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30 Minute Spin® - Ride into the 80's best Spin class with 80's songs

30 Minute Spin: Ride into the eighTease!

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

What time period brought us some of the best music known to man? That’s right, the Eightease (get it? cuz we all teased our hair and used massive amounts of White Rain glue to hold it there). So, it’s only fitting that the best Spin class with EighTEASE songs be brought to you now, by Studio SWEAT onDemand.

You’ll join Cat & Crew as you alternate between climbing drills and speed drills so that you’ll be sweatin’ bullets within a matter of minutes. The jams are so fun and inspirational that the energy in this fun and fierce Indoor Cycling Class will make you feel unstoppable! Let’s ride.