Preview – Cat’s Tabata Tone-Up

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Class Details

Equipment Needed

  • Water
  • Hand Towel
  • Mat (Optional)
  • Set of Medium Dumbbells
  • Set of Heavy Dumbbells
  • Resistance Band with Handles (only needed for select classes)

Class Description

Tabata = 20 tough working seconds, to 10 seconds of rest, for 8 rounds. That is the true Tabata style, and we’re gonna keep it true in this fast, full body strength workout.

You’re given the option to grab REALLY heavy dumbbells, or moderate to light. The choice is yours, but the lighter your weights are the faster you best be moving, or you are NOT gonna get the same workout I did! This is a killer arm workout, but the legs, glutes, lungs, and abs all get their fair share on “love”. Remember, you can do anything for 20 seconds, so don’t start late or stop early. Be determined to do your best in this interval class and you’ll be feeling G-U-D good when you’re done.

*Don’t forget to stretch!*

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