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Get unlimited access to stream our vast library of Spinning®, TRX® & Total Body Workouts on your Internet ready device with the All Access Pass. Tired of the same routine? Not to worry…we add fresh classes every week. Don’t have a pricey bike? No worries…you can use ANY indoor cycling bike for our Spinning® classes!

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  1. Melody Newton (verified owner)

    Been a member 3 years. Love everything about SSoD. I recommend and talk it up all the time. Cat and her team really provide a great program. I initially joined for Spin. I am super impressed with all the different options. I look forward to continuing my online membership and seeing the program continue to grow.

  2. Dru Warren

    Joined just about a month ago. Was spinning at a local studio, where I also taught, and then we went virtual during the pandemic. However SSoD offers so many classes with all different trainers, variety of classes aside from spinning. I decided to buy my own spinning bike through SSoD and am very pleased. Just love it!! Keep it going!


    Love the flexibility this venue provides. The list of classes is large so lots to choose from – variety in intensity as well. It’s been so helpful during this pandemic. Thanks to YMCA for introducing me to you all.

  4. Chad Horenfeldt (verified owner)

    I’ve been a member for a year and a half and I’m a fan. I was looking for a way to get myself in better shape in a way that worked for my schedule and my budget. I’m more than happy with SSOD. They’ve provided me with the right type of classes, motivation and community that keeps me pushing towards my fitness goals. I highly recommend it.

  5. Rachel Lutwin (verified owner)

    First time ever posting on this site but have been a member for many years. By far the best “gym” I have ever belonged too. And the only one I have ever stuck with! I have sent many people to this site – from family to friends to work colleagues. Join, you will never be sorry you did!

  6. DonnaC Cherubini (verified owner)

    No need for a gym membership, I have an all access pass and backstage pass to Studio Sweat on Demand. When you’re an SSoD member, you’re part of a family. The support is always there for you. They have all the classes you’ll ever want in their library. The trainers are excellent, their knowledge and passion is evident in every class. I’m so glad I found SSoD!

  7. Tyler LeMatty (verified owner)

    After cancelling my gym membership years ago (where I participated in spin classes), I decided to buy my own spin bike. I discovered SSoD on YouTube, and was immediately hooked. I have literally worked out to the same two spin classes for years. I finally broke down and joined SSoD all access pass. I should have a log time ago! I am so happy with my purchase. Kat Com and Brian are my favorites!

  8. Toni Tucker (verified owner)

    It’s more than just an app or subscription, It’s a community! I love all the FB chatter from all over the world!
    I mostly love the variety of workouts, the real ness of the trainers, the interaction of the trainers with the community and the fact that I got my husband hooked too!
    You Tube got me here but You Tube won’t keep you engaged and accountable!

  9. Kelly Foster (verified owner)

    What can I say….SSoD is AMAZING! I’ve been a member for a few years and they never fail to disappoint. A variety of instructors and class types that push you to be your best. You can find any class type to fit your ability, timeframe or mood. The classes make you feel like you are truly live and you really get to know the trainers. It’s a fitness community that feels like family. Thank you SSoD for being best in class. You have the best instructors, platform and energy!

  10. Pat Tobey (verified owner)

    I am sooo glad I signed on to SSOD!! I take the classes I want when I want. I Love the instructors. The energy and positivity feels genuine and is very motivating. I’m a spinner but I’ve used some of the weight and yoga classes as well. Always get a great workout with great instructions. I feel like I’m there with them. Thanks for lots of great sweats!!

  11. Steven Ochs (verified owner)

    I love the real life feel of the classes. The conversation from the instructors makes me feel like I am in my local gym.

  12. Laura (verified owner)

    Thanks SSOD, you are much appreciated! I think it has been about seven years that I have been participating in the online spin classes. It is a very special offering from all the teachers at SSOD. I almost feel as though I am part of the gym and know the teachers because I have been spinning with them for such a long time. I recommend this group of sweaters to anyone who has a spin bike or is thinking about getting one.


    I appreciate SSOD so much – signed up on referral from my gym when everything shut down, and there is more variety here in the excellent SSOD classes than I could ever hope to get through. I’ll never get bored, and I’m grateful to keep moving while distancing at home. SSOD spin classes have been fantastic to watch using my new at-home spin bike (that did NOT cost $3000!)

  14. Anna (verified owner)

    A wide variety of excellent cardio, sculpt, yoga, and stretch classes (and more!), fabulous instructors, and a supportive on-line community. Studio Sweat on Demand is all this and more. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Join and you will not be disappointed!

  15. Ashley Bergman (verified owner)

    Love Studio Sweat all access pass!! After having three kids in 4 years I had put on 50 lbs and needed to make a change for myself. March 2019 I found studio sweat on YouTube and I have never looked back after getting the all access pass! I’m down that 50 lbs and in the best shape of my life! The videos are amazing and trainers even more so! I look forward to the new workouts that will be posted and it helps keep me motivated. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for great trainers and videos they can do at home at any fitness level!

  16. Jason (verified owner)

    SSOD has been extremely important to me, especially during the quarantine. The workouts kept me in shape, both mentally and physically. The benefit comes not only from the intense workouts, but from the positive spirits of the instructors.

  17. Susan 0stashewski (verified owner)

    Ssod has been more important than you could ever know. With the pandemic keeping us at home it has been a God send to be able to keep up with my fitness and see a friendly face. My favourites are Brian, Fred and Rebecca (she really crushes it). Love my workouts and love ssod. 🇨🇦💕

  18. Andrew Doran (verified owner)

    I joined in September 2019 after I bought a spin bike .I love it great classes brilliant trainers and lots of choice they also do live classes but living in Ireland I haven’t had the pleasure with the time difference I thought I would only use it for spinning but there is so much to choose from and great advice as well you really can’t go wrong so come on joined the family

  19. (verified owner)

    I joined Studio Sweat on Demand at the end of January 2019 after trying out some of the free workouts on YouTube. One of the best decisions I ever made. I love the variety of workouts and trainers. The Facebook group is one of the most positive, supportive groups I am a part of. I have been so thankful to have this resource during these crazy times.

  20. Maria Losier (verified owner)

    After trying out the 7 day free trial I was hooked! Love the variety of excellent classes and instructors. I never get bored especially with continuous upload of new classes to try each week. Exceptional experience so far. Highly recommend to anyone.

  21. Anne Becker

    I began looking for online spin classes when my gym closed due to COVID-19. I tried out a few but they didn’t cut it for me. Finding SSOD has been a blessing! I love how how unpretentious the spin classes are. I especially appreciate the 50+ minute Straight Up Spin classes. Plus, everyone is so very nice.

  22. Kristin Urdahl (verified owner)

    Bought a spinning bike after a knee surgery in 2016, found SSoD and have been «hooked» ever since. No more spending time travelling to and from the gym. No more being late for class… Now I have the best instructors giving me the best workout classes right here in my home. Love you SSoD all the way from Norway.

  23. Angelique Hislop (verified owner)

    I have had Studio Sweat for 3 years now and can honestly say I am a Studio Sweat junkie! Love the wide variety of classes and I never get bored. My favourite is the spin and sculpt. In an hour I have done cardio and built some muscle then I can ✔️ it off as done. I recommend SSOD to anyone that asks what I do. Love SSOD!!!

  24. Suzanne Duddell (verified owner)

    Started using the free YouTube classes when lockdown started and loved them so much I took a subscription. Great variety in classes and instructors, there’s always a class you can do even when have very little time. So motivating, you really feel as though you’re at the class, I’d definitely recommend!

  25. Tom St. Louis (verified owner)

    Best workouts ever. So glad I joined! Cat and the other trainers are awesome, and I’m drenched in sweat after each workout. I don’t miss the gym AT ALL!

  26. Bobbi Buchanan (verified owner)

    LOVE IT. VERY MOTIVATING! I love the variety of the classes, the trainers and it’s always available.

  27. (verified owner)

    I am so happy I found Studio Sweat on Demand! I love taking classes, but my work schedule makes it almost impossible to make any at the local gyms. Studio Sweat allows me to take as many different classes I want, at the time that works for me. I love the variety in classes and instructors, and there’s new classes added throughout the week. This is the perfect gym for busy professionals!

  28. Denise Paquette (verified owner)

    I love Studio Sweat on Demand. I found it when we adopted my husband’s grandson. Working a full time job and then going to the gym a few nights a week was no longer going to work. I bought a spin bike and started with free spin classes. They got boring quickly. I also missed my barre classes. SSoD’s classes are so motivating, the instructors are real and working as hard as you are. I love the fun challenges that keep you motivated as well. I highly recommend SSoD!!


