Latest Theories on Working Out While Pregnant & Miriam’s Experience with Critics.

So many myths surrounding pregnancy and fitness just won’t go away! These rumors are constantly being perpetuated by pregnancy books, old wives’ tales and outdated advice, but Cat and Miriam are here to break it down for you and give you helpful advice. Watch now to discover all the benefits physical activity actually has on your baby and pregnancy.


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Hello, ladies!
Thank you for posting this video, as I’m 8 weeks pregnant and have wondered what’s safe and what’s not. I have a HR monitor and try to listen to my body. I LOVE spin and the Studio Sweat classes! I’m wondering if there’s any classes I should avoid while pregnant? I love the spin/sculpt classes, but I get confused on which exercises I should avoid when it comes to the floor workouts.

Hi Leann,
Congratulations! So thrilling to carry a child. Trust me I know how confusing it can be. I did quite a bit of research so I could feel confident with continuing all my workouts which I have done minus a few modifications when belly starting growing more (back and front laying for instance). First and foremost check with your baby doctor and get a couple other opinions as well. If you don’t have any risk factors and you were consistently fit and training prior to pregnancy they should tell you to continue. Heart rate, heat, impact and heavy weights are what doctors and research generally address. Make sure you understand this and make an informed choice based on this.

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Thanks for all your support,

Floor stuff: only safety instruction is laying on your back flat for too long after your first trimester and when your big enough. The concern is the vena cava getting restricted which could lower blood pressure and oxygen to baby, but it’s about the amount of time you are doing this (like sleeping you will be advised to left side sleep) and weight of your belly.
Front lying is fine per my doctor until it feels bad for you. But as always, check with your own doctor! You might have individual differences and risks.

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Really good information ladies there isn’t enough of it about for pregnancy! I did teach spinning right up to 36 weeks. I did get comments too both in my classes and from some family should you be still teaching and working out!! Towards the end though you definitely slow down your body does know. Heart rate is always a worry especially when teaching as it does go higher. The talk test is a good way of monitoring and not getting too hot! I think in the UK we are haven’t caught up with your fitness industry with regards to information so thank you for positive and informative message!!

Lauren, thank you so much for sharing your story and for letting us know how this vlog relates to you. It’s so powerful when we share our challenges and adversities huh?
Way to go for staying true to what was healthy for you and baby! It takes courage and leadership. Someone’s got to break out of the pack.

Thank you for being an On Demander!