5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Virtual Fitness Classes

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Virtual Fitness Classes

When you set out on the path of health and wellness with virtual fitness classes, you’re in for a world of opportunity, positivity, and limitless potential. That is, however, if you take it seriously. We all have friends, family, and colleagues who are constantly jumping on the bandwagon of the latest fitness fad, exercise device, or miracle diet — only to give up at the first sign of a challenge, plateau, or a bump in the road. 

The truth is, if you want fitness to work for you, you’ve got to be totally committed. And one of the best ways to foster that dedication is through virtual fitness classes. The endless variety, flexibility, and convenience of online workouts make them ideal for a long-term and truly successful fitness program. 

Ready to begin your journey to a better you? Check out our five favorite tips to get the most out of virtual fitness classes. 

Invite a Friend

When it comes to working out — the more the merrier! Having a workout buddy or accountability partner is one of the most effective ways to stick with any fitness routine. Exercising with a partner helps you stay accountable to your fitness goals, keeps your workouts entertaining, and can give you a sense of camaraderie (or friendly competition, if you need it). And with virtual fitness classes, you can team up with your workout buddy from the comfort of home!

Stick to a Schedule

One of the best ways to stay committed to your workout routine is also one of the simplest — sticking to a schedule. In life and work, there is the tendency to get bogged down here and there and lose track of time for other things due to jam-packed schedules and other unforeseen complications. But the beauty of having a set schedule is that it takes away the need to constantly find the willpower to exercise by eliminating the excuse of not having enough time. You simply set your schedule, follow it, and voila — you’ve got yourself a solid fitness routine. 

Select Your Workouts in Advance

Most fitness apps allow you to build watchlists and favorite classes. If those features are available, use them because it’ll help you to get right to your workout during your planned time. Some online platforms, like Studio SWEAT onDemand, even offer special programs that select your workouts for you based on a profile you set up. Talk about fitness made easy! 

Challenge Yourself

A couple eternal truths about fitness: 1) our bodies don’t like being challenged, and 2) without challenge, our bodies won’t change. By setting some challenging, yet accessible, goals for ourselves, we’re giving our body the push it needs to break through those plateaus, for real and lasting results. So when you’re putting together your fitness routine with virtual workouts, try setting yourself a tough but doable goal, like taking 3 fitness classes a week. 

Try Something New

The old adage, ‘variety is the spice of life’, is definitely true when it comes to fitness. There’s nothing fun (or effective) about boringly trudging through the same old workouts. If you want to keep your body and mind fresh, shake things up by adding new types of exercises to your routine. And with virtual fitness classes, you can do just that — one week, you can do non-stop HIIT classes, the next you can center yourself and focus on core strengthening and stability with yoga. The more you change it up, the more your body will thank you. 

Treat Yourself

Who says bribery is necessarily a bad thing? If you’re ever getting stuck in a rut with your fitness routine, why not treat yourself? After a particularly brutal workout, you can reward yourself with an hour of “me-time”. Perhaps you can enjoy a relaxing lounge on the couch watching your favorite team sport, or even a (relatively healthy) indulgence, like frozen yogurt or a latte.

Well that’s it, we hope you found our tips to make the most out of your virtual fitness routine helpful. And if you’re looking for the ultimate streaming fitness solution, allow us to suggest the Sweat Force, powered by Studio SWEAT onDemand. By delivering unlimited access to a huge library of virtual fitness classes, the Sweat Force gives you everything you need to get an amazing workout, from the comfort of anywhere. To learn more, visit https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/the-sweat-force/

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