Best Home Gym on a Budget Set-Up

The top 5 fitness equipment essentials for a well-rounded fitness routine.

Did you know you can have a complete workout routine from home without spending bundles? No going to the gym required! With a baby on the way, budget is super important to Studio SWEAT trainer Jess N. So she’s here (in her actual home) to share how she made sure she has the best home gym on a budget for during and after her pregnancy.

When she planned out her home gym set-up, she focused on equipment that was affordable, offered a well-rounded routine, and didn’t take up much room. 

Jessica’s Top 5 Best Fitness Equipment for a Home Gym:

  1. Spin Bike (a.k.a. Indoor Cycling Bike) 

    Spinning is great low-impact cardio, and really one of the best calorie-burning workouts on the planet. Plus you’re getting leg and core strengthening while you ride. And a bike really doesn’t take up much more room than a yoga mat.You CAN get bikes for every budget. There are companies out there trying to get you to spend mega-bucks (Payment plan? No thanks.), but spoiler alert – some of those big-name, highly marketed companies are selling you a consumer-grade bike at a commercial-grade price.

    A properly-priced consumer-grade bike should range from $250-$1,000. A commercial-grade bike will start around $1,300. But here’s a hot tip: check with your local gym or fitness studio – when they’re swapping out equipment, you might be able to score a pre-owned commercial-grade bike for around $500!

    With a great deal on a bike, you can find tons of amazing workouts like these Studio SWEAT onDemand online Spin classes.


  2. Jump Rope 

    Skipping rope is amazing and fun cardio! And a jump rope is compact, easy, and travel-friendly. Plus, at a price point of $9-$29, it’s easy on the budget.

  3. Exercise Mat 

    Jess calls her exercise mat a “key component” of her home-gym setup. A mat is great for all kinds of strength and stretching exercises, and of course Yoga and Pilates workouts.Rolled up, a mat is easy to take along with you. When baby arrives, Jess might want to get out of the house for a workout at the park. Roll that baby in a stroller and then roll that mat out on the grass and get moving.

    Prices can range from $10-$85, but you can get a pretty nice one for around $50.

  4. Dumbbells 

    Dumbbells are a must-have for staying toned and strong, but a full rack can be expensive. 

    Jess likes to look for deals where you can pay about $1 per pound. And there’s no rule that says you need the whole rack all at once. Start with your most-used weight, say 10 pounds. Then next time you find a coupon for your local sporting goods store, or a $20 bill in your jeans pocket, give yourself a little reward. 

  5. Resistance Bands 

    Anyone who knows Jess knows that resistance bands are her all-time fave piece of equipment. She takes them everywhere, and even says, “It’s the first thing I pack when I travel.”She has two styles she likes. One is a tube style with handles. Jess’s set came with 5 bands (bonus: they say their weight approximation on each band), handles, and a carry bag. This style ranges from $25-$35 a set.

    Jess also likes loop-style mini bands, and living in a climate with extreme heat (this would be the same for cold), she prefers a set that’s a thicker fabric style rather than rubber so it doesn’t get brittle. You can find a 3-pack for about $10-$20.

Jess did a great job setting up her home gym on a budget by building slowly and prioritizing multi-use equipment. With cardio equipment, strength equipment, and a yoga mat, she has everything she needs for an all-around fitness program.

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