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60 Min Spin & Strength

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

Get ready for a super fun combo cycle and strength class that’ll leave you sweaty, smiling, and SO strong! You’ll be on your bike for the first 30 minutes with a little bit of everything – climbs, sprints, and surges will get the heart pumping and the legs burning. And the playlist… we bet it’ll make you dance right in the saddle! Then hop off for the second half of class to build some gorgeous muscles. If you wanna know how to best strengthen the back, chest, biceps & triceps, just click play on this one because it is ON! Ready for fun? Jump on.

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User Photo 73686

Brenda they say time Flys by when you are having fun, fun while working out increasing your FitNess level is a Steal!

So much fun working hard!! This workout,and you, Fred , helped me re-believe that i can do hard things!

User Photo 73686

Laura I am glad you have gained back the confidence and feeling of pushing yourself again! Always listen to your body and keep up the good work!

User Photo 73686

Thank you Ellen and I’m glad you loved the class, I will try to get more classes of this type to SSoD

User Photo 73686

Heather Thank You and I’m pretty sure you are AAA – Amazing As Well! Nice Bathroom, What part of the World are You Coming From?

User Photo 1025

Wow! I need to do more Fred workouts, wherever they are. This was awesome. I added it to my favorites. THANK YOU! Just what I needed today.

User Photo 73686

Yes you do Laura, you have one down and 3 More Fred classes to go have Fun With! Enjoy and let me know how they Went

User Photo 861

Thank you Fred 😅 this is my first full class after finishing radiation treatment a week ago. Had to really give myself a kick up the backside to do this and I loved every minute. Thanks for the shout to New Zealand ❤👍💪 Stay safe 🙏

Thanks for a great workout! Thanks for putting a smile on my face during hard times! Love from Massachusetts!

User Photo 15372

That was my first Fred class, but not my last! Awesome workout! You kept me working and laughing! Thanks Fred!!!

User Photo 73686

Rebecca! Great to see you have hopped on The Work Hard, Have Fun, & Sweat Train! Now You have some back tracking to my other classes! Let Me Know How It Goes!!!

This was my first class after signing up last night. So happy I did! Thank you Fred for a great workout!

Fred, you live up to your saying of “We work hard but we have fun” – you bring it on both counts! Thank you for the sweat, the inspiration, and the smiles! Keep it coming!

Fred is SO WONDERFUL – he is a very talented instructor, incredibly motivating and has a fun sense of humour. Always provides a highly effective workout and great love his music choice. Very cute when he sings along too. Please give us more Fred time. !! Thanks so much. You are all doing an amazing job. Much gratitude 😊

User Photo 73686

Sharon You are Awesome! Thanks for the Great comments, which is what really puts more Fire in my passion to do what I Do! SSoD has gave me the platform to allow Me to be Fred and I try Give it my all every opportunity I get to Design and Teach A Class For You All

First week using SSOD and am thoroughly enjoying. Fred….you are a ROCK STAR! Thanks for your philosophies and workout.

User Photo 37014

BOOM BOOM – WE ARE SURVIVING! Fred we need you on public announcements globally! Thanks for an excellent workout! Happy sunday all. X

User Photo 73686

Ellie Thank You So Much and Yes on of these days I will get my 5mins of fame to speak to The World on a bigger stage than SSoD! But until then Keep Working out @Home, Keep Surviving until this Thing is Over!

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Fred love your classes. You push me and make it fun all at the same time. Love SWOD keeping us fit and healthy. Keep doing us strong.

User Photo 73686

Melody Thank You Thank You Thank You! Glad You loved everything about The Class! You know SSoD got your Back! Legs, Arm and Core!!!

User Photo 73686

Kim Thanks and looks like my class came out at the right Time! Glad I can make a difference with my workout!

Leak Level indeed!! Thanks Fred always a treat with you. Keeping everyone positive +++ Can’t wait for more of your classes. Sam UK

User Photo 73686

Ross, You Got It! Staying Safe by Staying Inside is my plan and hearing all the Positive Comments from you all is what’s keeping me In my Happy place! Take care out There in The UK!

Still can’t get enough of Fred! I’m so ready for at least 10 more of the spin sculpt videos from you! Amazing!!

User Photo 73686

Sheila, That made my day knowing my class and workouts are really making an huge difference in your life! The main reason I do what I do!!!

Fred, did this one again today because I love it so much! Especially loved the back and tricep sculpt portion. Excellent instruction. Holding the tricep kickback long enough to take a pic and say cheese was awesome! Makes a huge difference doing these moves slow and controlled. My whole body is burning. Loved it!! Great music too! Cant wait for your next class!

User Photo 73686

Linda That is So Awesome! Like I also said in the Video Keep doing That one once a week You Going to need some new Clothes!

