Your 14-Day Summer Ready Workout Plan

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Woop, Woop…summer’s almost here, and you’re feeling good! You’ve got that summer bod you’ve always dreamed of and you’re ready to hit the beach — totally confident and utterly unself-conscious. How amazing it is to be you!

JK. We know that if you’re like the vast majority of people, you’re probably not exactly where you want to be in regards to your fitness, and that’s ok! But swimsuit season is beckoning, so it’s time to get in summer shape! Now, a coupla weeks isn’t enough time to really do a full-body transformation, undo years of bad habits, and miraculously give you that perfect bod. And we’re here to tell you, anybody promising that has not got your best interests at heart, so stay away. 

But what we can tell you is that a whole heck of a lot can happen in just two weeks. Firstly, you can tone, trim, and firm up, enough to make you feel better while hitting the shore. 

Secondly, just a reminder that you can’t outrun your fork, so make sure that along with this workout plan you have a game plan for a smart nutrition plan – avoid under-eating and over-eating, and most importantly focus on eating a well-rounded diet packed with veggies, fruit, protein, healthy carbs & fats. If you eat more of those things, you’re more likely to avoid eating and drinking things that don’t serve your body.  

Lastly, and so importantly, 14 days is enough time to immerse yourself into an effective fitness routine, which can lead to healthier habits and positive results in the long run. So with that in mind, let’s jump right into our 14-Day Summer Workout Plan! 

What you’ll need to do this 14-Day Summer Workout Plan

• Either an indoor cycling bike or a treadmill
• A couple of sets of dumbbells or weight plates
An exercise mat (optional, but advised)
An All Access Pass with Studio SWEAT onDemand to access all these classes. If you’re new to Studio SWEAT, you can even use the promo code: 14DAYSUMMER to get a month for only $9.  

Finally, remember to always do a thorough warm-up before your workouts, as well as a cool-down to keep your body performing its best. If any of the workouts below don’t include them, we suggest our quick Dynamic Warm Up & Lucky 7 Cool Down sessions. 

Ok, ready to burn it up? Let’s go!

Day 1 – Beginning with Bodyweight 

• 35 Jumping Jacks
• 30 Squats
25 Speed Skaters
2 30-Second Planks
10 Burpees
Repeat 3 times for a total of 4 rounds

Day 2 – Upper Body Blast

• Grab some heavier dumbbells and take our 30-min Upper Body Heavy Lifting class

Day 3 – Lightin’ Up the Lower Body 

• Shred your lower half with our 40-minute Gym Harder: Legs & Buns class

Day 4 – Lean on LISS

To give your body a chance to recover, try one of these to help you burn those calories while letting your body heal.
60 Min Cycling Recovery LISS Workout
50 Min Power Walking Workout

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Day 5 – Cardio & Crushin It

For a full-body assault, try one of these hour-long workouts!
Cycling Sprints & Squats
Total-Body Tread & Tone

Day 6 – No Quit, HIIT

• We’re shredding your core, not to mention tons of calories in this 40-min HIIT & Core class. No equipment needed, just bodyweight exercises here. 

Day 7 – Rest & Recovery

• For a recovery day that still gives you a toning workout, try our 30-Min Yoga Flow Session

Day 8 – Kickin It

• Try this full-on, heart-pumpin’ Cardio Kickboxing class to really burn those calories. 

Day 9 – Back to the Bodyweight

• 70 Jumping Jacks
• 25 Push Ups
2, 45-Second Wall Sits
20 Burpees (can be split up)
30 Weighted Lunges on Each Side (dumbbell in each hand)
30 Squats
Repeat 2 times for a total of 3 rounds

Day 10 – Hardcore Cardio

Burn TONS of calories today by selecting one of these calorie-crushing options:

• This high-intensity, non-stop, 80-minute Spin Core class should have you burning around 900 calories or more!
• 55-minute Zone Run + 15-minute Abs Core Carver

Day 11 – Cooling It

• Get firm & fit while you rest & recover with this low-impact Yoga Tone class. 

Day 12 – Dance, Dance, Dance!

• This ridiculously fun Shut Up & Dance indoor cycling class is sure to boost your motivation as we reach the end of our 14-day workout routine! Or…
• Actually dance in this 45-Min Dance Party Fat-Burning Workout

Day 13 – Calm Before the Storm

To prepare you for tomorrow’s final onslaught, recover with either of these:
• 35-minute Lower Intensity Ride.
30-minute Power Walk with Brooke

Day 14 – Spin, Sculpt & Shred!

We’re closing out this workout plan with another Cardio & Sculpting Workout. Pick either this: 

• 70-minute, sweat soaked Anniversary Ride, featuring tons of our favorite instructors, intense cycling, as well as a full-body floor workout, or
• 60-minute Tread & Tone that’s called “The Body Changer” for a reason!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 14-Day Summer Workout Plan, or more accurately, we hope it made you sweat! Now, grab that sporty swimsuit and get out there!

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