Mat Pilates November 30, 2017

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Mat Pilates November 30, 2017

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    Grab a mat and get ready for the best Pilates class ever with Zen Master Zac. It begins with pre-mat drills such as a spine warm up, bridge hip openers, and glute activators to warm up and tone up that butt!

    Next, Zac guides you into a beautiful series of 5; bird dogs, candle sticks, and a few countering yoga poses, before moving into some of the best ab exercises out there – a plank series and some toning sideline work. The finisher is a killer booty-building exercise bundle, coupled with core carving 100’s. Think tone tummy and beautiful buns!

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    Party Pilates!!!! Love it ! Men my glutes are on fire!!! And i Love Your unique stile and music choices your classes are never about candles and warm lights you are A hardcore buddy ! Thank you so much for this 48 killer session is an instant favorite!!

    Wow! That was a really great class. So challenging I see myself repeating and trying to progress with my strength. My butt is goin to feel that one lol!

    Zacs thank you …. thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us. I gotta say this workout fills a hole of something I was missing from Studio Sweat. I am super excited! Now I have to say I watched this over coffee this AM but I just know this one delivers a punch it’s filled with many of my favorite exercises for leaning out the body. Can’t wait to do it. I have a busy day but I’m going to do my best to get this one in today. Thank you Zac

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    Not what i would normally choose, not what i was expecting either! Felt the burn. Great to do day after a 9mile run 🙂

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    Love the music! I used to teach a similar pattern to this years ago. I will be doing this one often. Thank you Zac.

    Luved it Zac. I didn’t plan on working out today but I was excited to give it a go and it was exactly what I hoped, a nice long lean burn. Thanks for creating something different

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    A soothing way to show your body some stretchy-love with some sneaky strength moves just for fun.

    Heather Loenen

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    Wow Instant favourite Zac..that’s one of thee best Pilates classes I’ve enjoyable and all the moved were doable..a few were instantly recognisable..awesome stuff.cheers.!!

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    Thanks Zac! I knew I needed to work on my core and this is just the class! I have plenty of room for improvement

    2nd time doing this one and luv it. Solid full body burn in elongation. Thanks Zac! Question do you have any other tricks up your sleeve, if so please share.

    I’m so weak! I was able to complete 27 minutes, so my winter goal is to be able to complete this with a spin sculpt. Loved it! Thanks.

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    Zac this is an amazing class! Your instructions are spot on, the music is perfect and the burn is ON:) such a wonderful addition to the on demand library! I hope to see more from you💪❤

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    Well, this class has lots of room for me to improve. So happy to do this in the comfort of my own home. I will be coming back to this one many more times. Really enjoying all of Zack’s classes!