Why TRX Workouts Make the Core So Strong

Closeup shot of woman with strong core doing TRX workout

By now, you’ve heard us go on and on (and on some more) about the endless benefits of a solid TRX workout. You’ve heard us praise how simple and straightforward TRX exercises are. You’ve heard us wax philosophical on just how easy it is to increase or decrease the resistance of TRX exercises. And you’ve heard us chatter nonstop about how effective it is at strength training. Honestly, at this point, you’d think we’d have nothing left to say on the matter. 

Well guess what, we’re not done yet! 

Because one element that we haven’t covered (read: driven into the ground) yet is the mind-crunching benefits of TRX core exercises! Yes, Total Body Resistance Training Exercises (TRX for short) are one of the best ways to train your rectus and transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques, and oh so much more! So strap in and suspend all doubts, because we’re diving into the ab-solutely awe-inspiring reasons why TRX workouts make your core so darn strong!

Man doing TRX exercises at a gym

Brace Yourself (and Your Abs)

First off, let’s talk about one of the central functions of the TRX workout — suspension. Anytime you perform an exercise suspended in mid-air, your body will need to stabilize itself to keep you in one position. And a quick note, whenever you hear the word ‘stabilization’, you can go ahead and mentally insert the word ‘core’. Because that’s exactly what it’s there for! TRX core exercises make us engage our obliques and lower back muscles like pretty much no other movement can do. So brace yourself, and your abs will follow suit! 

Form & Function

TRX exercises are unique in fitness, because of how closely aligned they are with our day-to-day movements. In other words, they deliver functional fitness! As we go on about our normal routines, we’ll be lifting, turning, flexing, stretching, and all the rest, and more often than not we’re using our core muscles to help us perform all of those tasks. When we strengthen our core through TRX training, we’re building and working muscles that we use on a daily basis, making all of our daily activities that much easier, so we’re encouraged to do and move more, creating a positive feedback loop – not to mention a powerful core!

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Woman doing a lunge using TRX suspension straps

Postural Prowess

We’ve talked (ad nauseam) about the effectiveness of TRX workouts on our posture, but what does that mean exactly? Well, having proper posture involves all the joints in your body stacking the right way on top of each other, and a strong core is key to this. When we perform TRX exercises, we’re engaging our core muscles in the exact way needed to improve our posture. So when you’ve finished your TRX workout and you feel like you’re standing a little bit taller, it’s because you literally are! 

Safety First

Unlike some other core-working routines that involve free weights, TRX core exercises use just the resistance from your own body weight. This means that it’s that much harder to injure yourself while performing these exercises. And when you do increase the resistance of your TRX exercises, you do so with subtle changes in your approach, not by packing on the iron. So you can put safety, as well as strength, first!

Young fit man and woman doing a chest press with TRX straps

Ab-tastic Adjustability

The beauty of a TRX workout is that it’s just so darn adjustable. Slight changes in your vector, or workout angle, can exponentially increase the resistance you’re experiencing in a particular exercise. That means that these micro-modifications can help you increase the intensity of your workouts seamlessly, allowing you to constantly challenge yourself, and your core — which means more strength gains! 

We hope that we’ve hammered home the fact that the mighty TRX workout is the ultimate tool for getting a stronger core, and that this makes you incorporate it into your fitness routine, like right now! And if you need a little primer on any of the subjects below, watch these 2-Minute Tip Vlogs with Studio SWEAT onDemand founder Cat Kom. 

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