What is the BEST workout to do?!?

Cat Kom and Bethany from Studio SWEAT have laid out tons of awesome, fat torching workouts aimed at maximum fitness gains in the past, but in this video, they establish what the actual best workout is.

Is it running? Yoga? Even spinning?

The truth is, the best workout is simply the one you’ll actually do! If you want to make exercising a habit and priority, first find the workout or activity that gets you motivated. In order to achieve your fitness goals, you must find things that you’ll do on the regular!

Oh, and hey, don’t think you have to get a full hour in. I mean if you can, then go for it. You’ll definitely burn more during an hour workout than you will a 30 minute workout of equal intensity. Just break a sweat man! Get up 20 minutes earlier and do an arm workout or a short spin class. I promise you that you’ll be so glad you did. One of your peers, Janelle, was struggling getting in her goal of 3 hour workouts a week, often missing one. Janelle tried a new strategy that she’s been slaying for months – 6 thirty minute workouts a week. Same goal, but she found a better way to actually meet that goal.

There is no universal formula that works best for everyone. Just make your goal to get it done doing what you’ll be into doing, set the duration, then make it happen captain!

Watch the video to gain more tips and to meet Trainer Bethany’s handsome son, Caleb!