Awesome workout made even more awesome with great music. Especially loved the weights section. More of these classes Fred. Well done!

User Photo 73686

Rita Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed this class and i will be Foward to another class of this format!

I am really enjoying your class as it gives me both my cardio and strength workouts and I love it,, Do you have other classes with the same format. Thanks, Edie

User Photo 73686

Edie, Thanks and I am Glad you really liked my Class! SSoD has more classes of this format but that’s the only one i have! I do have an 45min Cycle w/10 mins of Core you can Try!

Absolutely loved this class! Sexy lady woosh woosh! After doing this class we will all be sexy ladies for sure! Love your enthusiasm Fred and your non stop energy! I did this class yesterday and I’m feeling my arms pretty good today! This is definitely going into my favorites!!!

State lockdown workout – I’ve been looking forward to this class all week. Thanks Fred for the great workout!

User Photo 73686

Carolyn, it want be long b4 the World is on Lock down! But you have Me and All the SSoD Instructors to Prepare You, help your maintain Your FitNess and Sanity!

That was my first Fred class….AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you so much that was exactly what I was looking for, the perfect combo of spin and weights!

User Photo 73686

Jenn Thanks and glad to see you enjoyed the class! Now that you have an idea of my style maybe you can check out the other 3 classes I have on SSoD

Fred is FUN<MOTIVATING< EFFECTIVE and he makes the time fly by!! One of my favorite instructors….love him!

Awesome class. I am so grateful for this app especially during this crazy time. Thank you to all the SSOD trainers for providing us with these amazing workouts. 🥰🥰

User Photo 20612

First time doing one of your classes and oh my … literally shaking now 👏🏻 An awesome workout thank you!

I love Fred’s positive attitude and music choices. Talk about a super sweaty class! I’ve enjoyed every Fred class I’ve tried and still want more. Love Fred!

User Photo 73686

Thanks Aimee, Glad you love my classes, like to sweat while enjoying the music, smiling and laughing because that is the only way I know!

Fred, I enjoyed your class, please keep on creating those fun classes for us. We need your support during those times !!!! Thank you!

Once again, thank you Fred! What a great combo workout. Your classes are always fun and upbeat. A thorough arm workout following a great 30 min spin. Keep the classes coming.

User Photo 73686

Delaney You are Welcome and Thanks! I will keep coming if I can gets some photos of you saying Cheese on Those Triceps Kickbacks! Hahaha I/k

Oh Fred! Thanks for making a healthcare worker in chicago laugh and smile ! So stressful at work now and you just made me alive again ! Couldn’t be happier I chose studio sweat last July !! Stay positive all ! Love you Fed !

User Photo 73686

Joan I knew it was something special about you that just stands out and I’ve never met you in person! Thanks You for doing what YOU DO especially during this Time! Glad I could Make You Smile While Working On Your FitNess! Take Care Out There and Keep Up The Good Work on SSoD!

Thank you Fred …this is an awesome total body workout ! Your encouragement and enthusiasm is contagious …. 5 stars

User Photo 73686

Thank You Holly! I love that name by the way! I am pretty sure you are an 5 Star Person in Life! Don’t 4get to Say Cheese on Those Triceps Kick Backs

User Photo 73686

Christine Thank You So Much Because I Have a Terrible Voice But I don’t Care! Singing on My Bike is Like Singing in The Shower! We Think We Sound Good Because it Feels Good!

User Photo 73686

Aine! Thank You I will be giving Ireland A Bug Shout Out on your Behave! Keeping Working Hard! Keep Posting! Keep Smiling!!!

User Photo 77379

I am not a huge fan of weights, but you made this fun and kept me working hard the whole time. I’ve said it before, your energy is infectious and your videos are my favorites.

User Photo 73686

Rebekah, I glad my style was perfect for you to Pick up some weights and work on your strength! I preach to my participants everyday to loosen up smile lift these weight for enjoyment! So now keep it going and every rep just say CHEESE!

Loved your class this morning!Bonus working from home at the moment, working out when I should be commuting to work 👍🏻 feeling energised for the craziness today

Ahhh – More Fred! just did the cycling portion. What a fun and sweat-filled workout. Great music, great instruction. thanks.

User Photo 73686

Siobhan I am glad you enjoyed another one of my classes but Hopefully you have time to do the strength part nextvTime

Another awesome workout with Fred! Love the cardio and weight mix. As always, great music, great cuing and great motivation!

Fred, I grimaced all through the ride and laughed out loud numerous times through the sculpt. Loved this. And best yet, this gym is never closed. Thanks for being my favorite personal trainer. I love your focus on excellent form and developing strength and stamina.

User Photo 73686

Karen You are Awesome! Comments like yours is what truly make me enjoy what I Do! Laughing during the strength is a must, That’s how it is working out with Fred!

