The Root of Why You Diet – May 2018 Focus on Food

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This month I’ve noticed a glaring theme. The “stuckness” of wanting to get out of the dieting game but still getting swept back into that never-ending yo yo dieting nightmare. Unfortunately, I know that the cycle of restriction and rebound eating is self-perpetuating.

Yo yo dieting causes our weight to significantly fluctuate. Up, down, up, down, up… on and on. This cycle and the fear of weight gain is massively preoccupying and robs us of our friendship with food, our bodies, and our energy. Then, it increases our weight overtime and forces us to try to “fix” our metabolism. Ultimately, the yo yo dieting cycle keeps us from living our beautiful lives! Does this sound familiar? Get out of prison, people! (Please note at the bottom of this article the disclaimer about eating disorders if you suspect that’s where you are).

focus on food may 2018 Body acceptanceThe origin of this behavior is fear. Fear of weight control, controls us.

This is what triggers the dieting (in various forms). Fear of weight control backs us up against a wall and says, “you don’t have a choice in this matter.” You eventually move away from sensing real hunger and fullness cues, which ultimately lead you to your body’s sweet spot weight anyway.

Your fear sends a powerful message to yourself: “I don’t trust you.” You look outside of yourself for answers about your own damn body! That’s when you can’t help but fall prey to the latest ketogenic this, intermittent fasting that…It happens because you don’t trust your body and you don’t like it very much. You certainly don’t respect it.

Your body is the expert. Stop looking for an outside generalized plan to soothe your fear of weight control because I’ll tell you something very disappointing: DIETS DON’T WORK. Unless…you really want to gain weight—because they do really well at that. There are countless studies showing diets increase weight gain/BMI overtime. That’s right. This is evidenced-based, not an opinion.

But let’s get back to the fear.

It’s time to start processing this fear of weight control so you can stop the dieting cycle. Because, in the end, that’s the origin of the problem.

Here’s the real answer to this fear of weight gaining dilemma:

Body Acceptance

focus on food may 2018 2 Body acceptance

You may not be able to freely say “I LOVE my body!” but it’s important to least accept it and feel gratitude for it. Here are some resources for body acceptance activities that can help you get inspired.

  1. A guided meditation. I find a script can help propel you to new and healthier thinking:

  1. Five strategies for body acceptance:

  1. Exercises to help support body acceptance:

In addition to these body acceptance activities, speaking with a qualified mental health professional can help you as well. This will free you from the fear, hence dieting, and you will then have a body that is where it was meant to be without all the suffering.

I like this new mantra I have for self-love. If my baby Oliver is crying, what would I do? I would pick him up and soothe him. Rock him, kiss him, gentle talk or sing to him. Can you do that to yourself in some way?

Is body acceptance something you are willing to work on? What are you willing to let go of, to get to the other side?

Disclaimer: If you have concern you might have an eating disorder you must get individual support from a licensed therapist specializing in eating disorders. You will need to have a care team in place. Additional resource:

Love yourself,

Miriam Turner
Studio SWEAT Dietitian

Resource: Isabel Foxen Duke