Your Thanksgiving Calorie Burn Guide


Listen up, pilgrims! Turkey Day is just around the corner, and that means the annual caloric tsunami swallowing you whole, knocking you off your diet, and patting your head as the tryptophan kicks in. Welp, not this year! Because we’re gonna kick the stuffing out of this, historically, heavy holiday with the ultimate Thanksgiving Burn Guide!

The thing is, when you’re armed with a little useful information, you can choose to chow down consciously — and then ramp up your workouts to match! So without further ado, sit back, undo those belt buckles, and let’s dig right in! 


Ah… The main culprit of the Thanksgiving dinner rush, turkey, is actually one of the most nutritious of the holiday treats — meaning, some bits are healthy as heck, and others will have you drowning in a bird-coma. 

Type Calories Protein Carbs Fat Burn it Off With…
Turkey Breast, 4 oz. 115 22 0 3 15 Min Moderate Jog
Turkey Leg, 4 oz. 180 20 0 10g 30 Min Hilly Power Walk


Starches that are often confused with veggies

As we know that you know, ‘veggies’ take on a whole new meaning come Thanksgiving. Raw carrots? A nice healthy treat! Smothered in herb butter? Less so! What many think are veggies are actually starches, and boy can they add up! So let’s take a look at some of the most popular dirt-candy, by the numbers. 

Type Calories Protein Carbs Fat Burn it Off With…
Corn on the Cob, 1 Ear 176 4 36 3 30 Min Yoga, Low Intensity
Mashed Potatoes, 1 cup  340 4 36 2 45 Min Spin Fusion Workout
Candied Yams, 3 avg. pieces (2.5 inch by 2 inch) 453 3 74 10 30 Min, Non-Stop HIIT Class


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Look, we’re not gonna lie. Nothing goes better with a plethora of yummy, gooey complex carbohydrates like some bread to mop them up. We know, oh-so-irresistible, but eat these wisely!

Type Calories Protein Carbs Fat Burn it Off With…
White Dinner Roll, fist sized 84 3 14 2 10 Min Brisk Walk
Corn Bread, 3×3 inch sq. 180 4 34 5 20 Min Moderate Jog


Casseroles, Stuffings & Sides

Ok, now we’re really getting to the heart of the holiday. Here, we reveal the warm and charming centerpiece of Thanksgiving — basically the stuff that you can never seem to get year round. 

Type Calories Protein Carbs Fat Burn it Off With…
Green Bean Casserole, 1 cup 250 3 15 8 30 Min Spin Class
Sweet Potato Casserole, 1 cup 238 3 32 12 45 Min TRX Drills 
Stuffing, 1 cup 243 6 34 10 30 Min Advanced Barre Class
Cranberry Sauce, ½ cup 120 0 30 0 15 Concentrated Core Workout
Gravy, 1 ladle-full 36 1 6 2 5 Min Warm Up Stretch



Woah mama, here we go… Our absolutely, gob-smackingly favorite part of Thanksgiving. These smile-inducing, gut-busting, sweet explosions really bring it all home. And with that, comes a wallopping amount of calories. 

Type Calories Protein Carbs Fat Burn it Off With…
Pumpkin Pie, 1 slice 370 6 57 13 45 Min High Intensity Weight Lifting
Pecan Pie, 1 slice 503 6 64 27 60 Min Elliptical Training


Now, we’re not saying to make this a habit — but around the holidays, a little ‘heavy munching – heavy crunching’ routine can totally work. As long as you’re burning off what you’re taking in, you can enjoy those delicious calories as much as you want. And to help you light that fire, sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial with Studio SWEAT onDemand. We offer tons of powerhouse workouts you can do from the comfort of anywhere, that are sure to smoke all that holiday goodness up. Sign up now, and you can chomp your way through Thanksgiving, guilt free!

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