    I got access to Sweat on Demand due to the pandemic and I’m digging it! The energy level is fabulous, and it’s allowed me to stay healthy at home. Ut was the best investment I’ve made on myself for years. Got the bike, got Sweat on Demand and boom! I love it! I’d like to give a high-five to all the trainers. You keep me going!

  30. Sima Jonoud (verified owner)

    I love SSoD! Becasue:
    1) It has given me peace of mind. I know I can workout whenever I want during the day, and at whatever energy level I am! I just simply get on the bike, or head to gym room at the cellar, and I am pretty sure I am a happier person within next 30 to 90 minutes or so!
    2) Positive attitude! SSoD trainers are all very different; however, there is one thing they all have in common! Positive attitude! Not only towards working out, but also towards life! You can simply feel it…they are good people!
    3) I like the philosophy behind SSoD management! Cat Kom (and co.) is a smart manager and business woman. Yes, she earns money; but, you know that this is not it! She and her group have a common goal. And it is to help people, normal people, to get in shape, and to improve their lifestyle.
    4) Of all SSoD trainers, it is almost impossible not to find one (if not more) you can connect and relate to! They are REAL people. They have kids, busy lifestyles, injuries, failures, flaws, successes, joys, … just like the rest of us.

    I really love SSoD!

  31. Bruce Ingalls (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat is a no nonsense “get after it” workout with very professional, dedicated and personable instructors who keep up with the latest trends of instruction. I have been a PE teacher and football coach at the high school level for over 35 years and I have been very impressed with instructors who have a great deal of knowledge regarding how to train effectively and safely. They are very passionate about their teaching and they are also excellent motivators. If you are serious about getting in shape Studio Sweat is your place to go.

  32. Jennifer Molloy (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat On Demand you have been a life changer for me when I was looking at what options there were for Spin classes on YouTube when my gym in Australia closed down & we went into lockdown. I can now fit in with my busy lifestyle & don’t have to get up at 4.00 am to do it. All the trainers are extremely motivating & feel like real people. Keep up the good work, you guys are amazing.

  33. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    I found SSoD on line through their free You Tube classes and immediately fell in love. I was looking for classes because I was planning on getting a spin bike and did not see much use in getting the bike if I did not have a way to workout using it, so the hunt began. Once I did the free classes I was motivated to subscribe and did before receiving my bike, fortunately I was able to take SSoD classes at a local gym with my iPad, and also use my mountain bike on a trainer, so I did. Anyway, at the beginning I thought well all those other classes look nice, but I want to ride my bike! So I did that but then realized the importance of weight training and did not want to have to track down another workout provider, Studio Sweat was right there with Spin-Sculpt as well as straight sculpt classes and bootcamp. In other words, all in one easy place they have so much to offer. Sometimes, I have a difficult time making up mind which class to take, so going to the classes suggested by Cat always makes that easier. Here again another perk of SSoD, the suggested classes to help with your workout plan and goals.
    Now what the best thing is that even though I take my classes virtually, I feel I am there and part of the group. There is nothing phoney about SSoD at all. Everyone is so welcoming and makes you feel like their friends even though we have not personally met. I just can’t describe it, I feel in touch and close to all of the instructors and enjoy the variety they offer to make SSoD the best place to workout. Then if that is not enough the Facebook page puts you in touch with other SSoD members and still, I get a warm comfortable feeling being a part of that even though again, I have never formally met anyone! I guess I am living virtually and it is working for me and SSoD.
    I always look forward to new releases and try to plan my workouts the night before to save time in the morning when I workout. I guess when it comes to working out, I have found a slice of heaven in SSoD. Thanks Cat, Team and Komrades!!!

  34. Alesia Lawson (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat changed my life – my fitness level, my attitude, my approach to working out and so much more. The classes are the hardest most fun workouts you’ve ever done and the trainers feel like friends and family. I’ll forever be grateful I found Studio Sweat. I’ve taken their classes four/five times a week for four years now. They’ve seen me through my wedding, my pregnancy and my postpartum life. I’ve tried the competition and can confidently say they are so. much. better. I can’t gush enough about my love for them. Every time I’m asked where I “got those guns” – I say Studio Sweat, baby!!

  35. (verified owner)

    I am happily a “new” Studio Sweat All Access Pass member! There is something for everyone irregardless of age, time or physical condition. I appreciate having the opportunity to exercise at home and hopefully, in the near future will be able to enjoy the new gym!!!

  36. Liz smith (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about Studio Sweat on Demand!! It has been a love affair since I started over a few years ago! It is like having my own gym in my garage when I hop on my spin bike!!
    Thank you for being so inspiring and for being such GOOD people to follow!!

  37. Cindy Bagin (verified owner)

    This was the best find for my fitness needs. Gyms intimidate me and don’t work with my busy work/kid schedule. This allows me to workout whenever I want and the quality and quantity of classes are outstanding. My favorite part is the strong and incredible support you get from fellow kommrades! I have been inspired by folks all across the world.

  38. Marta Aspinall (verified owner)

    I don’t even know where to start. I found SSOD by accident, while looking for free spinning workouts. I loved it so much that I signed up. There are so many fantastic workouts, taught by real, human, instructors. The SSOD team have become a bit like my favourite characters from a TV show! Some days I need Kat, other days AJ to make me smile, Mike’s classes are great when you’re feeling a bit less talkative and more pensive. I could go on. It always feels like being in a real-time class, with people I enjoy spending time with. I look forward to working out every day. The new classes are awesome, too! Thank you so much for doing everything you do.

  39. Barbara Higgins (verified owner)

    Love Studio Sweat ! Awesome classes and instructors. They are also very easy to communicate
    with if you have a question regarding anything !

  40. (verified owner)

    Love the class selection and flexibility of the online classes. Lockdown or not, this is better than going to the gym.

  41. Jackie Fowler (verified owner)

    I found SSoD at the start of lockdown on YouTube and tried the seven day trial, I loved it, you have kept me motivated and provided inspiration whilst I haven’t been able to go to the gym. Cat and her team are inspiring and I love every minute of the sweat 😓, keep up the great work

  42. Vicki Hvidston (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat On Demand is awesome! I joined several years ago to gain strength and have definitely not been disappointed. It has motivated me to do more and sure like that. The SSOD team is just great with lots of inspiration and humor to boot. And they are as personally diverse as are their workouts. And it doesn’t stop there. Weekly nutrition and motivating messages from the SSOD chief abound, Don’t forget the gazette bulletin, trainer chats and exercises how-to’s. I think it’s a no brainer.

  43. Bill Richardson (verified owner)

    Best workout value out there! Great instructors, great classes.

  44. Amy Dauphinais (verified owner)

    Im a mountain biker and I was looking for workouts when I can’t ride but Im not much of going to the gym type. I’ve been a member of SSOD for a few years and I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in! I love being able to do a workout anytime I want and have learned the different styles of every trainer so I always have a choice depending on how I’m feeling. SSOD has upped my mountain biking game to a new level. Big Fan!!

  45. Christine Napierkowski (verified owner)

    I have tried a few other known programs and didn’t hold my attention as they were very repetitive. SSOD has my attention, the trainers become your friends. I am finding the All The Back Stage Pass to be a great addition, no thinking on my part just look and know I need to do this for me. Play list are also amazing. Since I started my fitness level has increased and my heart rate recovers quickly. I was at a local gym taking a class the other day and people were amazed by my recovery time. Thank you for such a great experience as a trainer myself I love the fact I can continue to grow learning from the SSOD instructors.

  46. Sally Rhys-Jones (verified owner)

    Fantastic site NOT just spinning. There really is something for everyone. Bootcamp, yoga Pilates, TRX, Aqua aerobics, weights too much to mention. Real people all shapes, all sizes all SUPERFIT!!. All amazing inside and out! so motivating so fun. They go above and beyond to fill all requests be it for specialist classes or just your favourite song. They pulled out all the stops to get in classes during COVID. The tutorials are informative from bike set up to form on the bike, on the floor, with weights and more.The dedication is incredible. Cat Kom really has a family here.
    You are motivated from the first minute, I guarentee you will love it especially when you get your first shout out!!
    I cannot say enough just try it and see you won’t be sorry!

