BOSU® & You: The Ultimate Total-Body Workout Routine

Man performing mountain climbers on a BOSU ball turned upside down.

The BOSU ball — who knew this jolly little bouncing sphere could inflict so much pain, cause so many gains, and deliver such solid results? I mean sure they look all funny and wobbly. That wobbliness is the exact reason they pack such a punch — to your gut, your buns, your core, and all those other stabilizing muscles you barely ever think about.

And as it turns out, those tiny little easy-to-forget muscles are actually responsible for some solid benefits, such as improved balance, increased flexibility, reduced risk of injury, and better strength training all around. This is because our bodies weren’t designed for smooth surfaces and single-motion movements. Nah, our bodies are made to handle rough terrain, uneven surfaces, and ever-changing environments. Which is why you’ll always get a better workout when you change it up, and also why the wobbles a BOSU gives you actually work. But can this half-circle give you a full-body workout? You betcha! Keep reading for our total-body BOSU fitness routine. 

How to do the Workout: 

For a solid total-body BOSU workout, you can do 3 sets of each exercise, resting about 30 seconds between sets, or if you want to get your heart rate a little higher and save some time, make it a circuit by doing 1 set of each of the exercises in the order you see below back to back without resting between exercises. Do 1 to 3 rounds and you’ll be feeling that beloved BOSU burn! 

BOSU Lunge

Ball-Side Up

Fit woman going down in a lunge position on her BOSU ball.

Recommended Reps: 10/side

These are performed just like regular lunges, just with the added instability under your rear leg, getting every part of your quads, while also activating your glutes and hamstrings for added support. Start with both legs straight, standing three feet or so in front of your BOSU, and do not drop down until the ball of your rear foot is resting comfortably in the center of the ball. 

BOSU Sit-Ups

Ball-Side Up

Woman in blue shirt and black gloves, performing sit ups on the BOSU ball.

Recommended Reps: 20 to 30

This one’s less of a body burner, which is good news. But it also effectively hits tons more of your core than regular sit ups — which is even better news! You can also lean your body further back to reach a larger section of your abdominals, just be sure not to arch your back over the ball. Keeping proper form while doing the movement is key, as you will be hitting other core muscles throughout.

BOSU Single Leg Glute Bridge

Ball-Side Up

Woman performing single-leg glute bridge while laying down on yoga mat.

Recommended Reps: 10/side

The Single-Leg Glute Bridge is already a dream of an exercise, hitting the glutes fully plus the hamstrings, hip flexors, and lower back. When you throw a BOSU into the mix, things really start heating up. Make sure to rest your arms and shoulders flat on the ground, lift one leg straight up, the other on your BOSU, and slowly pick yourself up. Reach up as high as you can, hold the position for three seconds, and then bring it back down. 

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BOSU Push-Ups 

Ball-Side Down

Man performing a push up on a BOSU ball.

Recommended Reps: 10

These are just like regular push-ups, kicked up to like a thousand. These can be done either on your toes or knees, depending on your strength level. And with the BOSU ball underneath you, you’ll have added strength training of your core, triceps, chest, and shoulders. Make sure to lower down as slow as you can, and explode up. 

BOSU Squats

Ball-Side Down, Up for Beginners

Bearded man in a deep squat on his BOSU ball in his living room.

Recommended Reps: 10-15

Now, if you’re a BOSU-beginner, we do recommend keeping your BOSU ball-side up for these squats. But if you’re comfortable, feel free to go all out. Slowly dip down into a squat, careful to keep your feet directly below you. You want to be balancing on the ball, but not shaking violently, so only do what you can handle. 

BOSU Mountain Climbers

Ball-Side Down

Man performing mountain climbers on a BOSU ball turned upside down.

Recommended Reps: 10-20/side

Mountain climbers are always a good idea, and great when you add a little BOSU to the mix. To keep good form, make sure your back remains flat during the mountain climbers, as this will set your abs on fire. 

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