Ideas and Advice on How to Recover or Come Back from an Injury. Ibuprofen? Ice? Heat? Talk to Me!

As much as we focus on good form, injuries happen. Interestingly enough, it’s more often outside of the gym than in. In the gym, our guard is up, but it’s not necessarily when we’re doing yard work, right? When you do experience an injury, Cat and Bethany are here to help you alleviate the pain quickly so you can get back in that saddle! First and foremost, never try to “work through the pain” when injured, since exercising more will only cause more harm.

Cat and Bethany ascribe to the old philosophy RICE method. Formally known as the four step method consisting of resting, ice, compression, and elevation, Cat and Bethany are adding an extra “R” to the mix. “RICER” is here to promote healing and relieve swelling and through these simple five steps, you’ll be off the couch and ready to sign up for a spin class.

When resting, take a break from the activity that’s inducing pain and try setting aside time for a vacation that simply entails removing the stress completely from the area experiencing uneasiness. With ice, make sure you apply a cold pack immediately after injury to minimize swelling and continue icing three or more times a day for fifteen minutes. Elevate the sore area to relieve swelling and a rule of thumb is elevating above the level of your heart. The additional “R” for “RICER” stands for “rolling it out” with a foam roller, but hold off on rolling until the pain has been reduced.

One more tip that should be taken with caution (Cat emphasizes that she is NOT a doctor and cannot prescribe anything), but is helpful if taken correctly, is ibuprofen. By taking it consistently every four hours, it’ll reduce inflammation and is frequently used to treat painful conditions such as sprains and strains.

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