  47. Sandra Heard (verified owner)

    Love studio sweat ,you’ve been a big part of my life since we’ve been on lock down thanku ,you kept me motivated and made me smile as well 😊 just loving my workouts …

  48. Matthias Lütolf (verified owner)

    SSoD is totally inspiring, supporting, motivating and I have a lot of fun!!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  49. Jennifer Drennan (verified owner)

    SSOD is WITHOUT A SINGLE DOUBT, my favorite workout app EVER!! Endless, kick butt workouts and the best instructors on the planet. SSOD was a GAME CHANGER when it comes to spin for me in particular. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SSOD!!

  50. DENISE Bratby (verified owner)

    Not enough adjectives to describe my experience of SSOD All Access Pass. It has changed my life, my motivation and my happiness. I could not have asked for anymore and for such a reasonable price it just seems too good to be true but for once,,,,, it is true!!!! Huge variety of classes – every class you could ever want – specialised, professional trainers who are a little nuts as well which just adds to the classes fun aspect and anytime you need someone whether it be a trainer or a Komrade,,, they are there!!! Don’t take my word for any of this – give it a go – see for yourself – you will not be disappointed – I guarantee it!!

  51. Ashlei Vargas (verified owner)

    I could not be happier with my Studio Sweat on Demand All Access Pass! The trainers are incredible and have this unbelievable way of making you feel like you are in the studio with them. The classes are challenging, yet fun, and will definitely take your fitness to the next level.

  52. caroline cartwright (verified owner)

    Fell in love with my spin bike after finding classes on you tube, signed up for 7 day trial and after 2 years I’m addicted 😁 love the huge variety of classes and trainers. I’ve lost 3 1/2 stone and am fitter than I’ve ever been. Thanks Cat and all the SSOD trainers you’re amazing ✨✨✨

  53. Leanne Rogers (verified owner)

    I love love love Sweat on Demand! I have an all access pass and just renewed. So far I have bought clothing (merch), renewed so that I can keep on spinning, and joined the SSoD group on Facebook. It’s so easy to manage at home by connecting on line. I few simple pieces of equipment to a spare space in your home and WHAM! A gym/trainer quality work out…….1000’s of them! Though I am primarily a fan of the spin, I’ve started doing sculpt classes too. Love the trainers and the customer service (AJ….many thanks) is outstanding!!! You won’t regret signing on!!!

  54. Nancy Albert (verified owner)

    I have been wanting to join Studio Sweat for the over a year!!
    Finally done and I can honestly say it’s the best..I used to do a few on Utube-the best. Spinning has always been my thing since my mid 20s and it’s as little or as often as I want.
    I have 2 fave instructors, they keep my energy going even if I’m shattered!
    I’m a Nurse so have busy days and Studio Sweat keeps me focused when I get home.

    Love love love it!!!!

  55. Andrea Alfano (verified owner)

    I have been using SSoD for classes for almost 2 years now. My husband and I get up every morning before work and do one of the MANY spin classes available, and then a sculpt class. I LOVE that there are a lot of different length classes available (you know, for those mornings where it is very difficult to get out of bed, thus cutting time short), and a variety of instructors from which to choose. I also love all of the yoga and pilates classes–I sometimes do one of these at night as a nice deep stretch before bed, and have really enjoyed trying barre–I never knew I had so many leg muscles! Hah! Great classes, great instructors who know how to motivate, and great price. So worth it!

  56. Maura Drury (verified owner)

    I couldnt recommend Studio Sweat more than I do – I love that they feel like real classes that I would find in a local gym- while being able to fit it into my extremely busy schedule. Commute time cannot prevent me from getting my workout in. Moreover, I love how Cat and all the trainers reach out with regular trainer tips that make me feel like I am part of a community – while being on the other side of the country! Thanks guys for keeping me motivated and on track! Highly recommend-

  57. (verified owner)

    Love love love SSoD! This is the first gym I can keep using no matter how many times I move. The instructors and komrades are such a close group that help everyone do their best no matter what’s going on in their lives. The number and type of classes is endless and they love answering requests for new classes. I have never been this fit even when I was younger and know someone is always a Facebook entry or email away if I need help.

  58. Manon Bentley (verified owner)

    I bought my spin bike just before Christmas for myself first but also hoping to motivate my husband in exercising. I signed up with Studio sweat and I haven’t done a class I haven’t liked yet. I mostly use it for the bike but also do some of the other classes for a change or add to my spin workouts. I have the backstage pass and love that the classes are suggested for me. I highly recommend SSoD. So many classes to chose from and the trainers are amazing.

  59. (verified owner)

    Love SSoD! Our Spin coach at our little gym in Missouri quite some time ago, but our early morning workout team has been able to keep riding by streaming classes from Studio Sweat. Love the instructors, love the various classes, love it all. Cat Kom and crew, you are fabulous!!!!

  60. Tracey Tillstrand (verified owner)

    SSoD is the best thing I’ve discovered in years – stoped running due to a knee injury and started spinning – so much fun especially with the SSoD instructors that are the real thing!!! Profesional, fun and just great human beings!!! Love being part of this great community 🤩🥰

  61. Trisha Perez (verified owner)

    I’ve been with SSoD for over 3 years now, and they are without a doubt the only reason I keep working out. Cat, Jess, Brian, AJ, Bethany, Eric and the whole team really care about the health and happiness of their members, and it shows in everything they do. The support and team atmosphere they provide is changing the world one person at a time.

  62. Aimee Denny (verified owner)

    I’ve been a member of SSoD since March 2020 and love it! The constant influx of different classes to the catalog keeps my workouts fresh. All the instructors are fun, genuine, and motivating. The instructors also frequently interact with the clients on the SSoD Komrade Facebook group, where everyone is super supportive and accepting. The frequent online challenges keep me engaged and trying new types of classes, while connecting with awesome clients all over the world.
    Cat and her team have built a truly unique and loving fit family, I love being a part of it!

  63. Mark CAMM (verified owner)

    Enjoying the classes, it is like being at a real time gym with motivating instructors leading the way. I mainly use for spin and I have my go to favorites ,but hoping to explore other classes moving forward. Many thanks ‘Studio Sweat’…Mark

  64. Dunie Henner (verified owner)

    I seriously enjoy being part of SSOD! All trainers are challenging and fun in their own way. At first, I would do mainly the spin and TRX classes from a couple of trainers, which I was totally fine with. But then I started to join the challenges and came out of my comfort zone by trying new trainings and trainers… this was a real game changer. I fell in love with sculpting, boot camps and core trainings and doing 60 minute classes! I won 3 months of the backstage pass with the bingo challenge 😀 which has helped me so much in working out more effectively and trying out new classes, without me figuring out which training I should do today. I’m now working out 4-5 times a week because I’m having so much fun! So I’ll keep the backstage pass in the future!

  65. (verified owner)

    After having a spin bike as a clothes horse for many years and deciding to get fit during lockdown to help my mental health and many false starts trying to get back into spinning and a class I actually enjoyed and didn’t get bored in, I stumbled across Studio Sweat on YouTube.
    I joined up after a couple of the freebie classes, as they were just so good, with great music and great instructors.
    I have loved all the classes I have tried so far and Studio Sweat lives up to the name!
    So many classes to chose from, you cannot get bored and I look forward to choosing a class.
    Thanks SSoD, you really have had a massive impact xx

  66. Rob Armstrong (verified owner)

    Winters are long in Northern Canada and sometimes too cold to X-Country ski. I joined SSOD to pass the gap between summer Biking, Hiking, Kayaking and winter Skiing/Snowshoeing but got totally hooked and ended up becoming a regular AAP member. The trainers are informative and have relentless enthusiasm! They have taught me about proper form, exercising using heart rate zones, proper stretching and the need for it and nutrition. For me nothing beats being outside but when the weather is bad I love doing SSOD. I feel like I am part of their family!

  67. Stacia Talkington (verified owner)

    I love having the all access pass!! It takes the guess work out of which workout I should do for the week. It gives me a good variety so I am not doing the same types of workouts weekly. It provides a great mix of trainers along with a combination of new releases and past workouts! It has been a great way to keep me accountable weekly! I highly recommend it!! I also love getting messages weekly from Cat!

  68. Andrew Sylvester (verified owner)

    Spinning classes are fantastic!! Use most of the trainers and I love the relax days to give my body a rest!!

  69. Edgar Kane (verified owner)

    I bought my first spin bike and joined Studio Sweat 5 years ago having had enough of outdoor cycling in the Scottish wind and rain! Little did i realise then that i was actually joining a family and not a gym! The instructors are amazing and I’ve loved every single class i have taken. Being part of this family is literally life changing and one i would recommend to anyone!

