ab workout for women who have had C-sections

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  • Date: May 21, 2019
  • Length: 09:37
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C-Section Ab Workout

Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed!

This is a quick and effective ab workout for women who have had C-sections and have been cleared by their doctors to start exercising again. As a mom of three, trainer Brooke has been there. These exercises tone the glutes (biggest muscle group in the core), as well as the abdominals in a safe and effective way to help get that core strong and back in shape.

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8/9 Day 5 of BINGO. Thanks again Brooke for the perfect ab workout for me. At 60, my abs are weak. I can’t do some of the other abs workouts. You make me feel successful!

I had an abdominal hysterectomy 3 months ago, with the same incision as a C-section. These exercises feel great. I will be adding them in to my workouts.

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Mom to 5 cuties and in my 40’s. No c-sections here, but can surely benefit from these exercises to help tighten my core, or as I call it…my bloater😊 Thanks Brooke!

yay!! I had 4 c-sections and about 2 years ago complete PT for a diastasic recti. Thanks for this workout! There are so many more exercises we can do for our core than just crunches.

Adding this one to my weekly rotation! Thank you for these short core focused workouts that we can add to our cardio sessions!

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I just had a C-section a month ago and this was exactly what I needed I will definitely be doing these 3 to 4 times a week!!!

Congrats on your new little baby Noelle!!!! I’m so happy for you. My third was an emergency C-Section, so I completely understand. Give yourself grace and continue in the journey. So happy to have you a part of this community. XOXOXOXO

Just getting back into it after a C-Section. Your classes are amazing & getting me fit again, especially being so hard to leave house these days!
Even more inspiring & reassuring knowing your Mum & you can relate to everything.

Thanks Brooke

Hey Kim!! So glad you are a part of this community!!!! And give yourself grace and a whole lot of love as you recover. Congratulations on your little miracle!! XOXOXO

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14MDM Week Two session 3 – This was amazing, i wish we’d had this three years ago! Thanks Brooke!

Thank you, thank you! This was exactly what I was looking for. I just had my 3rd child (2nd c-section) and have been looking for safe exercises to start strengthening my core! This was great!

I”m so glad you liked it Jenna!! And so happy to have you a part of this community!! Congratulations on your sweet baby! XOXOXO

Yea girl!!! SO glad to have you a part of this community!!! And thanks for working out with me. XOXOXO Have fun on vacation!!

I’m not post-op, but I couldn’t pass up a new class by Brooke! Loved it! Excellent instruction. Perfect add-on after spinning. Thank u Brooke!!