Countdown to Christmas – Workout Style

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🎵 On the 13th day of December, SS gave to me….a workout to try and kill theeeeee* 🎵

We’ve got your Count-down to Christmas workout (12 days until Christmas, 12 moves to conquer, 12 Reps to bust out), and only the jolliest elves will make it through! 

You start with all 12 moves on Day 1, TODAY! As the Days Count down you drop off any exercise you like until you’re down to just one! 

And…here’s what we’ve got!!!

Day 1 (Dec 13): Pushups

jessica pushup

Day 2 (Dec 14): Squats

jessica squats

Day 3 (Dec 15): Plank Up/Downs or Plank Hop Up to Defense.

plank hop up jessica

Day 4 (Dec 16): Sumo Squats

Jessica sumo squat

Day 5 (Dec 17): Russian Twists

jessica russian twist

Day 6 (Dec 18):  Alternating Reverse Lunges with Oblique twist

reverse lunges jessica

Day 7 (Dec 19): Plank Shoulder Tap 2x & Heel Tap 2x

plank shoulder tap miriam

Day 8 (Dec 20): Curtsy Lunges 

curtsy lunges miriam

Day 9 (Dec 21): Bear hold alt. Toe lift/tap down.

bear hold miriam

Day 10 (Dec 22): Ab Scissor Kicks

ab scissor kicks miriam

Day 11(Dec 23): Tricep Dips

tricep dips miriam

Day 12 (Dec 24): Sit-ups with alt. Punch punch

situps with punch

Every day check in somehow! Tag us, comment, jump in the Komrades page, whatevs but we wanna see that you’re doing this fun little Christmas Challenge. Happy Sweatin’!!!

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