Flat Cat’s Journey Around The World!

Flat Cat – a life-size cardboard cutout of Cat Kom – made a journey to your fellow Studio SWEAT onDemanders around the world! Check out some cool stats below, and enjoy the video of her adventure!

·Flat Cat left in August 2016 and returned in May 2017. She was gone for over 280 days or 9.5 months and was gone long enough to experience all 4 seasons on the road!!!

·The Circumference of the Earth is 24,901 miles…so if you wanted to fly around the world, that’s how many miles it would take

·Flat Cat flew roughly 51,708 miles…meaning she basically flew around the world…TWICE!!! With some spare miles on top!

·She visited 20 destinations in 9 countries on 4 continents (Editors note: I am counting New Zealand as a 4th continent. We should ask David. It’s apparently not part of ANY of the 7 continents as we know it. It belongs to Oceania or Zealandia depending on what research you believe. Who knew??)

·She flew over the following bodies of water:

o Pacific Ocean
o Atlantic Ocean
o English Channel
o Celtic Sea
o Black Sea
o Caspian Sea
o Mediterranean Sea
o Yellow Sea
o East China Sea
o Phillipine Sea
o Bismark Sea
o Solomon Sea
o Coral Sea
o Tasman Sea
o Norwegian Sea
o North Sea
o Lake Michigan
o Lake Huron
o Persian Gulf
o Too many rivers to name

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  1. Heather Wilcox - September 22, 2017
    This is so super cool! Love the creativity. Heather W

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