Preview – StraightUp Spin: Body Shaper. Bad Mood Breaker.

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Class Details

Equipment Needed

  • Water (and plenty of it)
  • Hand Towel
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Optional)
  • Any Indoor Cycling Bike

Class Description

50 Minute Ride. Have you ever had one of those days where you’re just in a funk? Where your attitude just kind of sucks and your mood is, well simply said, bad? THAT is when you want to take this class, because unless you’re a robot that can’t feel emotion, this class is gonna lift you right out of that funk and into a good mood. And if you’re already feeling happy, you can get in on this too! It’s just gonna make you feel even better!

And, here’s the sneaky part – when it’s done, and without even realizing what happened, you’re gonna pop off that bike and into the puddle of sweat you personally created, then you’re gonna look in the mirror and see your body taking a new shape. Perhaps your mind too for that matter. NOW SMILE DANG IT! Let’s go.

BONUS: Want to add a little sculpting? If so, you’re gonna love a bonus 9 Minute Full Body Sculpting Blast available at the end of this 50 minute ride! You need a set of dumbbells to be able to do the optional bonus segment.