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TRX Cardio July 10, 2016

Equipment: TRX®

Get ready to blast calories with this Killer Cardio and TRX circuit that combines fat-scorching cardio intervals with body toning strength and core sets. You’ll incorporate intense periods of work with short needed recovery segments. Your legs will be shaking, your heart will be pounding, and your body will be SWEATing buckets!!! We’re talking maximum intensity that’ll keep your body burning fat well after you complete this workout!

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DRIVE TO 25 – Miss my TRX Workouts. Finally got internet in my garage where the TRX hangs mostly unused. THIS workout was AWESOME and a great way to celebrate WIFI in the garage lol!!

User Photo 1261

Great class. Where has Halima been? I especially love her sculpting classes. She has a perfect coaching style – encouraging but not obnoxious.

Girl I could hug you! Seriously the best workout I’ve ever done for my outerthighs, quads, & hamstrings. My legs are on fire. Luvin it! Thank you bunches this one will deliver results HUGs

Drive to 25, very challenging, especially pistol squat/reverse lunges and the jumping lunges in the cardio section. Luv Halima.

TRX Butt-kicker! Sweaty, breathy and loving it. I had to take some time to catch up in some spots, but I look forward to doing this one again.

Drive to 25! Great TRX class! This is such a great complement to the exercise class I attend 3 times a week! Keep the TRX classes coming😀

As described! My legs were shaking and heart was pounding, sweat was pouring!! Do this workout and your body and mind will thank you.

User Photo 120

Halima is such a wonderful addition to the SSoD Trainer Tribe. I appreciate her tough workouts, exercise options and timely, encouraging cuing to help us ‘just keep moving’ when things get sweaty.

This is an excellent class for TRX beginners and veterans alike. Don’t get me wrong this class is CHALLENGING; however, the moves are not complicated so you can concentrate on good form.

Heather Loenen

This was a great workout! I kept my heartrate up the whole time. The coaching was great and your words of encouragement kept me working until the timer went off! Anyone wanting a great trx/cardio workout, this is a super one!

This is by far one of my favorite workouts!!! Love the movements and the length of the workout. Make more like these!!!!