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Cycling Shoots & Ladders

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Get ready to climb the cardio ladder baby, because the men – Beastly Brian and Master Mike – are taking the lead in this killer one hour on-line indoor cycling class.

Several ladder drills will test your endurance as you jump and climb your way to the top. And then comes the heart-pumping, fat-slaying “shoots”, a series of endurance and interval drills that’ll leave you breathy, but craving more!

Why do we call them “shoots”? Because at the end of each drill you should be soaked in sweat and only able to mutter the words “Ah, shooooooot”. Ha!

Shoots & Ladders. Go get it!

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Loved the ladders interspersed with sprints…kept my mind busy and my sweat flowing. So happy I found SSoD, thank you

Hell Week #3 . This one is for yesterday but forgot to comment. What a great class. Loved so much about this format! Thank you!

HW2019 #4 Mike, mathematical reasoning is the Common Core way of teaching math. Teachers are learning to move away from heavy emphasis on procedural to planned discovery of patterns such as you talked about. That was a cool thing you shared!

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Two of my favorite trainers! Love the math lesson, too. So true about those tricks that help you do math in your head. I use it calculating sale prices when shopping. 🙂

I’m doing this workout so often I feel like a stalker! 😂😂
Thanks Brian 💋Mike 💋 Eric 💋🌎

That was fabulousss!!!
Love 💕 love 💕 love 💕 this ride 😜
The music mix is my favourite one to date!
Thanks Brian 💋 Mike 💋🌎

Love, love, love this ride. Two amazing trainers – so fun together!! Super challenging. Give us more, please 🙂

OH MY! That was something else! Thank you for a great ride and challenge with all the humor I love from both of you. One thing, I think I’d like to exchange the vowel in the “Ah, shooooot!” part, hahah!

Absolutely loved that, serious sweat after 1st drill. And as for that last 6 min session at the end…killer

Great interval class with breaks, to beat, even amounts racing, sprinting and climbing drills fav! That Saturday night song nearly killed me, I’m like. when is this #%$%^&^! song gonna end already!! Burned so good. Love Mike and Brian’s instructing. More combo videos please!

Not only do I feel fitter 😉
I also feel smarter 😜
Don’t get to say that very often! 🤓
You’re both amazing 😉
Big shout out to Eric 🥳
Thanks 💋

14MDM – Great combo…I liked the stretching in between because then I felt refreshed doing the second half. Thanks Mike and Brian!

14MDM #9 What a fabulous combo, loved this class. I always learn something in one of Mike’s classes, be it a cycling tip or math’s – I’m so going to do this with my kids later!! Thanks guys 😉

Great class Mike and Brian! You make a lovely duo as instructors and very entertaining 🙂 Thank you!

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Math without pencils – as an educator, I love that.

Sweat and smiles. It’s a keeper.

Heather Loenen

User Photo 1803

I wish I could reply to all of you. Please allow me to thank each of you for your kind comments. Riding with Brian was a blast — he is a powerful rider and so much fun to work with. I promise we will do more of these! Your kind remarks make riding a session of thankfulness — rather than a “workout.”

Apparently Prince collaborated with Janelle Monae on the track “Make Me Feel” and her album, which explains the distinct Prince sound. That is my absolute favorite part of this workout. 1-2-cha-cha-cha ☺

User Photo 22404

Loved this class! I had a light bulb moment when Mike explained how to sprint standing. I’ve been doing these classes for about 2 years now and always struggled to hit the target cadence when standing. Doing it the way Mike explained it, I got up to the 90s for the first time. Thank you Mike!

User Photo 1803

That’s awesome Staci! Cycling becomes so much more enjoyable when you allow the body to do less, yet produce more.

User Photo 1803

Thanks Alyssa! That move simulates a climbing break-away and really allows you to crush the ride with your body weight.

14MDM great class. Like it when drills are long enough so I can get techniques right. Loved the math lesson and slower as a verb. Straight to favourites

User Photo 1803

Sorry for the delay!

Song Name
Laughing Buddha
Bad Guy
I’ve Been waiting
Three Strikes
Breaking Limits
Diving for Pearls
Make Me Feel
Say Amen
Level Up

i love u two!!!
Wanted so bad to do this the day it came out but after a forced time out
this was the best back to bike class ever!!
thanks guys xx

Liked it! Brian and Mike make a great combo. Please Mike, you need to offer a ‘Math Without Pencils’ class online – Maybe Studio Sweat class for the brain!!

How many times can I ride to this class without it being obsessive? Good team work, ride & music. Nice to class to benchmark and repeat for improvement.

14MDM- Great class…The last 6 minutes switching between you both, every minute was such fun! I loved the ladder drills as well! Thank you!

User Photo 198

14MDM What a fantastic pairing of Brian and Mike! You compliment each other so well. That was tough, sweaty, fun, and instructional all balled into one! Thank you for such a great class!

I loved every bit of this class. What a great pairing and a very balanced ride. Thanks to Brian and Mike for a fun fast hour of sweaty spinning!!!!