  70. Angie Quinn (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about SSoD. I am in better shape than I’ve ever been and I’m accomplishing it without leaving my house! The trainers are awesome and I love the variety of the workouts. I am consistently challenged and never bored! I am so thankful that I found it!

  71. Susan Errichiello (verified owner)

    I have been a member for over 2 years. First joining for spin, then seeing all the other amazing classes. I wish I had a TRX system. They are fun, amazing, and so full of energy! Love them all and consider them friends. Right now experiencing some hamstring/knee issues so ab and core work has been my savior.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  72. Elizabeth Pickering (verified owner)

    I personally have never been a fan of exercise. Years ago I tried doing it myself and I would do good for a month or so and then lose all motivation. I had two kids and the weight I gained with the second one never came off. Three years later and almost back to the heaviest I’ve been I needed to make a change. I ordered an exercise bike and started looking for some videos to keep me interested. Found some Studio Sweat videos and I was addicted. I needed to watch these videos everyday. I felt great, I felt motivated, I finally found the missing piece to my fitness puzzle. I tried the free trial and I was sold and currently do the month to month with the All Access Pass and I just hit three months. I love it! I love the trainers and I love how they push me to do better and become a better me. The videos are not just about working out but inspiring you and keeping you motivated. In three months time the baby weight I was carrying for three years has melted off. I find that the pain I was in carrying the extra weight has diminished, and I actually have energy throughout the day. Love that I can get the full gym experience without even leaving the comfort of my home. Thanks Cat and all the other incredible trainers!

  73. Michele Barbeau (verified owner)

    I love SSoD! The trainers are awesome and the Worldwide Facebook community of Studio Sweaters is a place that feels « just like home ». I’m from Canada, but my gym is in San Diego!
    Michèle – 46

  74. Theresa Costello (verified owner)

    I love this program! The workouts are awesome. And despite it being virtual, you really feel like you get to know the trainers. My favorite gym ever!

  75. (verified owner)

    I had found Studio Sweat on YouTube and instantly loved Cat’s spin classes. When COVID took place, I instantly signed up for a membership and haven’t looked back since. There is such a great variety of classes and instructors. I especially like the favorites button and the “watched” so I know which ones I have already completed. I also LOVE that I can use it on my phone with the app when I don’t have access to a TV or computer. It is such a user friendly system and I highly recommend it for people who are looking for a good workout from home! I LOVE the spin and sculpt classes. Just wish there were a few more bands, pilates and barre classes! 🙂

  76. Jack O’Melia (verified owner)

    I bought a Spinning bike and some TRX straps in January BEFORE any sign of lockdown so I feel I’ve been ahead of the curve. I tried a few different online training classes before I settled on SSOD. It’s been an awesome ride. I particularly like the TRX/Spinning combo classes. The instructors are all smart and enthusiastic. Keep it going!

  77. Frances Mitchell (verified owner)

    I found SSoD during the stay-at-home order and bought the All Access Pass within a few days of the free trial. I was never a person who worked out at home and now it’s all that I do and I LOVE it. The variety of classes, the personalities of the trainers, and the ease of pressing play have made the purchase well worth every single penny. SSoD is AWESOME!

  78. Carol Hubbard (verified owner)

    I am new to Studio Sweat, not new to spin. I have really enjoyed the options that you all provide. I will likely never go back to the gym, because I can get a great workout in my own home, saving time and gas and money.
    The instruction is clear, there is great variety and I appreciate that you frequently add new classes.


  79. Judy Davis (verified owner)

    Love the staff. So positive. Really makes one look forward to working out. Thanks

  80. Eric Holm (verified owner)

    Best. Bargain. Ever.
    This is THE BEST streaming fitness program that I have seen from the variety of classes, trainers and instruction. Easy to stream, great music, great workouts and you feel like you get to know the trainers! I was lucky enough to find this program a couple of years ago but I feel like it saved my sanity and my fitness during COVID. Just GET THIS!

  81. Sarah Wiesner (verified owner)

    Signing up for the SSoD All Access Pass was the best decision I ever made online.
    For almost 3 years now I take online spin/sculpt/yoga/trx… classes. The variety of workouts is almost endless and I find motivation to get my sweat on almost every day.

  82. (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat brought me and my old spin bike back to life! I originally started Studio Sweat for Spinning, but there is so much more. I’m now incorporating more strength training and overall my fitness has improved greatly despite already working out prior to joining Studio Sweat. I love the All Access Pass because there are SO, SO many different classes. You never get bored and you can go back to old favorites too. I love reading about the different classes people take on the FB Komrades page. Although I purchased Studio Sweat as a temporary fix while gyms are closed, I’ll never go back. So glad I found Studio Sweat. Can’t say enough good things about their classes and top notch trainers, They are so encouraging and energizing!

  83. Ralph

    I love Studio Sweat on Demand – There are plenty of classes to choose from for all levels of fitness training. I’m a big fan of the stretching, yoga, and cardio classes. This has been a God send during this pandemic. Thank you so much for all you do. Must get back to the workout now. Have a great day!

  84. Daniel Baker (verified owner)

    I originally was only interested in the cycle classes, but when I got the All Access pass I started doing TRX and some of the other classes. It is one of the best investments I could have made…FYI, I am 71 and feel healthier than I have in years….thank you SSOD!!!

  85. Kelly English (verified owner)

    I absolutely love SSoD All Access Pass. I love the class recommendations and the Tips. I love that Cat talks about her life and shares personal stories. I think it makes us all feel like friends. The Facebook community is outstanding. Everyone is so supportive. I have tried so many new things since starting with SSoD that I would never have done before. Just fabulous! Thank you for creating this great place for everyone!

  86. Tracy Street (verified owner)

    I am loving SSOD. I can find any kind of class I am looking for and can do it on my schedule. So much more convenient and cost effective than my old gym. And I feel like part of a community with the other members, which is a real bonus! All day long!

  87. Andrew Kirin (verified owner)

    I totally love SSoD. I love it so much that I have invested in a proper spin bike. The number of classes and the different types of classes are great and have motivated me to try new things.

    The one thing I regret… is not finding this sooner. I have only been a ‘member’ sincw March, 2020…

    P.S. The Instructors are magnificent, I haven’t found one I did not like and the Studio atmosphere make it feel at home…

  88. Katherine Hurrell (verified owner)

    I love my backstage pass to SSOD. The classes are great fun, led by real people who talk to you and make you feel like you’re really there. They stretch you without being unachievable and have really motivated me to be the best I can. Highly addictive, you’ll love it 😀

  89. Teresa Acosta (verified owner)

    Ssd is great!
    It gives me the ability to workout in my own time, stay in touch with a group of people with the same hobby and select a workout base on my physical level.
    I recommend it!

  90. Beverly Bishop (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE having the ALL ACCESS PASS on SSoD. I have been a member for quite a few years now. I travel a bit for my job, so I love having so many different options for what the hotel gyms offer, from spinning to treadmill to weights, or to taking it easy (ok maybe not so easy) with yoga and pilates and barre. The trainers are topnotch that you are sure to find one that is your go to, or you can mix it up. What I like about these trainers is they are real, dripping sweat, pushing you, and also know how to mix up some great tunes. Online support is great and the Komrad’s are a great group of people too that support one another! I am so glad that I found SSoD!

  91. Shelley O’Reilly (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE SSoD. Great trainers who are energetic, encouraging and great fun. Great variety of classes and love the Facebook group as it adds even more motivation and makes you feel part of the team. The best thing I have ever signed up for. Couldn’t have made it through lockdown without them.

  92. Mary Chester (verified owner)

    What’s not to like? The trainers are fantastic, there is a variety of classes for every likes and skill levels, there are always new classes too choose from. And the Komraderie is something you just need to experience.

  93. Cara Christianson (verified owner)

    I have been a member for over 7 years and having SSoD took my fitness to a new level. I had been doing the same two videos after my first kid and running outside, but the lack of variety was taking it’s toll mentally and physically. After the free 2 week trial, I was hooked. The variety of instructors, spin and sculpt classes have put me to a consistency level that is maintainable and has me in the best shape of my life at 39 years young. At the great price, it should feel almost impossible to pass up.

  94. Kevin Brazell (verified owner)

    I’ve been a member for about 6 months and it’s the best program I’ve found. The classes do make working out as much fun as possible especially for someone like me who doesn’t really like working out. Glad I found it.

