50 Min Spin Sculpt: SLIM & SOLID

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    The most popular class at Studio SWEAT is Spin Sculpt. We couple together a full body workout with crankin’ cardio to get it all done at once. It’s awesome. For this one, we have 2 floor sets, each with 8 exercises performed in 5 rep increments, so all you have to think about is 5 at a time. That said, challenge those limits with your pace and weight selection. If you don’t have weights, grab something to double as dumbbells. That’s cool too.

    There are also 2 unique Spinning drills that keep your heart rate in the high end of your fat burning zone, so expect high calorie burn. The first is a game called bump, and the second is a killer interval set. Enough talk, let’s go get our sweat on!

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    Rode this class live yesterday. As always with a Cat class, it was simultaneously brutal and fun. Working out with a busted nose is tough…but attitude is everything!
    Heather W

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    Brutal and fun happens to be my favorite combination! 😉 and good for you Heather! Feel better soon!

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    Wasn’t able to live stream yesterday. I was a pouty girl! So glad to see this this today! Awesome class!

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    What a great workout!! That was go,go,go from start to finish and I loved it. I really enjoy how clear you are on what to expect and what is happening now – cueing is perfect. I also liked the option to stretch on my own. Thanks, as always, Cat!

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    OMG Cat what a wonderful class.. I almost dropped the weight on my foot when you said you were going to drag someone… This was a different format for you but I loved it. All the quick pace sculpting and those ladder drills at the end were insane. I don’t think my heart rate has every gotten that hi.. Anyway great ride I am sad I missed it live

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    Hey Cat! That was fun!! It went by fast and kept my HR up all the time I’m so glad I was well hydrated Bc you didn’t give me time for a water break ! Thank you for the shout outs ! Loved ! Thank you for releasing this one so fast I was really looking forward to it !

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    Oh my that was a tough one….. Sadly, .I was not very good at keeping up with the floor drills – they moved fast! Super sweaty though and all checked off!

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    Wish I would have been able to do it.live but kids sports got in the way. Awesomly hard workout!!!

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    Life happens! It’s never too late to do it and I’m glad you found time out of your busy schedule! Thanks Bobbi!

    Wow! That was insane. Loved every second! So bummed I missed it live, but so thankful to get this done today! Thanks Cat 😊

    Holy smokes, that was intense. Love the new combos, both on and off the bike; the switch up kept my mind nimble and my legs going. I look forward to tackling this one again and pushing myself to be stronger. Thx again SSOD

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    Thanks Nicole! Glad to hear it! Can’t wait to hear about you tackling it all over again and the improvement that’ll come with it!

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    Wow Cat ..I k we it would be tough and you’d never let us down..man that was tough..especially the last 11 mins..loved it all .thanks again boss!!

    I feel so lucky to have access to these amazing classes straight from my house – love the kick ass workouts – thanks Cat

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    Took this one live Saturday and again today! Great class, Cat!! I did better on the final 11 minutes today. 2nd time through makes a difference. Still dripping either way.😊

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    Brilliant! I loved the quick paced format of the sculpting, and the riding drills. It kept my heart rate up, and the class flew by! Thanks you, Cat!

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    Thanks Tracy! Love that you enjoyed the quickness and speed of the class & more importantly, that you could keep up 😉

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    Couldn’t get the live class to work Saturday so I am glad to get to do this today. I love the 5 rep intervals. That last 11 min were super hard for me. I have a hard time matching leg speed so I can’t wait to get a cadence monitor so I can see if I’m keeping up. I don’t think I was able to stay at 85 the whole time. Great class!!

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    Sorry to hear that Natalie but glad you made up for lost time. That’s a good idea. Let me know if there’s any improvement once the cadence monitor comes in!

    Love the alternating spin and sculpt!
    Thank you for always bringing such positive energy and encouragement.

    Killer! Haven’t done weights for a while. Now I remember why I love pumping a little iron. Cat – your spin class is always awesome. Thanks!

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    Did this ‘live’ on Saturday and then again today….tough workout both times! Awesome job Cat!

