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2 Things You Need to Know That Might Change Your Life. Do you want to get healthier but can’t seem to make a fitness routine stick? Are you making lots of excuses instead of exercising? Studio SWEAT onDemand Founder Cat

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Mental Health Support During the Holidays

Christmas tree ornament

  As the principles of Intuitive Eating are very rooted in Psychology, I would like to bring up our precious mind health this holiday season, and share some things that I have picked up along the way that may support


Best Home Gym on a Budget Set-Up with play button

Best Home Gym on a Budget Set-Up

The top 5 fitness equipment essentials for a well-rounded fitness routine. Did you know you can have a complete workout routine from home without spending bundles? No going to the gym required! With a baby on the way, budget is

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Why TRX Workouts Make the Core So Strong

Closeup shot of woman with strong core doing TRX workout

  By now, you’ve heard us go on and on (and on some more) about the endless benefits of a solid TRX workout. You’ve heard us praise how simple and straightforward TRX exercises are. You’ve heard us wax philosophical on


TRX Workout Tip for Beginners trainer tip with play button

TRX Workout Tip for Beginners

How to Avoid Pain in the Joints When Doing the Best TRX Exercises We know y’all love TRX workouts as much as we do, but we also hear from some of you that your joints hurt during certain moves. Well,

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Burning Boot Camp: Our Favorite Boot Camp Exercises

Four fit people taking a Boot Camp aerobics class

  Tennnnn-Hut! It’s time to ship you into shape, soldiers! Ok, we’ll reel it in a little, but the point we’re trying to make is a simple one. If you’re looking for a body-sculpting, calorie-scorching workout, using minimal-if-any equipment, it’s


Can I Workout When I’m Pregnant trainer tip video

Can I Workout When I’m Pregnant?

Ideas on How to Modify Exercise When Pregnant. Jess & Miriam’s Experiences. The following interview was done with 2 professionals in the Health & Wellness industry that experienced a lot of criticism for working out while pregnant. This interview covers

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Best TRX Exercise to Tone the Butt & Build the Glutes vlog

Best TRX Exercise to Tone the Butt & Build the Glutes

It might not be what you think! Many of us, ladies especially, are looking to build and firm up our glutes, so Cat Kom is here to share her favorite TRX exercise to tighten and tone that booty. When we’re

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Important Muscles You’re Probably Ignoring

Fit young man stretching his adductor muscles outside

  If you’re on a rigorous strength training routine (or even a not-so-rigorous one), you’re probably well aware of the popularity contest/priority list of muscle groups that you like to focus on. Most guys go straight to the pecs, biceps,