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FACT or Fiction - HIIT Workouts After-burn

FACT or FICTION: HIIT Workouts After-burn

A 30 Minute HIIT workout burns as much as a 60 Minute Workout Lately all the talk is about these short 20 to 30 Minute High Intensity Interval (HIIT) workouts and their after-burn effect. Everyone’s thinking, “Sweet, I can burn just

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What’s a fat burning HIIT workout at home?

Oh, only the best, most effective full body routines for fat loss, that’s what! Everybody is talking about it. Everybody is doing it. But what’s a HIIT workout really? It’s simply the best and most effective routine for fat burning.


HIIT, Tabata, and Interval Training – What’s the difference?

For years you’ve been hearing about how Interval Training burns more calories than endurance training, which is debatable and a topic for another article, but in this article and associated vlog, what I do want to help you understand are

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