The Ultimate Guide to Packing Healthy Snacks for Your Next Vacation

Healthy foods packed into to-go containers

Planning on traveling this summer? We sure hope you are. Whether you’re more of a big-city type, a mai-tai-on-the-beach type, or a rugged explorer type, adventure awaits all of us. But if you don’t plan on eating (at least somewhat) healthy on your trip, overeating and excessive weight gain might also be waiting for you along your journey. 

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate list of wholesome travel foods, to help you pack and snack healthy on your trip. 

Person eating healthy tomatoes on a road trip

Road Trips

Ok, so you’re planning on hitting the open road and seeing this great country of ours. Road trips are an amazing way to travel, but if you bore easily, and happen to pass an 8-hour stretch of cornfields (looking at you, Indiana), you might feel the need to reach down and snack, snack, snack away! And that can lead up to plenty of calories you really don’t need. So to set you off right, make sure you pack a large cooler for fresher, healthier food; fill it with ice and store it somewhere accessible (just in case you get a bout of the munchies while driving). And then fill it with these healthy meals and snacks: 


Fresh berries or sliced watermelon
Protein bars
Cheese sticks and whole grain crackers
Natural jerky
Cottage cheese and rice cakes
Hummus and carrot sticks


Pasta salad, tabouli or quinoa salad
Cold cut sandwich on wheat with a piece of  fruit
Almond butter, honey and banana sandwich

Green apple being eaten on an airplane

Airline Travel

Ask anyone who’s been on a plane recently, and they’ll tell you: things are not what they used to be. Unless you’re flying first class, don’t expect a fancy or healthy meal while on board the plane. And though you could find a salad in the airport, it’ll probably set you back an obscene amount of money. So before flying the friendly skies, let’s get you set with healthy, easy, and portable eats. 


Homemade trail mix
Dried fruit
Easily portable fruit like bananas, apples, or oranges
Greek yogurt with fruit mixed in
Whole grain pretzels
String cheese


Cucumber and cream cheese on whole grain bread
Grilled chicken or tofu wrap with spinach and tomato
Hummus, carrot, and cucumber sandwich

Coffee, orange juice and oatmeal on a hotel breakfast tray


Now that you’ve reached your destination, before you reach for the minibar (again, expensive and unhealthy), pack some healthy treats you’ll be hankering for, especially after a long and arduous journey. Here are some that we think hit the spot just right: 

Hotel quick bites:  

Microwavable popcorn
Mixed nuts and seeds
Whole grain crackers and tzatziki
Instant oatmeal or overnight oats
Fancy cheese plate with caramelized pecans and dried apricots

Well, we hope our list of healthy travel foods will help you pack right (and light) to keep your health on track while traveling. After all, what’s better than indulging yourself in long days, late nights, new experiences, and endless adventures… without the guilt? 

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