Are No Repeat Workouts Good for You?

The Benefits & Drawbacks of No Repeat Workouts.

When it comes to training, “no-repeat” workouts are all the rage. But are they so great? Well, yeah, they can be. Cat Kom is here to talk about no-repeat benefits and drawbacks. 

What is a no-repeat workout?

Just like it sounds, you take a group of exercises back to back, and never repeat them again in the workout. These workouts typically range from 10 to 45 minutes with 8 to 30 different moves. They’re not right for everyone, depending on your overall goals or your goals for the day.

Drawbacks of a no-repeat workout:

• Fast Pace Leads to Idle Time – This style of workout is often fast-moving, so you don’t have long to figure out the move. You may find yourself just standing there trying to figure out the move, and the next thing you know, it’s time to move on. This can bring your heart rate down and you miss much of the impact of the workout. 

• Often Little Muscle Tearing – You’re usually going to only get one chance to work a major muscle group. So if you’re trying to increase muscle mass by burning a muscle group out, this style of workout might not tackle that goal. 

Benefits of a no-repeat workout:

• Never a Dull Moment – With the non-stop changing of moves, these workouts are never boring, and time flies when you’re doing them! 

• Often Little Muscle Tearing – Yep, the same drawback listed above, but looking at the positive side: If you’re not looking to burn out muscle groups, this is usually a great choice. Plus, if you know how to do the moves properly, this type of workout usually has a great cardio component.

And let’s face it – there are just some exercises (we’re looking at you, Burpees) that you’d love to check off after just one round.

Tips for a great no-repeat workout:

• Back it Up & Practice –  If it’s your first time doing an online class, preview it. It’s ok to back up the video, practice the move, and start over. Then take the online class a couple of times a week to learn, practice, and perfect.

• Ask the Trainer – If you’re doing the class in-studio, ask the trainer pre-class to demonstrate any non-traditional moves. You maybe can handle a simple bicep curl, but might need to work through a deadlift/row/fly combo. 

Well, that’s the no-repeating scoop. For tons of great sculpting workouts, including no-repeat options, check out the Free Trial over on Studio SWEAT onDemand! Download the app, or if you happen to live in southern California, visit us in our San Diego studio.