I’m so grateful for studio sweat on demand, especially right now and Fred you made me laugh and sweat at the same time. I love your style. I love when I see that you have a new workout to do!! Thanks for being you!! 🙂

User Photo 73686

Debora Thanks and That is why i love doing classes for SSoD! I can just be Fred and Let my light shine on anyone that needs their day brighten with a Good, Sweaty, Fun Workout!!!

User Photo 73686

Tanja Thank You Very Much and I am Glad That you really love My Class and Classes! Let me know how those Triceps are feeling in a couple of days! Cheese

User Photo 38329

Yes, sir! I need more Fred in my life! I loved everything about this workout! The music was amazing, the spin kept my heart rate in the yellow zone and the sculpt had my muscles on fire! First Fred class, but definitely not my last!

User Photo 55044

SWEATBAND FRED YOU MADE MY DAY! Thank you so much for the shout out! The best workout! Thanks again 😍🚴‍♀️💪🏻(Laura in her garage in the UK)

User Photo 73686

Laura My Favorite girl in The UK! Glad You love my new class sweating out in The Garage! You All Take Care of Yourself Over There!

brilliant class Fred you held my motivation right to the end even though my arms were shaking hardout !! and great to hear a shout out for New Zealand woohoo:) more Fred Classes you Rock Fred.Thank you

User Photo 73686

Kim, Something Happen When intended! As The World has been asked to Stay Home and I am so happy that I have A new class for everyone of you to lean on!

I admit, the anxiety is getting to me with all the world crazy….thank you Fred for making me smile and helping me beat back the stress.

User Photo 21687

Excellent class, Fred! I love your positive energy and approachable format. My favorite classes are the ones that are “simple, NOT easy” and you delivered! Many thanks for this solid class and the great vibes! 😁

User Photo 73686

Kristen That Awesome! Simple but Not Easy, Woo, in glad my classes checked all your boxes! What part of the world are your Coming From?

Please ssod we are as a nation stuck indoors!! Give us more indoor gym classes thank you.. You are going to be the new virtual gym.. Supply and demand..

User Photo 496

I love you Fred and all your classes! Your music is bomb! And I loved the pace of the sculpt where we aren’t constantly moving up and done and can do heavier weights. What I didn’t like, not your fault, was the music being more background music and your voice louder than the music. The music needs to be louder and the instructor’s voice lower. It was annoying to me and was distracting.

Another well craft Fred w/out, just when we all need it! Thank you for the hour to tune out the chatter, turn off the news, mute the phones and just spin it out. Take care Komrades everywhere

Thank you Fred for the Ultimate Wokout!
You always bring it 💥💥 💥💥💥
Love the music too 😍
Looking forward to the next killer workout ✌️

User Photo 40678

Fabulous workout. Truly a full body workout, I’ll be coming back for more. Thanks Fred. I was dripping when I was done and experienced such a feeling of accomplishment.

User Photo 73686

Thank you Jacqueline for letting me know how it went! Nothing like a Sweaty Workout that makes
you feel complete!

User Photo 73686

Thank You Julie, I can always count on you for approval that the class was great! hopefully you dripped lots of
sweat on the mat! What part of the world you coming from, I am sure you will be on my shout out list on my next one!

Great work out Fred! With all the craziness in the world right now, your motivation and encouragement was just what I needed this morning. Thank you!!!!!

User Photo 73686

Pamela you are welcome, We all need to Stay Positive at this time, staying healthy, We Will Survive and ever Person, Country, and The World Will Be Stronger than Ever After all of This!!!

What a fantastic balance of spin and strength
It was hard, constant and full of attacks
If I’m going to end up looking this good I’m coming back for more! 😉
The music mix was full of heart pumping beats
I was singing along when I caught my breath 😂
You’re fabulous!!!
Thanks Fred 💋🌏

User Photo 73686

Catherine, I am glad that you loved it all! Please keep going back for more and get ready to look amazing in your new Clothes!

Second time through.
Love 💕💕💕 this workout!!!
Who’s paying for my new wardrobe? 🤨
You’re fabulous and definitely one of my favourite instructors 😜
I feel lucky to have you
Thanks Studio Sweat 💦
Thanks Fred 💋🌏

More Fred please! Great class, excellent format, instruction, motivation and music. Straight to my favorites. I will be doing this class weekly.👍

User Photo 73686

Alicia Thank You for the Kiss/Flex Pose! Made my day! Glad your enjoyed it! What part of the World are you flexing From?

