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Intuitive Eating for the Holidays- A Refresher Course

29 November, 2021

Intuitive Eating for the Holidays: A Refresher Course

And now we’ve come to the season of stuffing… and being stuffed, mashed potatoes.. .and…

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21 November, 2021

Intuitive Eating Does Not Have a Day One

Let’s focus our intentions on Intuitive Eating and typically what it feels like to practice these…

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healthy eating during the holidays

25 November, 2020

Intuitive Eating for the Holidays

When the holidays roll around, most of us are usually filled with a mix of…

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21 June, 2017

Intuitive Eating During Pregnancy – June 2017 Focus on Food

This month’s edition will be for a specific population, but I thought it a necessary…

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19 January, 2015

Intuitive Eating to Change Your Eating Habits – January 2015 Focus on Food

What… is… up my peeps!? Studio SWEAT R.D., Miriam, provides us with a fabulous read…

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Young blonde woman opening up a refrigerator at night

1 May, 2023

Digging Deep to Fuel Up: Strategies for Better Eating Habits

At Studio SWEAT onDemand, we’re pretty much obsessed with fitness. We live it, we breathe…

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28 April, 2020

Eating Patterns During Times of Stress (April 2020 Focus on Food Article)

Listen I eat and under-eat when I’m stressed at times too. At this time I…

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26 November, 2019

Holiday Eating (November 2019 Focus on Food Article)

Hi my fitness family, One of the most curious things I hear from people is…

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22 December, 2017

Stay healthy during the holidays with great food choices and eating habits!

Planning on staying healthy during Christmas and the holiday season? Learn how to develop healthy…

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18 October, 2016

Intuitive Eater’s Holiday Bill of Rights – October 2016 Focus on Food

Hi Fit Fam! This  month I want to prepare us for holiday time because it…

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Person choosing healthy foods around the holidays

27 November, 2023

Unbuckle No More: Setting Healthy Holiday Food Boundaries

The holidays always give us the warm-and-squishies — singing sweet nostalgic songs, feeling cool brisk…

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Young man sitting at a table, with his hands around a clock

24 April, 2023

Fasting and Mental Health (April 2023 Focus on Food Article)

Hi my fitness friends! This month I want to address Intermittent Fasting (IF) pros and…

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Healthy business woman shopping at a natural store

14 April, 2023

Fit 365: How to Stay Fit & Healthy Year Round

When the weather starts warming up a little, you always see them. The hordes of…

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fit blonde woman working out with TRX straps and young twenty-something man reading a tablet at his desk

24 March, 2023

The Confusion of “Fat Burning Zone” (March 2023 Focus on Food Article)

In honor of national nutrition month, I want to put to rest a very long-standing…

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National Cancer Prevention Month

21 February, 2023

Living with Breast Cancer – National Cancer Prevention Month (February 2023 Focus on Food Article)

As many of you know I have Breast Cancer, and it’s National Cancer Prevention Month,…

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fork with tape measure

23 January, 2023

Weight-Neutral Approach to Weight Loss

“If I could start over, I’d have learned to let my body lead more. I’d…

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Image of a kettlebell surrounded by gold confetti

3 January, 2023

Practical, Manageable New Year’s Resolution Ideas

The new year is always a wonderful opportunity to take stock, learn from past errors,…

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Christmas tree ornament

26 December, 2022

Mental Health Support During the Holidays

As the principles of Intuitive Eating are very rooted in Psychology, I would like to…

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