Preview – StraightUp Spin: Hills & Drills!

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Class Details

Equipment Needed

  • Water (and plenty of it)
  • Hand Towel
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Optional)
  • Any Indoor Cycling Bike

Class Description

Hills & Drills. Cat drives hard and steady (only 2 breaks) in this solid 60 minute all Spinning® CALORIE CRUSHER! It goes Hills, Drills, more Hills. Start by bringing it to a steady 80% max in the first 15 minutes. Don’t know what that means? You’ll learn. Now that you’re in the zone, get ready for the drills. Interval HIIT & SMIT Drills of varying lengths to condition and advance the legs & lungs. End with a longer hill than you began with, but believe it or not, it’s killer fun ride!

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