Staying in Shape While Traveling

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As we enter into the summer season — with warm weather surrounding us, days getting longer and longer, and schedules getting a little bit looser — that travel bug begins to bite. Yes, it seems like this time of year was just made for exploring, traveling, and enjoying. The problem can be, for most of us trying hard to stick to a fitness routine, summer vacations can quickly turn into an unbelievably treacherous time of overeating, drinking more, and basically giving up many of our healthy behaviors. 

Now, for some people, who can simply get back on the healthy horse once they get back home, this isn’t that much of an issue. But for others, a few missteps can lead to a complete abandonment of the healthy mindset. If you belong to the second group, worry not! Because we’ve put together our list of tips and tricks for staying in shape while traveling this summer. 


Let’s face it, exercise really is the key to staying healthy. A good fitness routine inspires us, keeps our heads clear, and gives us all the energy and motivation we need to make healthy choices no matter where we are. But when we’re on vacation and no longer tethered to our normal daily schedules, it can be tough to get those workouts in. But you’re in luck, because we’ve got the ultimate workout tool that you can take with you wherever you go!

Go Virtual

At Studio SWEAT onDemand, we’ve created the best at-home, virtual fitness classes that can be done using any device, anytime, anywhere. Our huge library of onDemand classes features tons of no-equipment workouts that can be done in your hotel, at your Airbnb, along the beach, anywhere! We even have a section just for the most Travel Friendly Workouts. And you can try the app for free!

Take it Outside!

Another simple way to make sure you’re getting your exercise in while on vacation is to simply spend more time outside. The more time you spend walking, catching buses, strolling through busy city centers, the more calories you’ll burn throughout the day, and the healthier you’ll feel. 

Plus you can hike, surf, or swim – all physical activity counts! And if you want to take it up a notch, if you see a bench, don’t just sit on it. Rather look at it as a tool you can use to get in some ad hoc tricep dips, step-ups, and an incline plank. And how about those Spanish steps… how fun would those be to run! You picking up what I’m putting down here? 

Get Deep

Another way to make sure you’re sticking to a healthy lifestyle is to center yourself with some early morning stretching and meditation sessions. You’d be surprised how quickly you can reconnect with your health and fitness with some deep breathing and yoga stretches early in the day. This will start you off on the right foot, which will lead you to making better choices throughout the day. 


For so many people, eating yummy (usually heavy) food is one of the cornerstones to a successful vacation. The endless cavalcade of decadent restaurants, when done on occasion, can be a healthy part of your normal lifestyle. But when eating out every day, for every meal, all those calories can be a recipe for disaster. But we’ve got some ways to curb your caloric catastrophe before you fall into it! 

Eat Real

No matter where you’re vacationing, you’ll probably be confronted with two types of food — real, wholesome, life-giving nourishment, and heavy, battered, fried, seasoned bits of unsatisfying yet utterly addictive munchies. At every restaurant you go to, opt for food in the first category. After all, most of the people that live in the place you’re vacationing are used to eating wholesome food day after day. And nothing is more satisfying than doing what the locals do. So that means ordering more main entrees and less appetizers. 

Drink Smarter

Water is the key to life, so don’t forget it while on vacation! Bring a full and reusable water bottle with you wherever you go, and casually sip it throughout the day. This will help you avoid wasteful and unnecessary calories in those sugary drinks that are available at every store on every corner. And when it comes to boozing it up at night, maybe lean more towards simpler cocktails, and less of the sweetened, brightly colored, foo-foo drinks with the umbrellas in them. 

Just Do Your Best

No matter how successful (or unsuccessful) you are with keeping a healthy diet while on vacation, it’s important to remember that you are on vacation! That means try your best to stay on the path, but also give yourself some grace if you fall off a little bit. This will help you get back up on your feet the next day, and help you avoid falling into a pit of judgement, self pity, and overindulgence. 


By the far the easiest, simplest, and healthiest way to vacation is to envelop your journey in fit and fun activities. There are a million things you can do that will get you moving and exercising, without even feeling like you are. Try planning day and nighttime activities that involve lots and lots of movement. We’re talking about checking out local museums, looking for scenic outdoor hikes, going on extended bike rides, trying out salsa dancing at night — the only limit is your imagination!

And then when you get back home, we’ve got just the thing to help you get fit and be healthy. Sweat Pro, powered by Studio SWEAT onDemand, delivers our virtual workouts to commercial facilities such as fitness gyms, housing complexes, military bases, schools, universities, and more. We also offer a corporate wellness program called the Sweat Force, that’s designed to give your entire workforce unlimited access to the best virtual fitness classes around. 

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