  95. Ashleigh Bassett (verified owner)

    I found SSOD on you tube…I did a few of their workouts for free for a few years and worked them into routines I had made up. Then I did the free 7 day trial and was hooked! I’m coming up on my 1 year membership and eagerly look forward to renewing. They are REAL people with REAL bodies a d they are fun, encouraging, funny and all have different styles. You can ALWAYS find what your looking for because the library is so extensive..and not just spin! Weights, yoga, pilates,boot Camp and sculpting workouts. I love SSOD!

  96. Rebecca Walker (verified owner)

    Almost four years ago I hit Play on a spin video offered free on YouTube, led by Brian LaRose. I plugged my earbuds into my iPhone and did the whole class on a bike at my brick-and-mortar gym. After doing that a few times, I checked out the SSOD website and saw that for a fraction of what I paid per month to have to get my workouts done on someone else’s schedule, fighting for parking and a spot in class, I could choose from a huge library of classes and fabulous instructors that I could enjoy at my convenience as often as my schedule allowed. I researched Spin bikes, watched for a great sale, dusted off my collection of free weights, and made an easy choice. For the last three and a half years I have been a satisfied customer of a gym in San Diego from my basement in Colorado. If you’re goal is to stay fit via excellent trainers offering the latest, smartest fitness options, Studio Sweat on Demand is an exceptionally wise investment.

  97. Melanie Izaaks (verified owner)

    So incredibly grateful that I found Studio Sweat On Demand!! My life is crazy, two young kids and a shift working police officer husband make it hard for me to sometimes get out of the house to work out. I love the variety of workouts Studio sweat allows me to do on my time, at my pace…. In my own home!!!! Only regret is I wish I would have found this community sooner!! I’d give it more stars if I could!

  98. Susan Holt (verified owner)

    I did A LOT of research before selecting Studio Sweat On Demand. It is by far the best choice. I’ve been an All Access Pass member for over a year and I absolutely love it. Best quality and value of any site out there. The classes are excellent and they add new ones all the time. In addition to great spin workouts, they offer a variety of other classes too (strength training, core, stretching, yoga, TRX, etc.). They keep things fresh, fun, and positive. The owner of the company and her team are awesome… they really show a commitment to quality and they make you feel like you’re right there in the studio as part of the family. I highly recommend Studio Sweat On Demand!

  99. Laura Dagg (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat is the best. I have never been one to go to a gym and workout. I found Studio Sweat on YouTube. I finally gave in and paid for a membership. It was the best decision I made! I started out just spinning but then I started adding some sculpt. Pretty soon I was doing all kinds of workouts. I love the variety of workouts, the variety of trainers. I love that the trainers look like real people — they don’t all look like perfectly fit people. They look like me! Thank you for doing all that you do! I really don’t know what I would do without you!

  100. Reena Pachu (verified owner)

    SSOD has completley changed my life. I have dropped weight, toned, feel energised and mentally I am always in a positive mindset after completing a workout ( so many to choise from). You can feel the energy from Studio into your home. I cannot even put into words how my life has changed. Thank you Cat and team. I will always be inspired by you.

  101. (verified owner)

    I first found SSOD while looking for a spin class on youtube. I used a video with Cat, one with Brian and one with Cat and Brian. They are so motivational and seem to know exactly when your slacking or need to add a gear. Anyone can give a class, but it takes really talented people to teach and motivate. I got a one year membership and can’t wait to get off of work to start the next class.

  102. Jeff Brougher (verified owner)

    I love studio sweat and everything about them
    You have the best online trainers on the web
    There so motivating and the work outs are amazing Cat is a beautiful and talented leader
    All the teachers are so good
    You are going to get a great work out with any of these talented group.
    Spinning and core are my favorite
    Thanks again studio sweat 😓 for a life changing motivating work outs.

  103. Michelle Littlejohn (verified owner)

    We found SSOD by searching for spin classes! We loved what we found on YouTube! When we found the price very affordable we joined! The variety of classes and instructors is absolutely amazing! Love that there are challenges (keeps us inspired). We already had MyZone and it’s great that SSOD uses it! So happy to be able to be a part!

  104. Devvie McHugh (verified owner)

    Found SSOD just last summer, signed up for 3 month AAP, its the best decision I ever made, now I am signing up for the year. Have been doing spin classes for last 10yrs but have only seen results from the SSOD spin classes. I feel so much fitter and am much happier in myself. Great variety of classes and it now means I can workout more from the comfort of my own home. Love the fitness challenges that SSOD offers & I feel I am part of the class eventhough I am at home. I just love SSOD. Thank you Cat & all the trainers, ye are the best

  105. Anne Mathie (verified owner)

    I come from a fitness background as a Personal Trainer and certified Spin instructor, and stumbled upon SSoD somehow by accident, and have fallen in love. The workouts are so diverse that no matter what my mood or energy level, when I want to work out at home there is always something there for me. I love each and every instructor and feel like they along with the online community have become friends. Can’t recommend it enough!

  106. Trisha Paine (verified owner)

    I started with Studio Sweat about 4 months ago and I love it! I have a running background and when I developed a minor knee injury I decided to try spinning and got a Studio Sweat All Access Pass. From there, I have branched out to doing all different types of classes including Sculpt which I love. I highly recommend Studio Sweat for their variety of classes, great instructors, and amazing interaction with their virtual clients!

  107. Rachel Soer (verified owner)

    Best group ever! Great classes, fabulous instructors, real world situation, no models just real people in real classes. Joined 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. Saw better results after joining studio sweat than in 20 years of going to a regular gym. They offer so many classes with such variety that your body never gets used to anything so the results happen faster. Can’t say enough about this group!!

  108. Lillie Kroll (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this site. Started using about two years ago when I was getting bored with watching same old DVDs to cycle to. Stumbled on a class on YouTube then found site. Quickly became member and have been happy since. Great instructors (literally all of them)! Spin classes are never boring or repetitive anymore for me. Thank you to ssod! Couldnt be any happier with the classes and variety you offer.

  109. Lorane Wilson (verified owner)

    Love love love Studio Sweat. I found SSOD a year ago and so glad I did. The classes, the instructors, and the community are amazing. There is no reason to go anywhere else for your workouts.

  110. Julie Cowie (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I found SSoD. The trainers are fabulous and my fellow Komrades feel like family. I was at a loss when I had to stop running and so turned to spin and SSoD but little did I realize that they offer so much more than that. I have, after 10 years, returned to sculpting and pulled my TRX out of the closet, my workout routine becoming much more well rounded. Can’t wait to see what being a Komrade continues to bring.

  111. Kathleen Markowski (verified owner)

    Where to start? Love every class, every trainer…Life changing for me in every way….I cannot say enough positive things about SSOD, I can go on forever…..Best thing I ever did for myself….

  112. Julie Villalobos (verified owner)

    Studio sweat deserves 5 stars and more! I workout at home, and have an extremely busy schedule, but SSOD makes me feel like I have a gym community from my own living room! Getting up before dawn to workout every morning is enjoyable due to the fun, upbeat, ever changing variety of classes SSOD has to offer. I also really enjoy the nutrition articles, trainer talks, and now the Facebook community forum. Cat is a gem and she has created a fantastic team! Thank you Studio Sweat!!

  113. Jim Rothwell (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Studio Sweat. Wonderful people and so motivating

  114. Kelly Bott (verified owner)

    I somewhat grudgingly picked up spinning looking for something I could I do that would be easier on my knees than the years of running I’ve done. Enter SSOD…the workouts are FUN, the music is GREAT, the instructors are AMAZING and the Komrads are FAMILY. I’m happy to report that I’m now a spin addict with a sculpt infatuation and a wonderful, motivating group of people to share it all with. Thank you SSOD – you gave me one of the best parts of my life back and more!!!!

  115. Mario Horwood (verified owner)

    I have started to stream spin classes and i finally get into and i wanted more. Once I ve subscribed i definitely have more and not only with spin class, way more; pilates, zumba, ground exercises, stretching, spin classes customized to your needs. I definitely recommend SSoD to y’all.

  116. Sara Fill (verified owner)

    I was considering buying a Peleton bike. I read some of the reviews and discovered that although very expensive, it wasn’t a very good spin bike. One of the sites recommended buying a very nice bike and then getting a subscription to online spin classes. I found studio sweat on demand on YouTube! It’s been great! I workout whenever I want and realized they offer so much more than spin classes. I recommend them to all my friends and family.

