What is the REAL skinny on Cleanses? Do CLEANS or CLEANSES Work? Ask Miriam!

Cleanses seem to be all the rage… especially in Southern California! Celebrities and Instagram influencers are constantly touting the benefits of the so called “Master Cleanse”, but does it truly assist your body with detoxification and make you feel healthier than before? Studio SWEAT onDemand’s Registered Dietitian, Miriam, and Studio SWEAT Instructor, Brian, are here to debunk the myths of liquid and food cleansing, offer healthier alternatives, and share the positives and negatives of jumping into one of these trendy temptations.

In our society, cleansing has become a normalized version of disordered eating, and although short term weight loss is likely, the pounds shed are often water based which make it easy to regain all that you lost, especially after a detox. When consuming less calories and restricting your diet, you’re behaviorally designing your body to absorb less and reject foods brought back in after the diet and affect weight gain enormously.

Doing things like strictly drinking unpasteurized juice for days, or weeks, deprives your body from key nutrients. Although these isagenix juices and powdered drinks contain some great ingredients, there are other healthier and more sustainable ways to consume them… like in a multivitamin or simply eating fruits and vegetables.

If you have a desire to get rid of toxins, or sanitize your soul, mind, and body, try things like incorporating wheat grass or a detoxifying juice into your daily routine, but don’t forget about the other nutrients your body is craving.

Now, some good things can definitely come from a good program, so let’s keep those in mind. For example, a cleanse where you are focusing on eating a variety of real foods can expose you to new options and help you develop new healthy habits. Cat even advocates a program some friends of her’s run, not because they are her friends, but because they do help people learn some healthy habits. If you find one that is a program, just take it for what it is meant to be – a reset, a learning experience, a program with a start and an end date, designed to help you learn your body and develop new habits.

In the end, just remember that no diet is successful when gone to the extreme. Cat says, “Too big of steps often lead one to stumble.” Amen, Cat. Let’s learn how to balance what you eat instead of fixating on one particular food group or fad. And next time you overhear a co-worker showing off her new body, giving all the credit to this amazing new cleanse, watch how her body revolts with added pounds and discomfort when she does indulge in a food craving (which we all have and that ain’t changing). Not pretty, just sayin’.

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