Heavy Bag Combos Workout

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Heavy Bag Combos Workout

Equipment: Boxing Gloves / Heavy Bag

You’ll be the champ after knocking out this Heavy Bag Combos Workout that incorporates both punches and kicks, taking your cardio to a whole new intensity level. We’ll keep the punches and kicks to the basics, but we’ll put ‘em together in some fun, challenging combos that will target the whole body and leave you completely drenched. Ready to kick it up a notch? Let’s do it!

Pro Tip: Wanna give heavy bags a try, but you’re still a rookie? Check out Chavva’s 5-Min Heavy Bag Boxing Basics Tutorial, and then get your punch on!

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HW2020 Double Workout Day. Day 3. This is my first time working out with our punching bag. I had so much fun! Great class! I really like the circle stretching. Thanks!