  117. Melanie Nicholls (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough great things about Studio Sweat On Demand and the All Access Pass. I initially found SSOD as a single class on YouTube. It was such a fabulous class. But I was not sure if the subscription was worth the money. I did that same class for a while, and I finally decided to go for it. I have never regretted that decision!! Now I am able to find a class whenever I want with a huge selection of classes. There are spin classes with a number of instructors-each with a different style and focus, yoga, TRX, HIIT/Bootcamp, and more. I could never get focused on exercising doing it on my own. But the classes are so much fun that I actually look forward to working out. The instructors are real people and the classes are real classes. I feel like I’m a part of a community, and that makes a huge difference. You won’t regret doing it!

  118. Natalie Malec (verified owner)

    There is nothing better than Studio Sweat on Demand! The workouts are incredible and the variety is more than you could even think to ask for. There are always new classes to try. Somehow, although working out at home, they make us feel present and like family. The backstage pass is the way so well worth it!! I don’t have to waste time thinking about what I need to do. They do that for me. Also, the customer service is absolutely the best of any company I have ever dealt with. I truly just can’t say enough about how wonderful and life-changing studio sweat on demand has been!!

  119. Cathy Fisicaro (verified owner)

    I am over-the-top obsessed with Studio sweat on demand and all of the trainers. I can’t wait to get home from work to run downstairs to my gym and hop on my bike. The hardest part is deciding which class I want to do! I have an autoimmune disease that attacked my joints. I have had bilateral knee replacement done over the last three years. Because I had to modify so much at the gym, I decided to set up my own home gym. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was an online program where I could exercise in the privacy of my own home and modify as I need to. I thought I would miss the gym, but because the trainers are amazing in the classes are spectacular, I have not looked back once.

  120. Megan Welker (verified owner)

    I love SSOD! It has redefined my workouts and my body. The flexibility of working out at home, at work or on the go had left me with few reasons to not get it done. The instructors are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They all bring their different styles of teaching to the videos to add variety and keep you coming back for more.

  121. (verified owner)

    I have been with SSOD for over 3 years. The variety of workouts and different levels provided make this a great studio for anyone and any levels. Not only are the spin classes amazing but they have every other class you could possibly imagine. The other great thing that SSOD offers is a variety of trainers, live classes and a workouts for anyone’s schedule ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours! I love SSOD and will always be a customer!!!

  122. Cheryl Zell (verified owner)

    THE best on demand workouts I’ve found yet. Real. Raw. Authentic. The motivation from the trainers is unmatched. So easy to find a few favorite trainers to fit your style although they have ALL become my favorite! The music is 👍👍 I find myself singing during my workouts. Thanks to all the SSOD staff for helping me up my game. 💪

  123. Melinda Crotty (verified owner)

    I have been an All Access Pass holder for several years and have yet to be disappointed. The trainers are exceptional and the classes are fit for everyone.

  124. Stephanie Pheneger (verified owner)

    I am so glad I found SSoD! The amount of variety in workouts has kept me going. I rotate between all kinds of workouts and even started trx, which has been a great challenge. I would recommend this to anyone!

  125. Nicole Petonick (verified owner)

    Studio sweat is THE BEST! It doesnt matter which class you select, or who the instructor is, they are all AMAZING! There’s something for everyone. They are real coaches doing the workout just as hard as you. Always very challenging and rewarding, no matter what you do. And the online komrade community is extremely supportive and welcoming. Ive been a member for a year, and will never give it up!

  126. laurie Greco (verified owner)

    Just joined this group but I love everything they have to offer. I love that I can make my own schedules, being able to stream to my devises is fabulous! Did I mention affordable too.

  127. Michelle(T) Bonsu (verified owner)

    I started with SSOD with the hopes of training in the privacy of my own home while getting back into shape after having my now 6 year old son. SSOD was the answer to my prayers, I not only found all those things I was looking for and so much more, I found a family and a community who shared in the same love and passion as me and that love was fitness. Cat and here mighty crew have helped me to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. I have cried with Cat and the other trainers when life happen and I have laughed and high five when they reached a goal or started something different. Cat and SSOD is my gym in San Diego, while I live in Chicago I feel connected as if I am right next to them sweating and having my bottom handed to me by those amazing trainers. I could write a paper on how amazing SSOD is and how much they mean to. when people stops me in the street and ask me wow who do you train with I say SSOD is my gym and Cat Kom and her mighty crew are my trainers go here and they will change your life for the better all you need to do is open up your phone type in studio sweat on demand and my biceps will be your biceps. Don’t wait just join and your life will change and you will see the difference inside and out.

  128. Jennifer Josleyn (verified owner)

    Love love love the classes offered! I will never get bored of spin again! I also like that they have weights, yoga, pilates, core, stretching, boxing, you name it! All the instructions are engaging, give great cues, and have great energy. My only complaint is you cannot search for music genres you want to listen to. I would love to be able to put in rap, or 80’s etc. and have classes with only that music pop up to choose from. Also the times, you can filter to have the class times go from longest to shortest and shortest to longest, but there is no way to search for just 45 minute spins. This isn’t the biggest deal but I would love to be able to search for certain lengths and most definitely add an option to search for the music you want to listen to!

  129. Zandy Leonard (verified owner)

    SSOD is the most convenient all around workout I could really get. I am a personal trainer and it really works great in my busy schedule. Thank you guys

  130. Dee Mergelsberg (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat on Demand has truly changed my life! I bought a Spin Bike because I love spin classes but I was tired of the inconvenient class schedules like 6am or 6pm and also having to schedule in advance for a class in which you lose your $ if you can’t make it. Now I get on my bike anytime of the day that suits my schedule. I love these classes so much! The trainers are fantastic and there’s such a variety of trainers and classes ( length, difficulty level, and music genres). After my Spin class ( or on non- cardio days) I have a huge selection of awesome sculpting, yoga or bootcamp type classes. I never get bored because there are so many choices! I actually look forward now to my workouts! Thank You SSoD!!

  131. Eric Perez (store manager)

    Great team to be a part of, and a great world-wide community that’s continually growing!

  132. Jeanette Pearson

    OMG! I am OBSESSED with SSoD! When I am looking for workouts I look for quality, variety, effectiveness, and the flexibility to do it on my own time and SSoD checks ALLLLLLL the boxes. Being a part of this community has increased my confidence and fitness to the next level. From the teachers to the variety of classes I could not be happier to be on this fitness platform!

  133. Lisa Cairns (verified owner)

    I love the All Access Pass because I have the freedom to choose what I want, when I want it, and I get discounts on downloads. This is the best deal there is with by far the best set of trainers and online private group. Having access to the SSoD community is really empowering, personal, and I have my gym buddies always there to talk to, help, even virtually live ride with one-on-one as well as through SSoD. I can’t say enough how life changing and amazing SSoD All Access Pass has been for me!

  134. (verified owner)

    I really enjoy everything about Studio Sweat. I subscribe to the All Access Pass.- great deal. Trainers are excellent, the community (Komrades) is so inspiring and supportive. AND, quick responses from the likes of AJ and Mere when you need tech support makes me feel like they care and tops it off. So glad I found this.

  135. Karen Hartsell (verified owner)

    A year ago I decided to give StudioSweat a try, after 7 days I’d taken 2 classes and like them so I figured it was a good investment to buy the annual pass. My weight had hit an all time high, and my fitness an all time low. As of today, I’ve lost 40 pounds, I can once again enjoy running, I have my arms back, and most important I feel MUCH better!

    Now as I settle in to maintenance, I’ve become more involved in the groups and challenges and I feel like I have this amazing support system and inspiration around me to help me maintain my new found fitness. The instructors keep me positive and motivated, the challenges keep it fun and the Komrades keep me honest! Best of all, they are with me no matter where I go in the world or the time of day!

  136. Louise Murray (verified owner)

    I’ve tried lots of gyms and lots of home programme workouts but Studio Sweat on Demand beats them all hands down!! There is a workout for whatever mood I’m in and an online community who are so friendly and encouraging if you want to be involved! The spin classes are my favourites (all variations) and they are PROPER classes with great music, great instruction, great motivation and they work your ass!! I’m fitter than I have ever been in my life both physically AND mentally thanks to SSOD and if I could give it more stars I so would!

  137. Ellen Kubisz (verified owner)

    One of the best choices I ever made was to join SSOD! I love spin and there are so many choices of classes. So many, that getting bored is not an option! I love that I no longer have to go to a gym! Everything I need to meet my exercise goals wherever I choose to exercise! The SSOD instructors are amazing! Customer service is excellent! I brag about SSOD to everyone! Thank you Cat for bringing such a a wonderful program to all of us!!!

