The Latest Exercise Trends, Explained

battle rope workout

Sure, you can roll your eyes at the latest Insta video of an influencer doing a silly workout while being screamed at by a svelte trainer. Or, you can have a little bit of fun and try those crazy fitness classes for yourself!

And we’re all about fun at Studio SWEAT onDemand. But, no matter how silly a workout might look, they’re still developed by fitness professionals and you need to approach them with the proper form.

We get if you’re curious about whether these workouts are legit, so here’s a little guide to help you try out the latest exercise trends safely and effectively!

How to Do Battle Rope

Ever see influencers and trainers waving a large rope around in their videos? They’re called Battle Ropes, and they’re an incredible cardio workout that uses heavy ropes while engaging almost your entire body. They’re also awesome for building lean mass, and you look bad-@$$ doing it.

Here’s how a traditional battle rope wave move is done:

  • Stand with your knees soft and feet hip-width apart
  • Hold the rope about an arm’s length away from you around hip-level
  • Keep your hands shoulder-width apart
  • Engage your core, and explosively alternate raising and lowering your arms for about 30 seconds
  • The closer you are to the rope anchor, the higher the resistance

Just Google “Battle Rope Exercises” to see all the other fun battle rope exercises. There are a lot more than you might think!

Flipping Tires

flipping tires
Getting tired of the same ol’ workout? More and more people are shaking up their fitness routines with tire flipping, a workout that’s quickly popping up in gyms and bootcamps all over the world.

These tires can weigh from 100 to 500 lbs., and they’re seen as an effective form of resistance training that works the hamstrings, glutes, and quads. And as simple as they look, it’s highly recommended that you start with the lowest weight possible before working your way up.

Here’s how a tire flip should be done:

  • Squat down, bending at the knees and put most of your weight on your heels
  • Position your hands under the tire, with hands wider than hip-width apart
  • Keeping your back straight, use your legs to flip the tire
  • Thrust your hips forward as you push the tire up and over
  • Repeat for 3 to 7 reps
How to Do Trampoline Workouts
trampoline workout
Yup – that contraption gathering leaves in your backyard is actually the next hottest workout trend. Trampoline workouts are gaining traction because it’s an incredible leg workout, builds balance, is a surprisingly intense cardio workout, and – let’s face it – it’s super fun. It’s one of the many fitness trends that capitalize on our inner child.

Here’s how:

  • Support your ankles; don’t be shy about wearing your running shoes on the trampoline
  • Start bouncing; alternate bringing one knee up to your chest
  • Keep your toes pointed down
  • Keep your jumps pretty low, and pretend like you’re jumping in a room with low ceiling

How to Do Sit-Thru

Sound simple? It’s not. The Sit-Thru is a dynamic, smooth exercise that resembles a breakdance move. You may have seen celebs like Chris Hemsworth perform these with aplomb, but trust us, they’re harder than they look.

Feel free to Google how, but here are some tips on how to do these properly:

  • Get on your hands and knees, making sure your shoulders and knees are underneath your hips
  • You should also be on your toes
  • While engaging your core, lift your right hand off the ground while driving your left knee forward and across your body to your right hand
  • Extend your left leg and kick your left foot out at the end of the move
  • Keep your shoulders and hips nice and square
  • Jump your leg back, and as smoothly as possible, repeat for your other side

Anti-Gravity Yoga

anti-gravity yoga
Anti-Gravity Yoga, also known as Aerial Yoga, is a type of yoga that uses a hammock hung from a single anchor in the ceiling. For a lot of the moves, participants hang on their belly or upside down in a graceful flow. So, in addition to making you feel like a legit trapeze artist, anti-gravity yoga is amazing for opening up your hips, back, and arms, letting you work WITH gravity rather than against it.

Here’s how to perform a basic anti-gravity yoga move:

  • Start with a back belt wrap, with the hammock around your sacrum
  • Tip toe forward while sliding your hands up
  • Smoothly pick up your feet and fold your knees, tucking them up to your chest
  • Then open up your knees to the sides
  • Slide your hands down while letting your torso fall upside down
  • Wrap your feet around the front of the hammock

Seriously though, letting your fitness-freak flag fly is a great way to keep your workouts exciting, and staying dynamic with your exercises staves off that dreaded workout plateau.

But if you sign up for our 7-Day Free Trial, you’ll find hundreds of fun, awesome workouts led by real trainers who care about you getting real results. Because who says getting heathy has to be boring?