StraightUp Spin March 16, 2017

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This virtual 50 minute Spin class is gonna fly by with an all Rock playlist and tag team effort with two of SSoD’s most popular instructors, AJ & Mere (a.k.a. “W”)! This one has it all – flats, hills, intervals, jumps, and more. Plus, a test towards the end where you’re gonna climb, surge, sprint, then repeat.

Yes, it’s designed to challenge you, but you can handle it. So hit play and get ready to ROCK!

Here's what people said about “StraightUp Spin March 16, 2017”

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AJ & Mere, to this on-demander you are both total rockstars! Can’t wait to meet you and all the Studio SWEAT trainers who push, inspire and motivate me every day. Keep on rockin’!

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Good one girls……Wow! You really almost did me in on the last song! I had to mentally push myself to the end. Thanks for the Thursday push! Happy St. Patrick’s Day Eve!

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I didn’t have any motivation to workout today but seeing this class got me on the bike The two of you did not disappoint! Fun class and into my favorites.

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EPIC!! What a class!!! Thank you both SO SO SO much for featuring us, in what has to be one of the most brilliant classes to date! AJ I too wish all the classes could be rock music! I’ve been a bit under the weather, so this was my first proper day back on SS.. absolutely BUZZING .. you two, Cat , Brian and the rest the the team are beyond brilliant. Can’t explain how cool it was to do this class today!!!Featuring the play list is awesome too!!! Sending lots of Love, Sweat, Smiles and Rock N Roll form us in Sunny Manchester! Off to rehearsal now on a serious high note from this amazing class!! !!! – Mohawk Radio xx

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It was a pleasure and we had so much fun teaching it. Thank you for making such awesome music 🙂

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Monday lady and Sunday lady reunited! Woot! Woot! The music was amazing! Was tip by Andrew that this one was coming, so I was waiting for it! and I am not disappointed! Rest day became AJ-Mere-Rock day now! 🙂

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That was AH-MAZING!!! You know I’ll play along on EVERY Spin Rock! This seriously went to my number one SUS!!! More more more of these!!!

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That was soooo good you guys!! Great music and a hard challenging spin. Really fantastic and I will definitely be back for this one! Thank you!!

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Had a nice vacation in Mexico but it feels Sooo good to be back spinning again. Missed you guys. Thanks for a great class yet again!

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Hey AJ & Mere..thanks for bringing this rock spin to was a faced paced frenzy..loved the energy etc..hope there’s more to come .you guys ,’Rock’

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Super fun class, AJ & Mere! Having a two-fer-one made the time fly and I somehow packed more into this class than I usually do in a 50 minute spin. Thank you!

I’m a huge fan of the tag team…A.J. and Mere, you were awesome! Buckets of sweat! Loved combo of climb, surge, sprint. It was super hard. Thank you both!