The Best Bodyweight Workout Routines for Beginners

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Bodyweight workouts are one of the best ways to get in shape – they don’t require any equipment or an expensive gym membership – just you, your body and some motivation. And what’s more, the best bodyweight workout routines for beginners can be found online, from the comfort of your living room.

So, to give you a little push (and to stop you from going down a YouTube rabbit hole), we’ve compiled a list of workout routines that are perfect for beginners. Let’s get started!

HIIT It Hard

HIIT, also known as high intensity internal training, is amazing for people just starting to get fit. But first things first: what the heck is HIIT, and why is it so awesome?

Well, HIIT is a method of training made up of rounds of intense, cardio-busting exercises followed by brief periods of rest. It’s thought that HIIT uses up your oxygen faster than it can supply it, so your body tries to burn up fat stores to catch up.

But HIIT is also an awesome workout plan because it’s fast, efficient, and versatile. And because you can do HIIT with no equipment, it’s awesome for beginners that haven’t had the time to invest in hardware yet. You can see some great online workouts where you don’t need equipment HERE. Just sign up for the free trial!

The Secret of Spin

Take it from us: indoor cycling classes make for the best online workout classes. Spin classes go hard and fast, and pump your body into overtime. Lucky for you, Studio SWEAT onDemand has a ton of cycling classes to choose from, including HIIT-Spin combinations. And since you’ll never forget how to ride a bike, Spin classes are great for all skill levels. At Studio SWEAT onDemand, we like to think that there’s no such thing as experts or beginners in our classes: we ride together.

Check out some Spin classes HERE.

Kick Your Booty with Bootcamp

Bootcamp classes are full body drill-style workouts that involve intense periods of exercise with rest periods in between. And, while most of us associate Bootcamp classes with scary trainers screaming at us to drop and give them 20, some of the best online workout classes motivate you with energetic, enthusiastic trainers that push you to reach your potential, with a smile on your face. Take a beginner Bootcamp class for a great bodyweight workout routine, and you’ll get in incredible shape in no time.

Sign up for Bootcamp HERE.

Sculpt Your Bod

Who says it’s all about cardio? Some of the best workouts are focused on toning the body and building strength. In a typical sculpting class, you can find yourself doing burpees, pushups with variations, jump lunges, planks, and other gut-busting workouts.

Classes that utilize weights in dynamic workouts are a sure bet, but you can most definitely find a sculpting, bodyweight workout routine for beginners that’s perfect for toning your body.

Tone Your Bod with a Sculpting class NOW.

Get Cut with Kettlebell

The kettlebell is an essential part of any full body workout routine—and for good reason. It’s super versatile and intuitive, which is perfect for the beginner that wants something simple. With a kettlebell classes can incorporate swings, slow lifts, and squats to activate the whole body. The kettlebell also allows for a wide range of motions, allowing you to strengthen certain movements in addition to targeting a large number of muscles.

Not super confident about buying a kettlebell? Don’t let that stop you—many classes allow you to substitute a dumbbell.

Find a Kettlebell Class NOW.

The best online bodyweight workouts are out there. You just need to know where to look and what to look for! But we’re going to make it easy for you: Studio SWEAT onDemand’s got a huge library of workouts available when you sign up for Studio SWEAT onDemand’s 7-Day Free Trial. We’ve got everything from gym mainstays like Spin to hot new Barre and Kettlebell workouts. Studio SWEAT onDemand is your ticket to full body workouts right on your TV, PC, tablet, or mobile. All you have to do is sign up, press play, and our expert trainers and community of SWEATers will guide you through the rest!