  138. Heather Robinson (verified owner)

    Love SSOD! I have the freedom to ride when I want and choose the classes I want. So many options and I’m not limited by any time or type of class. I have taken my fitness to the next level with these workouts. Real trainers, real classes. I’ve never felt more connected to trainers or a gym before even when I went to a physical gym…I get some much more from Studio sweat!!

  139. (verified owner)

    I downloaded and purchased numerous exercise apps and exercised via YouTube but never found a site that really connected with me. My husband kept telling me to use his spin bike but frankly, I found it boring and uncomfortable.
    I decided to look at what was offered for beginners on YouTube and there was Cat’s beginner video on spinning! I tried it out and decided I might grow to like it now that I understood it better.
    I am now a Forever SSOD member with an All Access Pass and have ditched many of my other apps. I love the interaction of the trainers with the members online and the new weekly classes. The monthly newsletter is informative and fantastic! I will never be bored again and the action just keeps getting better!

  140. Laura Brescia (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat OnDemand is great! The trainers are REAL people who motivate me every day! They are people with families who struggle to find time to themselves and feel motivated with the results after the get their workout done!!! 🙂

    The comfort of my home allows me to workout no matter the weather and the incredible energy that the trainers have is sooo contagious!!!! Thank you Studio Sweat OnDemand for bringing and sharing your incredible motivation with all of us! Love you guys!!!!

  141. Joshua Barnes

    Studio Sweat OnDemand has been amazing. Both my husband and I use it on those days where we are too busy to go to the gym (we bought a bike for the house from Studio Sweat) or when we are on travel. It is very user friendly and it’s like working out with the amazing trainers/clients. When I workout, it is extremely motivating to see them all.

    I also love using Studio Sweat Ondemand as a newly certified spin instructor. It helps me with my training process.

    I would i highly recommend getting Studio Sweat Ondemand.

  142. Harvey Fonda (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat OnDemand has given me more than I could have asked for in improving my path to a healthier life. Not only do I receive a variety of workouts, instruction and instructors-I have gained insight, guidance, inspiration along with a family of supporters who motivate me on a daily basis. The All Access Pass defines a clear path to my fitness goals as well as provides opportunities to try new health and fitness regimens. Additionally a message geared towards a better understanding of how to manage those goals sensibly. Thank you SSOD and All Access Pass for helping me be a better me.

  143. ccande fred (verified owner)

    SSOD is the absolute best way to work out! I subscribed about 3 years ago after stumbling upon one of their YouTube videos. So convenient to work out from home and affordable! I love the variety of classes and instructors the most. It’s great to have spin, sculpt, stretch, Pilates, barre, etc. all from the comfort of my home and at whatever time I want. New classes added weekly as well so it never gets boring. You can’t go wrong here!

  144. Andrea Ford (verified owner)

    The All Access Pass is a total life changer! SSOD and the online community they’ve built had been crucial to meeting my fitness goals. As a full time working mom of two very young boys, I’d never find time to go to a gym. With SSOD I can workout while the boys sleep, watch a cartoon or they can even join me! The trainers are very interactive and are always quick to answer questions and are very receptive to class suggestions from the online community. Add the Backstage Pass and you don’t even have to think about what class you’re going to take next.

  145. Bethany (store manager)

    I am normally on the “other side” of the camera! But recently I got a bike & took my first SSOD class at home! It was so fun now being on the other other side and seeing it all from your point of view! I absolutely loved the class I took, loved seeing my heart rate tracking with others in the class, loved yelling at my instructor when she said add another gear, ha ha!! I was awesome to be doing my workout at home! I was very proud of the product we turn out! I am very honored to be apart of all aspects of this company!!

  146. (verified owner)

    I am a complete SSOD addict. I cannot stress enough, how much I love being a part of the amazing Komrades. The work outs NEVER disappoint! I am a sweaty mess afterwards and it makes me so happy!!!🤩 The trainers are frickin oitstanding. The AAP is so amazingly priced also. You have nothing to lose!!! What eaiting for???

  147. Allie Cunningham (verified owner)

    SSOD all access pass has literally changed my life! It’s been a full year and I‘ve completed everything challenge. My fitness has increased unbelievably and I lost 36 pounds and it’s still gone! My body is constantly changing an I love the Komrade community ❤️.

  148. Lisa Dewit (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat on Demand is a game changer!! I have been a member for over 2 years now and I love my Studio Sweat All Access Pass. With one click I have access to hundreds of amazing workouts (spin, weight training, yoga, bootcamp, body sculpt, TRX and more!) whenever I want right from home. The trainers are amazing and fun and lead really effective workouts! These workouts have made me stronger than any other classes I have ever done! The set up of the classes makes me feel like I’m part of the class and the online support is wonderful! Even though I’m thousands of miles away from the actual studio, the support I get from the online community makes it feel like I belong to my local gym! The Studio Sweat on demand family is wonderful and buying a bike and my All Access Pass was the best fitness decision I have made! Thank you Studio Sweat!

  149. Fred Edwards

    I LOVE SSoD! Having the opportunity being on one of the BIGGEST stage in the World to reach Thousands of Exerciser of all ages and Levels, has just blew my mind.

    I am already a natural ball of energy if you can’t tell, and now since I been working with SSoD my ENERGY, PASSION, and LOVE FOR Fitness has grew even MORE!

    Now YOU, have the POWER at your finger tips, to allow ME and all the other amazing Instructor to get you SWEATY and the best SHAPE of your Life, PRESS play and Lets GO!

  150. Jessica Nordyke (store manager)

    SSoD for me has been a game changer. From using it at home to on the go traveling to recommending it to a complete stranger (guilty). I love what SSoD has to offer, I love the trainers that make you feel like heck ya I can do this! Really great, SWEATy workouts and I appreciate sharing it with anyone who will listen! 🙂

  151. Rachel Cisek (verified owner)

    I have always been a fairly athletic person and always gone to a gym. I stumbled upon a spin class on youtube 2.5 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I lost 10 pounds, my fitness has increased drastically, and have more lean body mass than ever before. The convenience of working out from home allows so much consistency and so little excuses!! It is affordable and the staff is amazing, I hope to meet them all in person someday!

  152. Mike Spiegelhoff (verified owner)

    I’ve been an all access pass member for over two years now. I can’t imagine how bad my fitness level would be without the fantastic trainers, and the wonderful and supportive Studio Sweat facebook group.
    The trainers are real people that genuinely want to help me meet my goals.
    There are many other types of classes to supplement the cycle classes as well.
    I will never go anywhere else, this is my gym!

  153. Michelle Parsons (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my AAP for SSod. It has truly changed my overall outlook to fitness. I love being able to wake up, what workout, what time and what instructor I feel like doing for the day. I love all of the instructors, they are so motivational. I mostly love SPINNING just because it’s my preference but the yoga/Pilates is very helpful too. I’ve only had my pass since Nov 11th and I’ve already lost 8 pounds and feel so much more energy. It makes exercise a pleasure rather than a chore. Thank you SSod 🙂

  154. Monique Gaudet (verified owner)

    I wish there was an option to give 10 stars!
    I’ve been with Studio Sweat on Demand for over 2 years. No words are really adequate to convey how much of a game changer SSoD is. Absolutely the best, most complete, most authentic online gym. It’s not polished rehearsed and “pretty”, it’s real sweat with amazing trainers breathlessly working along with us. And yes I say “US” because it is that personal! The online community of Studio Sweat feels like family, support and motivation unparalleled.
    If you have 10 minutes or hours to work out, the library of classes is limitless. And….. new classes are added every week! SSoD cares about US.
    YUPP, the best bar none. 10 stars

  155. YELENA KIRZHNER (verified owner)

    The best workouts and the best trainers. You feel like you are part of the family.

  156. Carolyn Milburn (verified owner)

    I’ve been with StudioSweat on Demand for 2 years now and I can’t say enough good things about it. There is a great variety of workouts. Everything from indoor cycling, pilates, yoga, sculpting, bootcamp, TRX. I’ve never had this much choice at any gym I’ve ever belonged to. The trainers are amazing. They are skilled, diverse and kind. The best part is I get access to all this in my home. This has really helped me change my relationship with movement and fitness because I’m able to fit it in to my schedule. The customer service has also been great. Any time I’ve had a question I just emailed and received an answer very quickly.