User Photo 22713

As awesome as I knew it would be.. Thanks Brian & Thanks Master Mike.. What a class and what a team.. Loved the drills & format.. Cheers guys. 👍 ❤️

Love the format fellas – warm up, push hard, stretch and do it all again! A great start to M’s Day. Thx SSOD

Fun class! And MORE, MORE, MORE hour-long spins. Not only are they monster calorie-torchers, but they are great conditioning for road cycling, uphill hiking

User Photo 31054

This was such a great class on Mother’s Day morning-the second half was harder but flew by! As a math teacher I couldn’t agree more Mike with the no pencil math being invaluable!

User Photo 1803

Thanks Connie! You can appreciate how excited kids get when they are allowed to use their brain first and then learn procedures second. It creates this wonderful, “Look how close I was!” attitude.

Fantastic Aussie Mother’s Day gift to myself! Kids in front of a movie, husband away, 60 mins of me time! Thanks also for the math lesson Mike and the hilarious photograph chat at the beginning 😂

User Photo 39173

I have to say I was intimidated to try this class. I enjoyed this tough class and I just proved to myself that Im stronger than I think. An absolute favorite and I thank you!

Great class and thanks for the instruction on picking up speed while standing – very helpful. You both rock!

How freaking fun was that???? It was supposed to be my chest and tris day, but how could I resist?? Loved every sweaty minute of it. You guys are great!!

I really enjoyed this class. Gotta love “Mike Thoughts”! Thanks to you both for making me a stronger rider.

Great class! Was yelling shoot a lot sooner then I wanted to! Guys did a great job together especially with one mic. Loved the math tutoring…bonus! Ty!!!!!

User Photo 195

Loved it !! Sneaky (Mike) and Babe ( how Cat calls Brian) did a great job !!
It was fun and tough and I’m sure will come back to this one !

Legend status destroyed Mike – 72÷5=14.4 not 14.2. Sorry I’m an engineer!
Great workout of the length I like and I’m sure to return to it. Thank you lads

User Photo 1803

Thanks Danny! I caught the error as I was doing the next number, but realized that correcting it might confuse matters since I was hurrying through. I figured if I hit the next three or four examples, people would get the concept. Good catch mate!

Same as what Leann said in the comments…. awesome class, it went so fast, I like the smooth transitions, even the end, they play off each other so well. I haven’t taken many of the classes with Mike but I like his yoga master personality, I will be looking at more of his classes now. Mike the Master Mathematician… say that 10 times fast… tongue twister.

“Are you happy?” You should tell you’re face! hahaha. OMG funniest line I’ve heard. I’m stealing that from Mike

User Photo 20612

👏🏻👏🏻 What a awesome class love both Brian and Mike and together made such a enjoyable ride which went by soo fast.. this is now my favourite class… Thanks Brian & Mike

This is an amazing class!! The music was so fun. The first half definitely needed disco lights 😆 I loved the cross over of Mike’s music choice from the 1000 calorie ride at the half way stretch. That is another of my favourite classes. Love the double act guys!

Two of my favorite guys besides my husband and sons!! YOU both held my attention until the end when you started talking MATH then I was watching the SIXERS PLAYOFFS.. Sorry Michael

Great class! Brian and Mike rocked it as always. Bring in Cat next time and the perfect trio will be complete!

Long time watcher, first time commenter, and I gotta say I LOVED this class! I normally get too bored in hour long spin classes to do them, but not this time! My two favorite trainers made such a great class! And I gotta say, Brian, when Mike was doing the downhill portion, you totally looked like Hugh Jackman in Wolverine. Wolverine does SSOD! 🙂 Thanks guys!

User Photo 40678

Too much fun! Sweaty and happy 😃. 😅😅😅. Great blend not too hard, not too easy; when time allows I’ll be doing this one again and again. Enjoyed the variety and the 1,2, 1-2-3. Thanks Mike and Brian.

Hey! Thanks for the shout out Mike! Imagine my surprise as I started my morning ride, delighted to see a new class, with 2 of my favorites, distant, handsome, friends. Not long into the ride, still a bit sleepy, you called out my name! I had a smile the entire ride as a result. What I enjoyed about this video:
1. I love your 12-123 Mike. It kills me in a good way. No one else seems to do this in their spin routines.
2. I always have a terrible time spinning fast, while standing. Mike helped me to learn how today. I still need to practice, but your explanation was appreciated.
3. I loved how you both improvised when 1 “mike” had technical difficulties. Clearly, the show must go on!
3. I can now easily divide a whole number by 5 in my head. How cool is that!

Thanks for such a cool class that went by in a flash. You guys are the best. Keep up the great work for all of us who prefer the comforts of home to get a great workout!

Great class! I didn’t find it too hard, as the guys provided ample breaks and, as always, you can work at your own pace. My knees had a hard time with the “cha cha” move and some of the heavy resistance + speed, so I did my own thing and still got a terrific, sweaty workout. I cringed at the thought of sharing that yucky microphone!
I wonder why there aren’t more longer, straight-up Spinning classes on SSOD. I much prefer putting in my time on the bike, and then moving to something else if I have time and feel like it.

Awwww shoot!! That was so tough but it went by so fast! Mike’s steady states are always harder than I expect! Brian killed me with ladders! Great team! Thanks!

Wow… I feel so accomplished. Title says it all.. hit alot of red , loved the endurance, loved the energy of these two incredible learned tutors. Plus i can pass some maths knowledge to my kids.. what a class… thank you so much Brian and Mike