How to Safely Go Back to the Gym

Young man spraying antibacterial solution on dumbbells in a fitness studio

Well, we’ve rounded the corner of yet another year in the midst of this pandemic, and we’re probably just as confused as ever. Now, that’s no surprise, since for two years we’ve been bombarded with nothing but information, misinformation, mandates, disinformation, evolving variants, upcoming treatments, flattening curves, superspreader events, and all the rest. And it’s enough to make your head spin (or at least make you shout quietly into your mask).

As we try to move on, so must our resolve to stay healthy and keep fit, and that means hitting the gym! But if you fall on the slightly more cautious side of the COVID-19-worrying spectrum, you still might not feel super comfortable stepping back into your fave fitness space. So, if you’re concerned about germs when you go to get your sweat on… here are some tips that might put you at ease: 


We don’t care how you do it (mini spray bottle next to ya, pack of sanitizing wipes in pocket), but make sure you completely wipe down any workout machine or surface both before and after you use it. That way, you’ll be cleaning whatever anyone else did before you, and preparing the area for whoever comes next.

Keep Your Distance

Social distance is key when you’re at the gym. Make sure you follow gym safety guidelines and leave at least 6 feet of space away from anyone else around you. If your gym gets crowded, that means having to wait for equipment. If all that waiting gets on your nerves (we get it), try waking up uber early and hitting the gym with all the other fitness fanatics. 

Bring Your Towel… and Use It

Most of us are used to bringing a towel to the gym to wipe down surfaces and pat our foreheads down when we’ve gotten sweaty. But more than ever, wiping yourself down is fundamental to reducing those pesky germs of yours (or anyone else’s) from spreading. Whenever you start to break a sweat, soak it up immediately. And if you need to bring multiple towels with you, so be it – it’s a small price to pay for safety!

Don’t Feel Bad if You Want to Wear a Mask

We get it — you’ve been wearing your mask diligently for the past two years, and you feel slightly squeamish at the idea of just throwing it away and breathing everyone else’s air. That’s totally, totally fine. When it comes down to your long-term health and fitness, you gotta be as comfortable as possible. So if you want to don that mask while working out, do it proudly. You do you!

Make Sure Your Gym’s Doing Enough

It’s the responsibility of every gym owner to take the necessary safety precautions to keep its members healthy and safe. Talk to your gym’s management and find out what they’re doing for your protection. And if you feel like they’re not doing enough, let them know about it. The last thing they want to do is lose another customer due to corona-worries. 

Still Worried? Just Look at the Numbers

We know that you still might feel a bit worried about returning to a public fitness space. But have no fear, when you actually look at the cold, hard stats regarding COVID cases associated with gyms and fitness studios, they paint a pretty safe picture. In fact, a recent study performed by MXM Research Group found that the rate of Coronavirus spread in health clubs was .002%! Couple that with the fact that physical fitness is one of the key factors in positive outcomes for COVID patients, and the data is clear: get your keister to your nearest gym, and get sweating!

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