User Photo 34487

Wow, Fred. This was the best strength workout I’ve done since working with a personal trainer. As always, your instruction was spot-on and I *really* liked not being rushed between sets. I think I’m too old to fully appreciate the playlist. 🙂

User Photo 73686

kathreen, Kathreen, Kathreen! You know your are Awesome right? I am glad I could deliver a strength workout after the cycle
that you Loved. Ive been a Personal Trainer over 25years and have not let this new age of lifting change me style. Strength Movements show always be performed with control, so slowing it down will always give the best workout and results. The Music, cant win the all with people as I try to add a types in my classes. Sometimes a new age song can grow on you if your listen to The It! But glad you loved the Class!

User Photo 27366

Awesome workout, good mix of sweaty spin and weights. I needed this today. Fred, you are so motivating! Thank you from N.H. 🙂

User Photo 326

Fred… you make me happy. Seriously delayed getting my workout done. BUT…once I hit play I was all in. Thanks buddy!

User Photo 73686

Kelly I am so glad that I turn your frown upside down in a big smile and the class gave you
what you needed!

OMG, I love this class! Thank you Fred. Love the energy, the positive encouragement and the music. This is my new favorite 😃.

User Photo 73686

Awesome! Glad I could deliver a class that moved into your new Fav Box! Don’t Forget to Say Cheese on that last rep on the triceps kickbacks!

This made my day! Finished shoveling snow and came in for this dose of awesomeness! As always, a great time, Fred! And color coordination is key!

User Photo 73686

Thank You Laura a warm up shoveling snow before the class, Awesome! I sure your were a happy sweaty mess in the end!

User Photo 45

So much sweat and fun! I love the basic moves, effective coaching, slow paced, heavy weight sculpt section. Thank you Fred!

User Photo 73686

Janet, thanks for the nice comment on how my class went and everything you loved about it! Nothing like Fun and Sweat!

User Photo 26931

This was my first Fred class but it won’t be my last! Loved the positive energy, humor and excellent instruction – straight to favorites!

User Photo 73686

Diane, Glad to have you aboard the Fred Fan Club! Glad you loved the class got a good workout! now maybe go and try my other
3 classes that are on SSoD for more Fun!

User Photo 22713

Wow.. That was awesome Fred.. One of the best Workouts I’ve done in a long time.. Straight to favourites for me.. Keep them coming!! 👍 ❤️ 💪 💦

User Photo 73686

Andrew Man Thank You! You know I will keep them coming only if you all keep asking and letting me know how much
you like my classes! I Guess I go back into the Lab To Make Some More Fun and Sweat Magic!

User Photo 73686

Yee-HA back at Ya Ronda! I a born and raised Southern Kid from Mississippi and part of huge Dallas Cowboys Fan Club!

User Photo 17530

Thanks Fred! I’m a sweaty mess. Great spin and great sculpt – your instruction and cuing is spot on. Glad I gave SSoD while cooped up at home practicing social distancing

User Photo 73686

Thank You Sue, Its always good to see that face after one of my workouts! I am happy to say that I made you a Sweaty Mess!

User Photo 66955

CHEESE!!!! I can’t stop smiling after this workout!!! The BEST yet! The music was fantastic and loved the spin portion! The sculpting pace was perfect for me and I was able to use heavier weights! Thank you Fred for the call out!!! You are a gem of a trainer! Bravo!!!

User Photo 73686

Mayling! I don’t even have to Say! You are so Amazing and Awesome I really Love how you posted comments for Me
and all the Trainers giving us that little motivation to keep doing what we do with Pride! Maybe You can start the trend of having everyone post pictures of the saying cheese in the Triceps Kickback pose!

User Photo 73686

Erin, It was a tuff one, but like I said in the class! you keep doing that workout once or twice a week! get ready to go shopping for
new clothes!

Thanks for my shout out!
The spin was fabulous and as much as I enjoyed the sculpt, it kept jumping all over the place. Made me laugh it was soooo glitchy😜

User Photo 73686

Kim, Glad you Enjoy the Workout and Shout Out! Sorry your feed was glitchy, that only means
you have to do it again and again until your feed workout that glitch! I have not forgot about that
Trx Workout, so you know!

User Photo 73686

Dena, Thanks and Glad You are Fan! People like you are who drives me to enjoy what I am doing with great passion!

I was looking forward to this one all week and it was well worth the wait!! Loved the 30/30 format. Love your instruction style! Spin portion was super tough. Buckets of sweat! Excellent sculpt session and very informative. I like the slower, more controlled movements focusing on form and contractions. Awesome music too!! I’m a huge Fred fan!! Straight to favorites. 🙂

User Photo 73686

Linda I am Glad you love everything about the class, Yes Lots of Power on the Bike in and out of the Saddle which
makes that sculpting move effected slowing things down! Keep up the good work

Fred best work out ever. Hard but you kept me smiling and sweating all the way through. Great playlist Great workout