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    Great workout – thanks Cat. I agree with a couple of other SSoDers that the floor work was a little too much up/down and the cueing was tough. It was hard to keep good form and switch positions so quickly. But I’m sweating buckets anyway – love Spin Sculpts! 💪🏼👏🏻

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    Really liked the format, loved the ratio of sculpt to spin too! not managed a spin sculpt for a while so really enjoyed! Reminded me of the early days classes on and off the bike xx

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    Thanks Lauren! We try to bring them back time and time again! Stay tuned for more classes like this to invoke even more nostalgia. 🙂

    I surprised myself and got stronger as the “Bumps” went on?! Thumbs up on the new heart rate visual! My goal next time is to speed up on the floor to keep up with you San Diego peeps😁

    This is such a great wrkout, did i live almost died did it again still almost died.. GREAT WORKOUT at 4am..

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    Hi Cat! Of course I’m dripping sweat! So I’ve been alternating between speed sculpt and speed spin plus running and yoga a couple of times a week. I saw you had a new spinsculpt today and since I had enough time I got to do it! I found that I could get more reps in by doing 10 reps at a time vs 5 reps and the spin was killer! Thank you sis! 💪🏼😘

    Thanks, Cat. This was my favorite class of all time at my local gym, that unfortunately closed. I’m so grateful to have found this site and these classes, which I can easily take from my home in Beverly, Massachusetts! I look forward to spinning (and sweating like made) with you for a long time to come!

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    Thanks Julie! Glad you found a serviceable substitute and soon enough, you’ll never have the desire to go back to the gym ever again! 🙂

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    This class was relentless! Always used to do spin only but really enjoying spin and sculpt and trying to increase my weight, but ouch! I’m so sore the next day!

    More spin and sculpt please Cat and Brian 🙂

    All the way in the UK 🙂

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    Awesome Cat!!!! Just Love this class+++ Have done it a few times! Fun “bump” section & challenging interval ride! Bring on more like this Please!

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    i am 50 years old and i would like to said that you are the best trainer at the world Cat. THANK YOU FOR THIS SESSION

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    kicked my keister. only had time for 35 minutes but coming back for the full hour tomorrow!!!you guys make this so fun!!!

    I am new to Studio Sweat, did my trial and then subscribe to it! Love every class I have take. I took this class today and it was extraordinary, it was very challenging, but Cat has a great way to keep everyone going even in the remote form. So excited to have found you guys!

    shame you can’t insert photos here my floor is covered in sweat!! Awesome class feeling a tad jelly like in the limbs but in a good way !!

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    You can always post and tag us onto facebook or instagram to motivate other sweaters but I’m already picturing it! You’re awesome Sally!!

    Wow great class Cat! It’s a nice change to alternate short interval classes with these longer interval ones, and this class length was perfect.

    All I wanted was to take a nap, forced myself on the bike and glad I did my mood is more up and my energy is ready to concur the rest of my busy day…teacher on summer break!

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    Yeah?? Welcome to the magical world of Spin & Sculpt! Once you enter, you’ll never want to leave 😉

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    WOU Kat what a class!! I literally fell off my bike!! Phew!!! Amazing work out as always! Thank you 🙂

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    Omg!! That was just as tough the second time around!! Love it!! That last 11 min was brutal…can’t wait to do this again!

    HAVING Thursday night blues and feeling down about all the victims of the Las VEGAS EVENT… FEEL GREAT AND PUSHED IT FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAN’T…!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

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    Great workout! Hit the whole body with sculpting and the bike work had my heart rate in the orange and red zone.

    Drive to 45 #4 – Awesome workout! love the length of the class and the intensity! Great way to start a Sunday morning….

    Drive to 25..class #19..love this one, Cat! Feel a part of the class and even yelled one of the “bumps” Ha! Thanks so much!

    Amazing workout.. attitude is definitely everything. Love the drills and how Cat motivates you as always just when you think you are going to die. Thank you amazing Cat ..