Is Broccoli Bad for You? Let’s ask the real pro.

The short answer is… IT IS GOOD FOR YOU!!! Very very good actually.

Lately, Cat Kom has been seeing articles saying broccoli is bad for you. Wait, what!? This had her freaking out since it’s her fave veggie, so she called in the expert, Registered Dietitian Miriam, to get the facts on this green goodness.

Words from the expert:

Ignore those bizarre articles. Besides being delicious, broccoli is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, high in fiber, and is a superfood.

Why are these claims being made?

Most articles claim that broccoli will harm your body’s pH and acid levels. Trust Miriam, friends. We don’t need to worry about our pH getting out of whack. These articles are usually recommending you follow a “basic” diet (the basic you learned about in chemistry class, not basic: simple). That’s fine, but if you stick to only basic foods, you’ll miss out on so many great foods like broccoli citrus, and other foods that contain some (but not too much) acid.

Who can you trust?

Well, when it comes to food/drink, we at SSoD look to Miriam for the facts. Overall, be aware of the source of your information, and the motivation behind the message. Is the message coming from a registered dietitian (with years of highly specialized education), a diet company, a food blogger? If you hear something strange, it probably is. So do what Cat did when she heard this strange news about broccoli – let us know or find your own expert.

Cat sure is happy to know broccoli is still safe on her cutting board! When it comes to fruits and vegetables like broccoli with fiber and water, your body will “tell” you when you’ve had enough. Should you eat only broccoli? Of course not. You’ve maybe heard Miriam talk before about a wide variety of colors in your fruits and veggies, so shake it up.

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