Preview – Spin Sculpt: Body Changer (You will be SORE!)

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Class Details

Equipment Needed

*Some of the equipment listed is optional and not all the equipment listed is necessary for all classes
  • Water (and plenty of it)
  • Hand Towel
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Optional)
  • Any Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Set of Medium dumbbells (example for ladies 3 to 6 lbs & guys 6-10 lbs)
  • Set of Heavier dumbbells (example for ladies 6 to 10 lbs & guys 8-20 lbs)
  • Resistance Band with Handles (only needed for select classes)

Class Description

Cat said she got several notes from your San Diego buddies that took this class live within 30 minutes of calling it a cut. So there’s that. Ha. It’s a sick workout, but one everyone can do because of how it’s broken down. You only have to focus on 12 minutes at a time. Don’t look further than that. You get four 12 minute quarters as described below. Finish those, then cruise into a cool down and well deserved stretch. You will be SORE! That’s OK. It’s your body changing; growing leaner and meaner.

Quarter 1: The Dirty Dozen. Several rounds of creative, but simple strength training floor exercises that will carve you up! Quarter 2: Intervals. Sprinting and Power Exercises on the bike aimed at taking your fitness to the next level. Quarter 3. The Dirty Thirty: Grab your dumbbells for 30 second circuit rounds of “hurts so good” lean body mass building drills. Quarter 4: Endurance. SWEAT soaking endurance riding where the focus is steady and strong.