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*all times are listed in PST


May Friday Lives

at 7AM PST / 10AM EDT

May 24  | 30 Min Balance & Build Yoga with Jeanette

May 31  | 30 Min Outdoor Ride on an Indoor Bike! with Dalia


June Friday Lives

at 7AM PST / 10AM EDT

June 7  | 30 Min Battle of the Bands with Jason

June 14  | 30 Min No-Repeat, No-Equipment, Total-Body! with Carolyn

June 21  | 30 Min Balance & Stretch Yoga with Jeanette

June 28  | 30 Min Latin-Vibes Ride with Dalia


June 16  | 9:00 AM in the UK (1AM PST)

60 Min Cycle – 60 Min Cycle – “Old Songs, New Beats!” with Yael


We have so many amazing live events & classes! 

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