The Definitive Guide to Spin Sculpt Fusion Class

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There’s more to Spin than, say, an amazing, totally life-changing cardio blast. For instance, there’s A TON of different Spin classes for people seeking endurance workouts, fat-burning, and even strength-training – a new spin on Spin, if you will. Of course, some variations are better than others. Case in point: Spin Sculpt, the workout founded by Cat Kom.

What’s Spin Sculpt?

Spin Sculpt is the combination of a full-body strength class and Spinning. It was developed by Cat Kom back in 2005, when she realized that there were only so many drills you could do on a Spin bike. To keep clients from hitting workout plateaus, she devised Spin Sculpt, a combination of strength training and Spin class.

Unlike other fusion classes, Spin Sculpt allows people to perfect their form by keeping the strength training off the bike. Other workout programs encourage people to lift weights while on the bike, but Cat noticed that this prevented people from performing proper form. Poor form also increased risk of injury and decreased efficiency. So, by keeping folks off the bike, Spin Sculpt let people to safely perform shoulder presses or triceps kickbacks with complete range.

What Are the Benefits of a Spin Fusion Class?

In addition to the safety factor, the versatility of a Spin Sculpt class allows for a full-body workout. In a given class, participants can switch back and forth between a mat and a Spin bike, allowing them to hit everything from the shoulders to the glutes.

Why does this matter? Because there’s more and more evidence that strength-training is just as important as cardio, and that people need to incorporate both for a truly balanced fitness routine. With Fusion Cycling, you’re not just killing two birds with one stone: each class is endlessly customizable, so each workout is always unique and exciting.

Who Is Fusion Cycling For?

Fusion classes may seem hard core, but Spin classes are famously low-impact. With the right instructors teaching proper technique, people can push the limits with their cardio and strength training without risking injury. So, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’re going to find an amazing workout with Spin Sculpt.

Can’t find a Spin Sculpt class available at your local gym? No worries – sign up for our 7-Day Free Trial to get Spin Fusion from the very best: Cat Kom and a cast of world-class trainers. So get ready to Spin, Sculpt, and SWEAT!