Still Kickin’, Still Sweatin’: Workout Tips for Seniors

Ever hear that old saying, ‘youth is wasted on the young’? Yeah, it’s a bit snarky, but also a bit true — because while many of us were in our physical prime, we probably spent most of the time crying over some meaningless break up, worrying about our grade in geography (seriously has that stuff EVER come up in your life?), or generally just being a hormone-fueled kid. What we definitely didn’t do or do often was stop to smell the roses and appreciate just how dang fun it was just to be young. Oh, and also, how easy it was to be fit, lose weight, and run around constantly. 

Then, you get older, and the creaks start to settle in, the soreness starts to overtake us, and the grunting-just-to-get-up begins to happen way too often. So most people tend to just let the aging process run its course, kick their feet up by the fire and read some novel about a tall ship. 

Hang on… do we have to live like that? Say it with us… HECK NO!

We don’t wanna be sedentary seniors, we wanna be silver foxes and foxettes, and that requires getting in those workouts, and on the regular! But before you go busting out those Romanian Deadlifts, read our tips to get the best home senior workout ever, to get you ripped without busting a hip!

Easy Does It

If you are getting a little long in the tooth and have been enjoying your time on the couch in front of the TV a little too much, then jumping into an intense workout program is a surefire way to get you back-on-your-butt with an instant injury. So if it’s been awhile, ease into your fitness program safely and slowly, but surely. 

High Rep, More Pep!

As we get older, the risk of injury increases, and that’s especially true with strength training. That’s why it’s important to lift lower weights at higher repetitions. This will help you tone your muscles without pulling something that may take a while to heal.

Hit It Everyday

The beauty of going a little easy on your workout intensity is that you also get to do it more often. Just 30 minutes a day of a good walk, vigorous stretching, or moderate strength training can be hugely beneficial to your health — we’re talking reduced rates of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, people. 

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Low Impact, Max Results

Messed up knee joints, running drills on concrete, getting tackled on a field… those are all a young man’s game and no longer the best option for someone who is well into their golden years and hasn’t kept up with their workouts on a regular basis. Low impact workouts for seniors are the key to a happy, healthy, and long-term fitness plan. 

Get Set, Get Wet

Water aerobics are a terrific way to burn calories without breaking those bones, muscles, and joints. In fact, water aerobics has zero impact on your joints! It also gives you constant resistance, which is great for toning muscle. It’s no wonder why water-cardio classes are so popular amongst seniors. 

Yoga Yoga Yoga!

man in meditation

When it comes to amazing home workouts for seniors, you’d be hard-pressed to find something better than a Yin or restorative yoga class. This ancient exercise is almost made to be done for one’s entire lifetime. And the more you do it, the more limber you’ll become, which is key to preventing pesky injuries. Namaste, friend. 

Take a Seat

Another simple way to workout safely is to park your bum and get it done! Chair workouts, for seniors especially, are an excellent way to protect your spine, improve your form, and reduce joint pain while breaking a sweat. In fact, there are so many benefits to chair workouts, we’ve got a whole blog just about that! 

Well, there you go — you gracefully aged, silver-streaked, and distinguished bunch of beauties — we hope our list of senior workout tips gave you just the boost you needed to get on the path to health and fitness. And when you’re ready for some home workouts you can do right now, check out our exercise videos for seniors

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