The Most Surprising Online Fitness Statistics in 2022

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There have been so many changes the past few years in the health and wellness fields, but none so impactful than the rise of online fitness. Streaming workout platforms like Studio SWEAT onDemand have taken the fitness industry by storm, rising quickly to meet the needs of consumers, both during the pandemic and beyond. And it’s no surprise: the huge selection of fitness classes available, the expansive variety of workouts for every schedule and skill level, and the sense of camaraderie from the platform’s vocal membership community, have all contributed to this incredible industry-wide change.

But to get a true picture of the current state of fitness, let’s take a look at some of the most surprising fitness statistics for 2021-2022.

75% of Virtual Fitness Users Also Attend In-Person Classes

What’s interesting about this first stat is that it flies in the face of what many had predicted — that streaming fitness would signal the demise of the brick-and-mortar gym. But precisely the opposite is true, because most of these virtual fitness users are actually returning to their local gyms concurrently. This points to a trend that online fitness actually encourages and supports in-person establishments. 

Gyms Offering Virtual Classes Increase Attendance by 12%

What’s surprising here is that not only do virtual classes motivate consumers to work out at the gym, but fitness studios offering virtual workout options increase their in-person numbers substantially! This further illustrates the idea that onDemand and live fitness can work hand in hand.

Over 50% of Online Fitness Users Visit the Gym 3x per Week

This stat shows that those who are dedicated users of virtual fitness classes are fully committed to live workouts as well. Another interesting fact about this group is that they also spend more time exercising on average than those just attending facilities in person. 

72% of Fitness Clubs Now Offering Recorded or Live-Streamed Classes

Not surprising is the fact that so many clubs now offer both pre-recorded and live fitness classes through the web or a connected app. This number is up by 25% since 2019, a marked increase in a seemingly saturated market. 

The Online Fitness Industry is Growing at a Rate of Over 30% Every Year

Lastly, let’s take a look at the staggering growth rate of online fitness. Experts have predicted that the industry is growing at a rate of between 30.0% – 33.1% every single year, and that by 2027, it is projected to be worth upwards of $59 billion. This absolutely startling figure points out that online fitness is not only alive and well, but doing better than ever. 

The take-home message is clear: any organization that can offer a virtual workout option for their people should do so — and do so now. And there’s no better way to do that than with Studio SWEAT onDemand. Our virtual fitness platforms deliver unlimited access to our endless library of onDemand and live-streaming workouts, available on any device, computer or smart TV — anytime. Our corporate package, the Sweat Force, gives organizations large and small an amazing benefit to boost health, energy and morale. And Sweat Pro, our commercial package, helps facilities like fitness studios, planned housing communities, hotels, universities, as well as military bases offer their clientele virtual fitness. To schedule a demo with either of these programs, visit here today.

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