Spinning® without Back Pain

If you ever left your Spinning class with a killer workout, but an aching back, watch this video to gets some tips and tricks on how to deal and heal with the pain. More importantly, listen up for some proactive ideas on why it might be happening in the first place!

Lower back pain from Indoor Cycling can be related to multiple factors including improper bike setup, lack of stretching or warm-up, as well as poor form while riding.

As soon as you see that bike, set it up for a pain free successful ride. For the veteran rider the handlebars should be about an inch higher than the seat, but if you have any back issues you’ll generally want the handle bars a few inches higher than the saddle. Additionally, your knee should be positioned directly above the ball of your foot when looking at the front of your pedal stroke.

Keep these tips in mind but ultimately base it off of your comfortability. To learn more about bike preparations, check out this video from Studio SWEAT onDemand! https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/trainer-tip-videos/quick-easy-proper-bike-setup-for-indoor-cycling-spinning/

Although at the end of the class, an instructor takes time to stretch during a cool down routine, if you still feel pain, mitigate that aching back on your own before and after your workout! Before your class, warm-up with torso twists, dynamic and extended stretches, and superman because superman himself won’t be there to rescue you or your bad back after your workout. Place emphasis on hip flexor, quad and hamstring stretches to gain flexibility and leave the studio pain free after your workout. Spend 60 seconds on every stretch to release that unpleasant sensation and add on a foam roller to alleviate your pain.

Lastly, in order to sideline your lower back discomfort, be aware of your form during your exercise. Master your technique with a straight spine and avoid “hovering” on that bike, even if your instructor tells you to do so.

Keep these Spinning hacks in mind next time you get in the saddle, and continue doing what you love without feeling regret or pain! It’s supposed to feel good! Watch the full video for Cat Kom’s demonstrations of the suggestions listed above and visit Studio SWEAT onDemand for more answers to questions you have been dying to ask!