wish I had at least started watching this yesterday. I talked myself out of riding. I will pull this one up every time I feel like talking myself out because I’m tired. Thank you Mike! You ROCK!!!

User Photo 47

‘Mind Over Matter’ is the shirt I wore for this workout. Thanks for the push and motivation today!

Perfect class for re-entry into the work week – steady, calm and challenging when the day has already been hyper! Thanks Mike – glad T30C introduced me to your classes.

User Photo 690

Loved the music! Great class, Mike! I agree that the hardest part is just getting started. Thanks for your inspiration! Also loved seeing Carolyn and her daughter!

User Photo 197

Great class Mike. Have had a few really rotten weeks and struggled through my workouts without much joy. Today I found my joy! FYI I love gin and tonic!!!

Totally had that feeling today! No reason, just excuses. So glad I got on the bike! Nice ride Mike and I appreciate the music with words 🙂