Wanna Try the Beach Burn 500 Workout?

Do it at the Beach, the Park, or at Home!

Raise your hand if you love a fun, outdoor, quick (or not) workout that you can knock out at the beach, the park, or about anywhere you want to be awesome. No surprise, Cat and Brian are here with one that may leave you soaking wet… and not just from sweat! This Beach Burn 500 will get you a killer full-body workout with just 5 exercises. 

Where to set up?

Cat and Brian designed this to do at the beach, which will definitely add to the challenge and the fun-factor, but we’ve got some modifications built in for just about any outdoor (or indoor) space. Ideally, you’ll want a stretch of about 25 yards long, adjacent to the water. If you’re in a more crowded area, you can set up in a space large enough for your crew to do about 5 crab-walk steps forward and backward. 

What equipment is needed?

All you need for this fun is your body, some ground (and optional water), and a great attitude.

How long is the workout? 

The workout is designed to be about 5-6 minutes per round, and you get to choose how many rounds to knock out. Got 6 minutes, give it your all. Got a solid half-hour? See how many rounds you can get done.

Who can do it?

This workout is great for all fitness levels. And you can do this on your own, but it adds an extra layer of fun to do it with a buddy or a group. On a “forced family fun” outing? Your kids will love this too.

But they’re watching me!

Yeah they are! Those other beach-goers are probably gazing in envy. Own it, show ‘em how it’s done, and if you’re up for friend-making, invite them to join you. Trust me, any looks you get are just people in awe of what you can do and how much fun you’re having.

Let’s get down to it!

From your “base”, set up a marker (let’s not get fancy here… grab a water bottle, your sunscreen bag, a flip flop, etc.) about 25 yards away.

1) Inch Worm Push-Up (25 yards down, jogging butt-kickers back, or 25 reps in place) 

Start off with this fave  – it’ll stretch your hammies and get your upper body moving. You’ll inch-worm down to your target, and bring it back with butt-kickers.

Starting with your feet about hip-width (or a little wider), and hands on the ground, crawl your hands out to a plank. Do a push-up and then take tiny footsteps up to your hands. Repeat until you’re at the target.

Stationary option: Do 25 walk-out-push-ups, crawling out and back with your hands.

2) Bear Crawl (25 yards each direction, or 25 Dolphin Dives in place) 

With your hands and feet on the ground like a bear (Butts up, people. You’re a bear, not a centipede), crawl or race to the target and back. 

Stationary option: 25 Dolphin Dives – starting with your forearms and feet on the ground, drive your hips up to the sky and then dive your chest back down all the way to the sand, ending with your body straight. Repeat.

3) Chasse Squat (25 yards each direction, or 25 reps in place)

For this burner, you’ll face in the same direction to and from the target so you work both sides of your lower body.

Drop into a squat (sideways to the target), and staying low in that position, shuffle-hop to your target and back.

Stationary option: squat hop side to side 25 times.

4) Crab Walk (25 yards each direction, or 5 forward, 5 backwards, 5 times)

Starting from a sitting position on the ground, put your feet and hands on the ground (hands kinda behind you), head pointed toward the target. Bridge up so your bum is off the ground. Crawl/race to the target and back

Stationary option: crab walk 5 steps forward and 5 steps back – 5 times.

5) Hit the Surf (25 yards each direction, or 25 butt-kicks & 25 high knees PER SIDE)

This is what we’re here for, friends. If you absolutely can’t get into water for this, we’ve got an option, but if you can, you won’t regret it (although Brian may grumble about busting through the next few rounds while soaking wet)!

Jog down into the surf until you’re about belly-button deep. Turn and power back out to your base.

Stationary option: knock out 25 butt-kickers and 25 high-knees.

Ready for the math: if you do the 5 exercises 4 times, at 25 yards each, you’ll knock out 500 yards of work! (hey: we may or may not be math pros, so don’t calculate that yourselves… and even if our math says 25 yards, we want you going hard to AND from the target!)

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