Yoga: 30 Minute Athletic Recovery

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This class, designed for post-workout recovery, will help you deeply stretch your hips, shoulders, glutes, lower back, and hamstrings.

To give yourself the gift of recovery, which assists in experiencing fitness gains, just press play on this video directly after a tough workout, or the day after when you’re feeling any tightness or soreness. Namaste.

Here's what people said about “Yoga: 30 Minute Athletic Recovery”

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Sweet cherry nectar for the body and soul. This is a yummy yoga stretch for any one.

Welcome Janice!

Heather Loenen

This is a great all over yoga stretch and recover. Really helped me to focus on some much needed stretching especially my hips. Thanks for adding it to the library.

Felt so good after a day of squats, lunges, and burpees! Great recovery after a hard workout…or just a stressful day! 😌

This was perfect after a hard week of working out.Thank you for all the variations you provided they were very helpful!

Love some recovery yoga after a nice long run! I would love it if you did another power class..maybe a 75-90 minute one!

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Janice, this class is wonderful. Love your calm style. This was perfect after a tough week of workouts. Ideally, I should do this every day. Thank you! Hopefully there will be many more Janice yoga classes!

Drive to 25-#4…That was wonderful! I have gotten out of the habit of doing a good yoga class once a week. I definitely should be doing it more often. Thank you, Janice.

Drive to 25, ran a 10 mile race and this was perfect finish to the day! Thank you. BTW, this is a favorite of mine, it has completed many days!

Drive to 25 #7. This one almost feels like cheating, but boy is it deliciously good to stretch out the bod.

Drive to 25 – Class 17.
This was a great class – really needed this after a long straight-up spin today.
Fantastic stretch and posture forms for the body and mind. Will be using this regularly.

Drive to 25 – Class 28.
Now becoming a regular class for me – really good yoga / stretch.
Love everything about this class.

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Drive to 25 – 80 – this plus some meditation. Now I’m ready for the rest of my day. Thank you Janice.

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Drive to 25 #34 ~ cant wait for some new classes as have added yoga at least 2 times per week to my routine! So glad this is offered.

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“Drive to25” – #120.Hi Janice. What a relaxing and rewarding yoga class that truly was..loved your voice and coaching style..saved in favourites..cheers !!