No NEW Resolutions Resolution (January 2022 Focus on Food Article)


My dear friend Brian LaRose (yes THAT beloved Brian) brought up such a beautifully insightful and revolutionary thought. What if instead of making NEW resolutions in the new year, why not keep or maintain the ones that serve you and leave it at that? Yes, that’s right, simply stay the course. After all, it is hard work to hold on to those healthy habits and self care. What if you took a deep dive into what you are currently doing to support your self care and nurture those habits you worked so diligently to grow? Keep them, build upon them, and make them even stronger to potential threats. Let’s devote ourselves first to NO New Years Resolutions Resolutions.

How about that focus this year? Try it with me. Let’s go through some self care categories with examples (just my ideas, but certainly doesn’t have to be yours – you make your own!):



  1. Fruit and vegetable servings. KEEP eating those servings each day.
  2. Eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. KEEP honoring those body cues.
  3. Eating breakfast. KEEP breaking that nightly fast with some fuel.
  4. More plant proteins than animal proteins. KEEP leaning towards whole plant-based foods.
  5. KEEP eating healthy fats (extra virgin olive oil, avocado, walnut, flax, and chia).


standing desk

  1. KEEP those daily walks.
  2. KEEP that on-demand class frequency (3-5 days per week).
  3. KEEP fidgeting while working, to keep the NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis). Standing half the day like you do at your desk!
  4. KEEP stretching your body upon rising and before bed and whenever you feel the need.
  5. KEEP playing with your children, willingly and joyfully.

Mental Health Practices:


  1. KEEP speaking to your therapist regularly.
  2. KEEP correcting those cognitive distortions (self-talk) when you notice them.
  3. KEEP building in those pauses with full belly breaths when a sense of flooding happens.
  4. KEEP those healthy and protective boundaries (with family and work). “No thank you, I can’t this weekend.” Keep at it!
  5. KEEP that compassion mantra to yourself. You know it feels good and right.

And any others:

waking up

  1. KEEP connecting to the world around you by viewing the splendor of the green trees and sweet little birds that land on the tree.
  2. KEEP those connections with people who lift you and you lift them.
  3. KEEP staying in the pain, feeling those feelings and allowing it to be uncomfortable until you are ready to let it leave your body.
  4. KEEP getting out of bed in the morning even when you don’t want to.
  5. KEEP faith in yourself and your sacred spirit.

Now you give it a try. I like to think of self care categories that are very meaningful to me and that I know helps me feel better and move through my day with a bit more ease. You can use the seven dimensions of wellness to get a wholistic view or simply take stock in your life and what makes you feel whole.

In so much health and wholeness this year my friends,

Miriam Jirari MPH, RDN, CPT, Intuitive Eating Counselor
Studio SWEAT Dietitian


  2. Barbara O’Neill, Ph.D., CFP® Distinguished Professor and Extension Financial Management Specialist

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