Why Kids Should Take Fitness Classes

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Ok, so we all love getting our sweat on with action-packed, calorie-shredding fitness classes. We love the burn, the grind, the pushing-through-the-pain feeling we get when we’re done, and we love the results we can reach when we really push ourselves. But what about our kids? Shouldn’t they be able to experience all the fun and excitement of a great workout? The answer is a resounding heck ya they should!

Now, when it comes to working out, there are definitely a lot of areas that should be adults-only. For example, why should your kid run on a treadmill when they get the same exercise playing team sports with their friends? Weightlifting is another example — your kids definitely do NOT need to be cranking out Turkish squats and deadlifting to make those gains; in fact, it could be pretty dangerous if they did. The fact is, kids, need to run around and play outside, and you should always encourage that. But there are also some serious benefits to your kids taking some fitness classes at home. And we’re gonna run through them for you now!



We all know that our kids benefit from having a healthy amount of discipline. This helps kids stay committed, follow-through, and accomplish so much more, throughout their lives. The beauty of fitness classes for kids is that they require hard work, taking direction, and pushing past obstacles — all of which are tailor-made benefits for kids.

Body Awareness
As kids grow, their body awareness is a fundamental part of their physical development. Understanding how their bodies move, how they relate to objects around them, and learning to control their movements are all key factors to keeping them safe from injuries, as well as protecting others around them. Fitness classes improve kids’ body awareness by getting them moving and using all their different muscle groups — helping them grow into healthy little adults.

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Exercise in Any Weather

One of the best aspects of home fitness videos for kids is the fact that they can be done in literally any weather! Kids want to be outside running around, getting themselves dirty and sweaty, and generally living it up. But when it’s icy outside, or snowy, rainy, windy, or even too hot, that’s not possible for them. So what you’re often left with is a stir-crazed tornado of a child tearing things up around your house. Lo and behold, at-home fitness videos! No matter what conditions are like outside, your kids will always be able to let those inner-endless-energy demons out! Just pop on an onDemand fitness video for kids, and watch them go!

Family Connection

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We all want to spend quality time with our little ones, but that can sometimes be easier said than done. Another great benefit of kids’ fitness classes is that adults can work out right alongside them! Think about it: you can have fun with your kids, while also getting your workout in — two birds, one stone!

Setting Them Up for Success

As we all know, our children are basically a blank canvas. Sure, they’ve got their own little personality quirks, eccentricities, and other stuff that makes them unique (that we adore) — but there’s much of their character that has yet to develop. This is another reason why workouts for kids are so effective. When kids exercise, they start learning all sorts of subconscious lessons that’ll really make a difference in their future. When you get them interested in fitness, hard work, and healthy behaviors at a young age, you’re setting them on the right track for a very positive tomorrow.

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