What did I do that made my legs and glutes so sore Sunday?

Some of you saw my facebook post and asked what I did that made me so sore (still today), so I thought I’d share, but it’s up to you to look up how to do these exercises if you don’t know what they are. Deal? The idea for me was this… I only had 40 minutes and I WANTED to tear the muscles in my glutes, hammies and quads, AND I wanted to get in some upperbody and core too. I used one set of heavy dumbbells, 15s to be exact. I also used a high step (you can use whatever you have to elevate) and a bench.

I did all Super Sets 3 times through before moving to the next.

SuperSet 1: Arnold Shoulder Presses (12 reps) Prison (Deep) Squats

SuperSet 2: -Deadlift Row Combo move (15 reps) -Chest Press Leg Extension Combo Move (15 reps) -Split Squats (single leg lunge with back foot elevated about a foot off the ground. I used one dumbbell only and held it like a goblet at my chest and got my back knee really close to the ground every rep.) (12 reps per side)

SuperSet 3: -Hammer Curls (12 reps) -Princess (AKA Curtsy) Lunges using a high step about 6 inches high/ (12 reps per side) -Skull Crushers (12 reps) -Step Up Knee Drives on a high bench (like bench press height), BUT I did 2 things differently. 1) When I stepped down I stepped across in order to recruit my gluteus medius (side butt muscle) more. So for example, when I stood on the bench I would step my left leg down and to the right so it was a little to the right of where my right foot would land if I stepped it straight down.  Then I’d drive my left knee into the sky pushing through my right heel.  2) I did 12 on one side, then 12 on the other, rather than alternating sides. Then I stretched.  🙂  That’s it!  Took me about 40 minutes.

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  1. Cara - January 10, 2015
    Did this yesterday and feeling it today. Keep thinking about the new muscle being built versus aches. This was another challenging and fun class!
    1. Cat Kom - January 11, 2015
      Right on Cara!

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