Preview – Climb & Carve.

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Class Details

Equipment Needed

*Some of the equipment listed is optional and not all the equipment listed is necessary for all classes
  • Water (and plenty of it)
  • Hand Towel
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Optional)
  • Any Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Set of Medium dumbbells (example for ladies 3 to 6 lbs & guys 6-10 lbs)
  • Set of Heavier dumbbells (example for ladies 6 to 10 lbs & guys 8-20 lbs)
  • Resistance Band with Handles (only needed for select classes)

Class Description

It’s time to climb! That’s right, in this top online Spin class you’re not only gonna fry fat, but you’re gonna hit the floor to work on total-body toning too. This one is a “quarters” format – four 12 minute blocks, alternating between the bike and floor.

The First Half: In quarter 1 expect a ride to get you primed, physically & mentally, for the workout. In quarter 2 you’ll tackle 6 exercises to sculpt those longer, leaner muscles. — The Second Half: To begin the second half, you’ll hop back on the bike where the climb gets a lot steeper, therefore the sweat-drops and kCal burn increase. Then coming into your final quarter you’ll move back to the floor to carve up those legs, chest & back. Let’s go!