Can I follow a Studio SWEAT Cycle class on my Treadmill? Elliptical? Rower? Other?

Yes! You sure can. Here’s How.

You might be saying, “I don’t have a bike, I’ve only got a treadmill.” or
“I’m traveling and the hotel gym has a rower and an elliptical.” or
“I want a little variety in my cardio but love the cycling classes.” or

“Can I still follow the cycling videos? How!?!”

Cat Kom and Bethany are here with an easy answer to all those scenarios so you can enjoy your favorite Studio SWEAT onDemand classes on any machine you’d like.

Great news – swapping out cardio equipment for your workout is way easier than you might think. You’re essentially going to “mirror” whatever is happening in the class. Let’s explain this with a few examples (and hey – the tips on both examples can be used for any cardio machines.)

Spin Fusion on a treadmill:

  • Find a class – Pick your favorite Cycle-Sculpt class and hit play.
  • Warm-up – While we warm up on the bike, you warm up on your treadmill.
  • Hill climbs – For a hill climb, increase your incline, and bump up your speed a bit.
  • Sprints – If the class is doing sprints 30 seconds on, 30 off, set your treadmill up for that.
  • Endurance ride – When it’s time for an endurance ride, set yourself up for your endurance walk/jog/run. 

StraightUp Spin on an elliptical or a rower:

  • Gear up – When the trainer says to “add a gear”, that means add resistance. You can do the same on an elliptical or rowing machine. 
  • Resistance load – Doing some resistance loading drills? You’ll do the same – keep adding, keep adding, just like on the bike.
  • Intensity level – Follow along using the same level of intensity or perceived exertion no matter what equipment you’re using and no matter what machine you’re following. In class, the heart rates are climbing, but yours isn’t? Time to add resistance and/or effort! You’re totally gassed, but the trainer is carrying on a conversation? You might want to dial it back a little.

Bethany loves switching it up, especially when she’s at a hotel. Jump out of your comfort zone and give it a try, especially if the travel gym has equipment you don’t have at home. 

Want to give this a try, but want a little more guidance? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Studio SWEAT onDemand, we have a few videos where there are trainers doing the same workout on two different pieces of equipment. Check out:

  • Tread Sculpt by Andrew (Spin option) – Brain and Cat will lead you on a treadmill and a bike. Pick your poison!
    treadsculpt by andrew player

  • 20 Min Rowing Intervals (Cycling option) – Fred leads the class on a rower, but throughout the class he talks through how to adapt the workout to a bike.
    20 Min Rowing Intervals (Cycling Option) player

Keep it creative, keep it fun, and for even more body-sculpting, fat-torching workouts, including lots of amazing cardio classes you can do from any equipment, check out Studio SWEAT and Studio SWEAT onDemand!