  157. (verified owner)

    After 30 years of gym memberships and a variety fitness programs, Studio Sweat on Demand is the best health & fitness investment I’ve ever made. Real people, unparalleled support, spot on workouts, streaming or download, and the convenience working out at home or on the road. I’ve never been more consistent with my exercise regiment and it’s because of SSOD quality, the atmosphere and encouragement of the team and SSOD Komrade camaraderie make this the best fitness experience.

  158. lauren avallone (store manager)

    So, I’ve tried no less than a bajillion studios and onDemand workouts before stumbling upon SSoD via a Shape article. And I am so happy I did! Game changing anddddddd life changing. I love ALL of the workouts and the variety really helps me not get bored. I feel like I know the trainers and also the other people “working out” with me from around the world, which to me makes all of the difference. I didn’t realize I was missing that until I experienced it. If I could give this 43721957472897 stars, I would. Thank you SSoD and my sweat fam.

  159. Nicky (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat All Access Pass is amazing!! I have been a member for close to 5 years now. It was life changing! The library has increased immensely since I became a member. They add 2 + classes each week and occasionally host Live classes where you workout in real time with people from all corners of the world. The classes are a range of workouts for all fitness levels and more than just spinning. The trainers are real, the workouts are real and not canned. The trainers are a family and you become apart of that family and your goals are their goals, they cheer with our triumphs and successes! There is nothing better than working out in the privacy of your own home, on your own time, with real trainers, and people all over the world not just those in the studio.

  160. Julie Hall (verified owner)

    This is the best purchase I have ever made. I cannot say enough about the trainers and the workouts that are offered. If you want variety they have it. When I workout I feel like I am in the studio with them and the best thing is I do all of this on my schedule. They constantly release new videos so you are never bored. And just in case you are wondering I am 51 years old I am not skinny but I am fit and a heck of a lot stronger and it is all because I chose Studio Sweat on demand

  161. (verified owner)

    Just do it! The All Access Pass is the only way to go. The library is vast and you only repeat classes if you want too. I’ve been a member for almost a year and a half and haven’t even touched the surface of the classes available. And the variety…you have your pick based on your goals or mood…spin, TRX, yoga, pilates, bootcamp, sculpt, stretching, you name it! And new modalities and classes are added all the time. The best part though…the trainers! They are all real people leading real lives who take their time to do this for us and with us. You’ll see just as much sweat pouring off them during a workout as you do from yourself. I still maintain my gym membership for the pool, but I don’t make it there very much anymore. My basement and my spin bike is where it’s happening because the All Access Pass makes it so easy. This is the first year in a career spanning 25 years that I maintained my workouts until the last two weeks before deadlines. All because of the variety and motivation offered through the All Access Pass. And I can’t forget the online community…like-minded friends from all over the world. I’m a subscriber as long as I’m able to move.

  162. Brian MacDonald (verified owner)

    Personal training at your fingertips, on your schedule, with a variety of different classes and instructors! I’ve been an All Access Pass holder for years and will be for years to come! Amazing experience and results!

  163. Mike Hayler (verified owner)

    Not sure what to say other than awesome. Definitely got me trough the cold winter months traning. Classes are motivational easy to follow and aimed at all levels. Some epic longer spin classes as well. Throw in the TRX, spin core, pilates, yoga and an expanding catalogue of classes brilliant. I have saved loads on gym membership and this gym follows me where ever I go. The online community group make it even better.

  164. Whitney Oliverio (verified owner)

    Finding SSOD changed my life. I’ve always had a gym membership, and I’ve never felt more connected to my trainers. The online community gives me more support than I’ve ever had. Challenges keep me on track and motivate me. Over the last year my body, confidence, and health have all changed dramatically. Just push play. You’ll see.

  165. Erin Davis (verified owner)

    Studio Sweat On Demand and the All Access Pass in summed up in phrase: LIFE-CHANGING!!!!!!! Having the All Access Pass is worth every penny as I am able to access the most AMAZING spin classes as well as a fantastic variety of sculpt classes and so much more! The BEST part about the All Access Pass is recieving the weekly notification regarding the 2 new classes that will be added that week! Having at least 2 classes a week added to the already amazing library of classes is a weekly dose of new motivation!!! Cat and the Studio Sweat Team are priceless! They are helpful, kind and inspiring! Thank You SSoD!!!! 🙂 🙂

  166. melissa messerschmidt (verified owner)

    i absolutely ADORE Studio Sweat on Demand!!!
    it was THE game changer for me and i cannot and will not imagine life without it – not it, them – the wonderful amazing people who make this happen, everyday! Cat and her Team – too many awsome trainers to name here – we are a FAMILY
    i have met and made lifelong friends thru this amazing, supportive, incredibly loving and giving community
    we are there for each other, we support each other, motivate each other and have soooooooooo much fun while doing it…
    it is a part of my life – every single day and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it xx
    5+ infinity stars for SSOD and the All Access Pass

  167. Liana Roux (verified owner)

    I first stumbled upon a YouTube video that Cat made as I wanted something to emulate the spin classes I had attended at a local gym. Two ticks and a jump and I subscribed to the All Access Pass as it was clear that this group of people were positive, professional, REAL and cared about their members. You really do feel like you are more than a subscriber! The trainers get to know your name (even though I am in the UK and they are in the States), the online community is so supportive. I work out everyday and the workout library is vast. I have introduced new workout regimes since joining which I never had time/guts or inclination to try in a physical gym. ALL the trainers brings their own little magic. You won’t find a more responsive team online (and in real life). I am so happy to endorse them. You have NOTHING to lose – give them a go!

  168. Suzette Mink (verified owner)

    We found SSOD nearly 3 years ago and could not be happier with the choice and quality of training! I will admit, I was drawn to the idea of a home spin bike by the competitors television ads, but was turned off by the idea of buying their bike package and being tied to their pricey subscription, not to mention their less than realistic trainers. After doing some research, we purchased a Schwinn bike and found Studio Sweat on Demand! We have found the Studio Sweat team to be down to earth and real people who care about their customers. Customer service and support is excellent , programs and content are top notch, and the choice of workouts is amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to workout from home!

  169. Amy Branderhorst (verified owner)

    I LOOOOOOVE studiosweatondemand!!! I have been a member for a couple years now and can not imagine not having it! Spinning is my absolute favorite and there are so many classes to chose from I will never get bored with the tons of options, and new classes all the time. It’s simply the best!

  170. Katrina Obrien (verified owner)

    Life changing!! Brilliant trainers, excellent range of classes, I could go on!!

  171. Katrina Obrien (verified owner)

    Life changing!! Brilliant trainers, excellent range of classes, I could go on!!

  172. Mayling Clements

    I cannot imagine my life without Studio Sweat on Demand with its wonderful trainers beginning with the founder and CEO always personally responding to questions and issues you direct to her! Getting hundreds of the best classes with the best trainers with real live clients (who happen to sign up for the class) at your finger tips, insights, tips, and advice on fitness and so much more! I have never had more fun working out everyday with this wonderful family of people who I call friends who I am connected with through some of the most fun challenges designed only to motivate all of us to reach our own individual fitness levels. Imagine looking forward to your every workout everyday being because that perfect class for you that day is available to you whenever and wherever! Worth every second and penny I have spent on the program!

  173. Andrew (verified owner)

    The All Access Pass.. I love it. It’s the gateway to finding Workouts Tailored to YOU.. Pick your fitness goals.. e.g build strength.. How many Workouts per weeks & for how long you can workout
    & instantly access your Workouts for the week.. With the All access Pass.. There’s no more time wasted searching the huge library and you can change your fitness goals at any time.. I look at the all access plan as my personal challenge to complete each week.. Got StudioSweat.. Then get the All Access plan..!! Quality Affordable Fitness…That Gets Results.!!

  174. Kirsten Rojas (verified owner)

    BEST. DECISION. EVER!! I have to admit, i was hesitant to spend a good amount on a bike because i mean come on… my 2 yr old basic sunny was SO cheap and got the job done right??? WRONG!!! Cat, Mere W and the rest of the team made the purchase seamless, shipping was fast and my new Precor… well lets just say i feel like i have been missing out these last 2 years! Since iv received my new bike, my workouts are more effective, my ride is smoother and each day i cannot WAIT to get on and get it done. I feel safer and I know I have the help of the SSOD team if I have any bike-related questions…. Thank you Cat, this was definitely worth the splurge on myself!

  175. Cat (store manager)

    Well, as you can imagine, I personally LOVE Studio SWEAT onDemand!!! But, I’ll let all of you tell us why you love it. I love it most because it brought me to YOU! And you’re awesome. Why do you love SSoD!?

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